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4 Awesome Xbox Game Reviews In 1 Video

Retro Video Game Pickups
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These are some really awesome Xbox Original games that I just had to talk about! In this video, I grabbed 4 games from my Xbox Original collection and talk about each one for a 2 Minute Review!

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  1. Underrated channel and to me this is one of the best channel just like retro Rick …. And collectors luck👍👍👍👍

  2. Hello Retro Video Game Pickups I’m Sean I am a huge fan of your channel. I am inspiring YouTuber

  3. I definitely got to check these games out. They all look so fun!

  4. Tons of fun for everyone. You had a ton of fun. Serious Sam was tons of fun. Ok.

  5. Ignore the fact that his camera quality and lighting is great and imagine we're still in the 2000's.

    Solid video, I'm glad you took my suggestion on playing games to heart.

  6. If you haven't checked it out, there is a remaster of Phantom Dust on Xbox One/PC, and best of all it's completely free!

  7. Nice xbox, I've been looking for one for a while in my area (I don't like ordering stuff off of ebay much, it ruins the hunt). any games/accessories you'd recommend for me to get if I find them? Thanks for your consistent and entertaining uploads!

  8. Nice i have a small xbox collection love it 👍

  9. I'd like to see you do an avoid series or an overpriced series.

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