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8 Negative Game Reviews with Tom Vasel

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel takes a look at 8 games!

00:00 – Introduction
01:23 – Smash City
02:03 – Castle Dukes
03:03 – Dungeon Alliance
03:59 – Shifting Realms
05:13 – Valparaiso
06:15 – Seal Team Flix
07:28 – Dawn of the Peacemakers
08:45 – Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift

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  1. I love the subtle hat shift at the end there. Does "Yellow Hat" mean "critical Tom?"

  2. This is a very short negative review of this video. jk, loved it! Thanks Tom

  3. I have not played Dawn of Peacemakers, but supported it on KS, because it was one of the most unique games I'd seen in a long time. I applaud the game still and at some point would love to play it.

  4. >that feel when a man in a yellow hat, unmatching tie and graffiti on the wall behind his back says your graphics are from early 90-s 🙂

  5. I just entered BGG's context for Smash City… uh oh

  6. I'm sure publishers hate this format of Dice Tower videos 😀

  7. I still will go and find more info on some of these that I'm intrigued by, but with this format ,your opinions and thoughts I will refer to when I'm judging if a game is for me or not as you have good consideration of things.
    But I would say that ya should show some shots of the game layout with each instance of a game as you are talking about it, asit would be handy for reference as there are so many games, and I'm kinda going "oh wait is this one the game I thought looked good or was it that one I already investigated?" Ya know , if we had forgot what a game box looked like. But thanks!

  8. 10:37 – Tom switches from yellow negative review fedora to red wrap up fedora.

  9. What a lame reason to diss Dawn of Peacemakers, hopefully some other reviewer will have a look at it and review it for what it is. The rest are solid reviews (though Perdition's almost feels like another one of those "Demons! Evil! Satanism! 0/10"-kind of review but at least some reviewing effort went into it).

  10. I don't want to be too critical, but I think Tom should be a little more careful about giving games a negative review off of 1st impressions. Perdition's Mouth is a really well made game, but it takes time to lean. To give it a bad review like this really hurts the small company that developed it. It's a pretty slack way to spit out content too.

  11. Tom did you play in Dungeon Alliance with different number of player? Did you try different variants? I am afraid you have superficially checked this game.

    Dungeon Alliance is my top1 solitaire game. It also plays well with 2 experienced gamers but could be lengthen out with more. Theme reminds me old D&D, and I don't mind it, thanks to that I get rid of my D&D Adventure System collection. Mechanics is a mixture of deck building and tactical dungeon crawler, this is more euro-style game than ameri, you don't chuck many dice to win, you have to figure out how to optimise your alliance to beat puzzly dungeon.

    I also played Gloomhaven and I still prefers Dungeon Alliance's mechanics which has lots of depth and variety in forming different alliances and discovering many efficient combo.
    I'm aware that DA has few downsides, like not so well looking dungeon tiles and hero's miniatures, rulebook could be wrote better, for 3-4 inexperienced players downtime could be to long , setup can take 15 minutes (it can be shorten thanks to proper storage solution). But it has more advantages like tons of replayability, solid mechanics – if you like deck building and tactical combat, many paths to victory, many variants – you can add more ameri style chrome. It's not a game for sunday gamer, you have to take your time to better understand the possibilities.

    Despite being dungeon crawler it has more in common with Mage Knight than Gloom Haven, because Andrew Parks designed Star Trek frontiers and several mechanical solutions are similar. Such experienced reviewer should know it 😉

    P.S. If you really want to know how DA plays I highly recommend
    One Stop Co-op Shop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekfCEe9Ku30

  12. It took me half way through the video to realize you are wearing a different hat for each game 😀

  13. Nothing wrong with giving negative reviews. Constantly apologising for it is tiresome

  14. Dungeon Alliance is an excellent card mitigating Dungeon Crawl. Our group has found extreme pleasure in the mechanics and the strategy necessary to win.

  15. Please stop criticising games for not being Gloomhaven. It’s a cheap excuse for not judging a game on its own merits. Give them bad reviews if appropriate, sure, but at least look at them more objectively.

  16. Vasel’s review of Mage Knight: “it takes way too long to wait for the other players to take their turns, and……..it’s not gloomhaven!”

  17. Gloomhaven, the most over-rated, repetitive, unthematic game of our time.

  18. What a pointless video. Also don’t tell your viewers it’s okay to like your game even if ‘I’ didn’t! Rude.

  19. People should be happy these negative reviews are coupled together rather than reviewed separately with a much stronger spotlight on them.

  20. Thk – was about to buy Dungeon Alliance – Down time is an important factor to me, so it's a no go for me.

  21. I really hope you don't do more of these. I get that you guys don't have time to review everything, which is fine. So don't review it. But this? All this does is dissuade people from buying a game based on little more than a first impression. It's a slap in the face to devs who have worked their butts off and potentially misleads your viewers.

