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10/10 Game Reviews: the truth.

Alanah Pearce
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  1. You sound scared of ur own Job u did for years

  2. „Reviews are not important for sales“

    Yea thats why games PR prints their best scores on their games cover !

  3. So from this I've learned that there isn't a good reason for objectively bad reviews. Not money, early access, or to maintain relationships. It is just genuinely bad or easily entertained players and a deadline they have to meet.

  4. This is the most viewed video in your channel. I’m glad u exposed on 10/10 games. Some games doesn’t deserve 10/10 like TLOU2…………………

  5. We just watched this video in my class! My students have to write reviews and I am trying to make them see why their understanding and approach of online reviews might be … just wrong 😀 This video helped a lot to dismantle a lot of preconceptions in general, so thank you!

  6. "IGN is most people's go to"….. Really?!

  7. IGN gave Cyberpunk 9/10. I treat their reviews the same as I would an article in The Onion.

  8. The problem with critical review sites is that people tend to be opinionated rather than critical. If you're going to do a critical analysis of a game/movie then your own personal opinion does not matter. It's your job to base it off of the actual quality of the story, characters, arcs, ect. ect. So whether or not they personally enjoyed TLOU2 or whatever shouldn't even matter, if they're not looking at it in a true critical lens and purposefully ignoring the flaws of the piece they're analyzing just because they like it, then they aren't being a good critic.

    Maybe a better solution that many review sites could use is a personal scale chart and a critical scale chart, one about whether or not the person had any enjoyment from playing it, so they can express their own personal love for a title while still being critical about it's flaws.

  9. But why was it bad?. Mass FX andromeda. The tittle didn't even give you a clue about what they were planning and expecting? 🤔 They wanted this to make it a mass effect on cybernauts but, did the game have the elements to succeed?. Did you just say I hate it? or gave them the guidelines to correct it? You thought you were a writer!!! Couldn't you just re-write the history of the game if you hated it? Re-write the tools and elements in the playability to make it more enjoyable from your player-writer point of view. THE GUIDELINES or you just reacted like a begginer player? 🤷🏼‍♂️

  10. Alanah you are a 10/10. And you are perfect..

  11. Sorry, but on point #3, I have to disagree. I almost exclusively purchase games based on review scores, and more specifically I don’t buy anything with less than an 8/10 equivalent from a review site I respect. It’s been that way for me personally since the N64 era…

  12. You are honestly sounding way too preachy in this trying to go over and paint yourself as truthful, it feels forced in a way.
    Just my opinion.

  13. 10/10's are as rare as rocking horse shit and there are very few 9's in general; just like men and women…

    As for IGN's ratings; Alien: Isolation (5.9) Vs Evolve (9.0), for me this sums up how wrong they are.

  14. Hello Alanah. Please indulge my imperfect english, since its not my first language.
    For the benefit of the comon knowledge, if you learn the etymology of the word "mediocre", it mean "average." But people are mostly ignorant of the true meaning of the words they are using. So they wrongly translate "mediocre" by "bad" or "low quality." That's a mistake. Mediocre is the equivalent of average. Maybe you meant lower than average but the word "mediocre" does not apply to that description.

  15. I used to think that Disney paid off critics on Rotten Tomatoes, but then I saw Rise of Skywalker get 56% on Rotten Tomatoes

  16. So reviews are basically 100% subjective? Or the technical part, and I don't mean only graphics and sound, but stuff like story structure, pacing, etc. Also counts. Cause in that case, multiple persons inside a magazine should review the game I think it would reflect a little more disparity. I like the content, is a great discussion

  17. It's not about Sony, it's about general approach to video game reviews that companies like IGN make. They put 10/10, which even though to them it doesn't mean perfect game, a score like that very much implicates that the game is perfect or near perfect. Video game reviewers put high scores to shitty games, because companies COULD feel more inclined to work with the reviewers and maybe give them early access on their next product, or invite them for interviews, conventions, give them an early look at the content, even though giving positive review to their game doesn't guarantee all of that, but for some reason reviewers still do this. And I will not for a second believe that you thought people would hate you for saying "Mass Effect: Andromeda is bad", literally no one aside from some die hard fans of Mass Effect could like it and in the end no one did.

  18. I personally don't take game reviews or critiques very serious. Sure, I might look at them and see what people think about the games but it's not something that only rely on it when buying a game. I usually search for gameplays or playthroughs. It's much harder for older games but it gives me a idea about how games work. As a person in the "Call of Duty community", I always see people praise Modern Warfare 2 or Black Ops 2 which are considered "the titans if the franchise" bit have fairly low scores in user reviews.

  19. Any thoughts on modern games journalism being an extension of a games marketing? Perhaps a little bit of a conflict of interest, when it actually comes to the review. Enjoyed the video, very interesting.

  20. Not gonna lie…I clicked cuz "ooooh girl" stayed and subscribed because she makes a lot of sense

  21. You're addressing that the end-user of the review score isn't understanding them the way the reviewer(s) intend. That suggests a revision is required to meet the audience's expectation, rather than telling them they simply misunderstood what a 10/10 means.

  22. Perfect! Thanks for bringing out this perspective out in the public domain!

  23. If you are saying we don't get paid by giving good reviews , then why there are some bad games given high score by IGN and vice versa.

