10 HORRIBLE Video Game Reviews That PISSED OFF Everyone | Chaos - bestvideogamereviews.com

10 HORRIBLE Video Game Reviews That PISSED OFF Everyone | Chaos

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10 HORRIBLE Video Game Reviews That PISSED OFF Everyone | Chaos



  1. I don't trust "professional" reviewers, I prefer player reviews

  2. Was that Horizon Zero Dawn at the beginning of the BOTW pick lmao

  3. Someone rated mario odyssey 1/10 stars because "it had too many good reviews".

  4. Atleast the woman gave the game honest score and didn't let the "sexism" get in the way of the true quality of the game

  5. I'm not even a Zelda (the whole series) fan but I am a BotW Fan and I easily think it deserves a 9.3/10

  6. IGN's review of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby was down right hillarious

  7. Ive already put 35+ hours in ww2 and still actively play.

  8. Finally, assassins creed 2 was amazing. It was the first one i played and i loved it.

  9. I saw a review of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number by PC Gamer UK. They gave it a low 57/100. I mean seriously! Did they even play it? It is a great game!

  10. Did anyone else notice the typo in the enjoying the video he wrote enyoing the video

  11. Gonna be honest I agree with EGM NOW….sue me

  12. I actually enjoyed aliens colonial marines

  13. I like Act Man review of WW2 and think it was justified as within a Month you can play through all the content in the game since DLC and monetization takes the front seat in gaming nowadays

  14. Wish there were laws that forbid people from writing and publishing that unless they have actual knowledge about the thing they're writing about. Now, when you're writing a book that law would obviously not apply, unless it's a book that revolves around facts.

  15. im sorry to destiny 2 fans but destiny 2 isnt good and deserves a 6/10

  16. What is up with all the female critics being so sensitive to video games for being sexist. Like what are you hearing that sexist

  17. The Cupcake review is the most ridiculous one. You PLAY game, you don't watch games

  18. I have to ask why did Jim Sterling not like Assassin's Creed 2 I have never read the review

  19. LOL !!!! I beat Cuphead!! That dude is a scrub!

  20. Pokemon oras too much water well that's how the original hoenn region was in the original gen 3.

  21. Commissar Ciaphas Cain, the Valhallan 597th says:

    Why would I want to immerse myself into a ridiculous pretentious drama with plot as logical and characters as likeable as their counterparts from The Room?

  22. The 9/10 for colonial marines was probably becuse they fixed the code to make the game playable

  23. I was a big fan of aliens colonial marines

  24. Ac2 was awesome when I first played it.
    But it definitely hasn't aged well it is pretty boring

  25. And this is why I listen to players not “reviewers”

  26. It's pretty closed minded to claim that someone hasn't played or watched something just because you have a specific opinion. It's understandable when it's about theology but playing a game and watching a movie is really straight forward and it's not impossible to notice some aspects that you personally don't like

  27. Honestly, I agree with The Act Man. COD WWII had a good campaign but a crappy multiplayer

  28. When gamespot gave infamous 2 a 7.5 I stopped caring abt critic reviews

  29. What about IGN's alien Isolation review they gave it a 5.9 lmfaooo

  30. Assassin's Creed II was the bomb. The first game I played in the installment and gave me an unforgettable gaming experience. Also, Heck I'm a fan of destiny 2 and even I can admit the game has many shortcomings

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