  22. Best clothing combination I've ever seen Tom in, and I've seen a ton of vids

  23. It is obvious that Dawn of Peacemakers was not explored properly: there is a skirmish mode that comes with an elaborate booklet and that essentially provides an entire second game, where you ARE one army and fight the other to the finish. It is very unfair for an influential reviewer to not even mention this casually while saying the lack of it is their main gripe with this game.

    This is my personal problem with many Dice Tower reviews, by the way: the reason of likes or dislikes is gut feeling 9 out of 10 times – which is fine – but then arguments are given to justify it (which is not really necessary), and the arguments quite regularly make very little sense. I think that an influential reviewer needs to be much more accurate – OR make it clear that they don't have a reasoning behind an opinion. Especially when it comes to harming independent creators, I find this a pretty serious issue. (No, I am not such an indie game developer, but I AM in an indie BAND, so I understand the difficulties indie creators of anything are facing.)

  24. Wow, negative content really brings in the views.

  25. Honestly if it wasn't for this video I never would have heard of any of these games. Even in saying he didn't enjoy those games he still gave enough information to let me know if I would want to look for an actual review, which I did for peacemakers. Honestly however after seeing the dev get upset under this video about Tom "bringing down the hobby" and "spreading false information" frankly if you can't make your theme apparent enough that someone can play it and still be confused by the concept of the game that's on you as a developer. Their poor attitude and self importance made me decide to look elsewhere when I was genuinely interested in it. There are so many games I'm just not interested in supporting someone who can't swallow their pride for a few minutes and use this opportunity to pitch this game to us who just now heard of it for the first time and maybe explain what kind of player would like their game.

    Real shame, hopefully they learn how to handle publicity in the future.

  26. I love Dice tower and your videos Tom. I think negative reviews can be helpful, but I'm really glad I didn't take Tom's word for it on Dungeon Alliance! I just got that game after looking at Rahdo's and Colin's (One Stop Co-op Shop) videos and am loving it! I say this mainly for anyone who might be looking for "Mage Knight in a Dungeon", and is turned off by this negative review. Especially if you're a solo player. You might not agree that "Mage Knight in a Dungeon" is what Dungeon Alliance is, for any number of reasons, but if you are looking for that kind of thing, I'd strongly encourage you to take a look at Rahdo's and Colin's videos and do the research. You might be very pleasantly surprised. I like the game so much, I'm definitely going to be creating a number of videos on it, but it might take some time :o.

    For the viewers, I'm trying to figure out what Tom means by generic characters. If you compare it to Gloomhaven, and want each character to have their own unique set of cards and flow through a campaign story. Then yeah, I totally agree. But that's not what Dungeon Alliance is. If, on the other hand, you compare it to Mage Knight, and want an extremely repeatable one shot game, where lots of characters have their own unique strengths and can be used in unique ways, as you level up through deck building. Wow! Dungeon Alliance is it. For Tom, since in one of your videos you mentioned playing more solo games, if you read these comments, I'd propose you might want to look at this game again in a new light. A solo, euro, dungeon crawl, deck builder. See what you think then. The one thing I'd ask, because you're input is so highly valued, is for you to specify an alternative, when you give a negative review. In particular, let people know, what other game targets the same experience, at the same price point and does it better? (Here I'm not just talking about Dungeon Alliance, but any negative review.) If you don't do that, guys like me, who really value your input, may miss out on a gem, just because it's outside of the range of what most people are looking for. And that would be sad for people and the industry. Much thanks for all your fun reviews and good luck for everyone looking for that game that they really enjoy.

  27. Tom, i just realised you change hats for each game 😂

  28. Reviewers opinions should be taken with a pinch of salt. I am fortunate to play a bunch of new games at my local shop each week and my collection is hugely different from my freinds collections. Rahdo is one of my favourite YouTube channels to find new games but I have stopped watching his final thoughts as his taste in games differs massively to me and in the past found my self not loving the playthrough but being swayed to purchase a game that he loves, but not me😆

  29. I don't get it, why tom always compare almost every dungeon crawl to gloomhaven? Is gloomhaven the new standard of dungeon crawl games? Really!?

  30. Nice hat change! Good hat change. Excellent hat change. And so on! 😉

  31. Tom and Mike have both said Dawn of the Peacemakers is very pretty/gorgeous… I'll never understand why some kinds of art appeal to board gamers.

  32. This kind of reviews are informatic. Keep them coming.
    Nice to se that 2 Wizzkids games and 2 games by at least partially finnish designers made it to the list.
    Also, I agree on Dungeon alliance. It was generic and the rulebook was not the most convinient one. I got rid of it last year after playing in it twice.

  33. Sorry bro… dungeon alliance it s one of the best games ever made. ur reviews are often meticulous but in this case I definitely get wrong!!!

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