  24. Ok, I'm here because I'm really concerned with the industry. Thanks Alanah, this was informative and will contribute with my research

  25. When reviewers get early access to games, I'd imagine that they have to do the review based on playing an unfinished product. Which means they might do the review thinking that when the game is released, it will be a finished product. "I'm sorry, my face is tired," Mass Effect Andromeda. MEAnd was a very well designed game but it only got to that stage more than a year after it was released. I'm not referring to the story, which was pretty flawed, I'm only talking about game mechanics, bugs, animations and things the game designers work on, not the writers. Anyway, a reviewer playing a pre release version of MEAnd would probably be playing something with more bugs than the release version before the day one patch, so there'd be bugs all over, place holders everywhere, and they'd still be expected to write an opinion on what the game has the potential to be. I got MEAnd preordered and played it on day one of release. Not so coincidentally, it was the last game I ever preordered. It was unplayable. It was barely what I would expect if I had been playing in the closed beta test. But the reviews were all really high before release. I wondered what the hell they had been reviewing, because clearly we weren't talking about the same game. I'm sure the reviewers who saw the "sorry, my face is tired" scene probably thought it was a place holder line, put there as a joke for the reviewers and would be replaced by a finished animation before the game was released. I now think the reviewers were playing a game similar to the one that released on day one, were looking at what the game would be like finished, and did their review based on them assuming it would be released as a finished product.

  26. Rate the game for what it is !(not how it relates to your social agendas or beliefs! )it a form of escapism and to live a story yourself its like when you finally find another good book

  27. I give this video a 6 out of 10 not enough puddles

  28. A really small percentage of gamers do really read the sh*t those review sites put out. Maybe only after they played that game for themselfs. The better thing to do is look at the guys reviews who actually played the whole game like Steam Reviews.

  29. But… mediocre does mean average. Mediocre is the medium, the middle. Ie. the average. Am I missing something?

    That IGN review scale seems kind of misleading.

  30. I thought Mass Effect Andromeda was great. It’s my favorite Mass Effect game by a lot.

  31. You a game journalist wont admit that game journalists are bias? The TLOU 2 situation is ass kissing Neil Druckmann's game because he is friend with the boss and the reviewer want to please the boss. And also for example Sony give exclusive fists look to IGN and IGN benefit directly by breaking the story and gather millions of views and clicks turn those to advertisement money also Sony themselves advertise at IGN. If journalists were afraid of the public why there are so so many Movie and Game gaps between user scores and critic score? Press don't influence sales then why the hell companies spend billions for advertisement? If reviews don't matter why the hell are there reviews? This video is BS not because I don't agree with it but because make no sense Gamer gate happened because of bias unethical journalist who gave 10/10 to a game made by their girlfriend/ex-girlfriend real journalist exposed that and the got called sexist. When people say reviews are paid that doesn't mean paid just with money but with number of things like influence, favors scratch my back I'll scratch yours. Publishers fly over journalists to locations to let them play demos pay for they stay, shower them with merch and gifts, free copy of the game (review copy).. journalists then make a video about their "awesome free vacation" and how exited they are about the game.. publishers can just send the demo online and to be done with it. Summed up this is a journalist defending other journalists.
    P.S. and how ethical it was the thing with Jessica Chobot being a character in Mass Effect 3 – review score 9.5/10

  32. First, I'm the opposite of mad. You're an angel for making this video👍😘

    To summerize it, people need to stop shitstorming and witchhunting everything, out of boredom or personal believes and opinions. And then you get better and accurate reviews. 😒

    (Conserve your shitstorms and witchhunts for things and people who indanger the worlds population and beings! Just use common sens, or did you sell that on ebay?) 😑

    It's sad that i have to explain such stuff

  33. Andromeda was the first game I got duped by the marketing coverage for it…plays like a gem to-date on PS5 actually

  34. Fun fact, why did you not say anything about cdpr and cyberpunk 2077? Oh forgot they sent out everyone merch and put them in games. Thats how they hold you hostage

  35. I prefer the 100% truth of how you view it.

  36. The biggest issue for me is that outlest like IGN consist of many people with different tastes and opinions. If I know the person's opinion about assassin's creed origins I know that person's taste and I can predict the score this person will give to similar game like Odyssey – videogamedunkey didn't like the game, I can check the game, and decide whether to trust donkey's opinion or not, meanwhile on sites like IGN one person may give the game score of 10 and the other score of 3 what may lead to confusion whether to trust IGN or not. AAAND then there are people like Dean Takahashi.

  37. This is why I like sites like Metacritic as it's very easy to see through the people being 'nudged' to give games a higher rating. Very good honest piece Alanah.

  38. Kind of breaks it down well. I will now stop trying to murder IGN employees. I still hate you but I'll relax the murder machine.

  39. Regarding review scores the best way to fix it is just use a 5 point scale with no (0.5 increments).
    1/5 – Unplayable
    2/5 – Bad
    3/5 – Average/Good
    4/5 – Very Good
    5/5 – Great
    Simple but perfect plus scores like this also incentives people to read (or watch) the review

  40. Just one quick tad bit……
    Lying does not gain you favour…. 🤣

  41. Others: This is a bad game i wont get it

    Me: This is a bad game but I like it so i get it

  42. I think only bioshock and halo ce, should be a 10/10

  43. Strange thing is, the only time I watch reviews or before you buy videos is when I already plan on getting the game and just want to watch content on it.

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