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6 BAD Game Reviews – with Tom Vasel

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel takes a look at 6 BAD games and tells you his thoughts on then!

Intro 0:00
Valknut 0:39
Ugly Christmas Sweater 1:47
Deep State 2:41
Latte Throwdown 4:16
Rare Roses 5:53
Risky Chicken 6:53

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  1. Was really hoping Deep State was going to be good. I almost backed it. Thanks for saving me $40.

  2. Completely disagree with Ugly Christmas Sweaters. I'm curious to know Zee's thoughts. Also- other reviewers have also thought it is was pretty good.

  3. Wait what? Valknut as a bad game? I really like it. For me it feels like santorini – a good looking abstract game.

  4. Deep state is awesome. The mechanics are simple, true, but I don't think the strategy is that simple. It's more medium weight. I thought it was super fun. It reminds me of 7 wonders but I like it more

  5. Ugly Xmas Sweater is boring and really sloooooow

  6. Rare Roses is super good. I enjoy that one quite a bit.

  7. You should rename these videos Kickstarters You're Glad You Didn't Back

  8. The comments here lol…someone pass the salt!

  9. Keep doing reviews of bad games, please. There is just too much out there to waste a purchase on an underdeveloped game.

  10. Deep state is a good game, i like the many ways that you can score in it

  11. People in these comments don't seem to understand the concept that a review is a subjective opinion and it's okay to disagree.

  12. I love Deep State, great theme, interesting choices, I get that it's not for everyone, but I think it deserves better than tossing it in a video like this.

  13. Latte throw down is good. Sorry don't listen to Tom. We have this and love the game. Fun dice game similar to Las Vegas, but a little better

  14. LOL the walk off at the end checking his timing.

  15. I never would have guessed a game named Risky Chicken would be bad. Let's face it, this is really about chickens, isn't it?

  16. While I agree that the theme probably don't come forward in this game, I though that Deep State New World Order had a different approach on worker placement that was refreshing. Did anyone played the game here and if so, did you feel the same as Tom or do you feel differently about this game?

  17. Symbolism, the word you’re looking SYMBOLISM. Lol thought of the boondock saints lol

  18. Please post your videos on Rumble as well as YouTube.

  19. Ugly Christmas Sweaters is actually really, really good. It's casual and an interesting take on trick-taking. I felt best at 2 players.

  20. Looks at watch and thinks "that's 9 minutes of my life I won't get back."
    I wonder the value of reviewing bad games. Surely, time would be better spent only reviewing good games.

  21. Latte Throwdown looks to have very similar mechanics and gameplay to Roll for It from Calliope Games. Roll for It is fairly popular as a lightweight filler. I’m curious why Latte Throwdown wouldn’t scratch the same itch.

  22. More salt. Reviews flaming horrible games are literally the best content ever on this channel.

    I miss old Tom and the times when games went off rooftops.

  23. I'm wondering instead of grouping 'bad' games into 1 vid, they could group reviews based on their genre (euro, arena battle, Dungeon crawl, trick taking, kids games etc.) – like a week in review but by genres.

  24. I enjoyed Deep State, I do agree that the rules seem to create a barrier to entry that isn’t necessary for a game of its weight.

  25. That was unfortunate. Comparing 'Latte Throwdown' to 'Vegas Showdown' and 'Viva Java' (which we own) is weird, as neither game has dice, not one. I guess Tom has not played those games, which suggests he didn't play Latte Throwdown to find the interesting part. The 3-8 player, 20-page rulebook of 'Viva Java', doesn't compare to Latte Throwdown's 1-4 player accessible fun with friends in a coffee shop game. Like the game designer has said, you can't win'em all, but a sloppy review is damaging to a brilliantly designed, gorgeously themed game for ordinary people who just want to enjoy some interesting and non-threatening fun together.

  26. I like this concept. These games weren't on my radar at all tho. It might be fun for some more controversial takes on more popular titles.

  27. We've enjoyed playing Rare Roses – it does look lovely and the rules are simple. Unfortunately a rule was missed out of the instruction manual re.starting conditions that helps to make the game more balanced, but what Tom said about just taking the order straight away rather than waiting for roses to bloom does happen a lot.

  28. A board game company and it’s designer complaining and getting angry about getting a negative review in the comment section of that review video turns me off the game more that the initial negative review.

  29. Tom didnt seem to enjoy that coffee game a …latte

  30. I have seen many positive reviews of Ugly Christmas Sweaters and think it looks really good. I still hope it will be available in Germany in the future.

  31. Another bad review, another video that does not have a game I backed on KS. Winning!

  32. Tom, please rename this segment to 'Games I didn't like & why'. Saying they are bad games is wrong, it gives the viewer the impression that these games are completely garbage rather than this is your opinion and why they didn't work for you.

  33. Both Ugly Christmas Sweaters and Latte Throwdown are good games. Please at least watch a video about how games played before jumping into conclusion based on subjective opinion of one person made after one of less plays, even that person is well respected in a gaming world. Do not make yourself an idol said someone long ago. You know who and when.

  34. i heard a lot of people like deep state. weird.

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