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9 Video Games That Got Terrible Reviews (But Were Actually Great)

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Let’s be reasonable now guys…

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  1. I’d rather have an enjoyable 6/10 game that a boring 9/10 game.

  2. Killer7 comes to mind. Hell, a lot of Suda51 games come to mind.

    I also really enjoyed Toejam and Earl 3. It was stupid fun.

  3. I loved the Splatterhouse reboot. It was a bloody mess at times, and had it's problems, but it was so fun and didn't take itself seriously. Jim Cummings as the terror mask was an awesome choice. Also, you get the other 3 Splatterhouse games in there, uncensored for the first time, as well as the first one being, the only home version of the original Splatterhouse. So awesome.

  4. Well, I definitely agree with the Arkham Origins entry to a degree. The leveling up system was not perfect, and depending on your playstyle, you could miss out on upgrades in a given run if you completed certain parts of the game without doing the challenges attributed to them.

    I do NOT agree with Other M, though. I have that game, and its gameplay is outright BORING. The issue is Samus can lock on and dodge pretty much anything the game throws at you, breaking the game in your favor. Not to mention that the story railroads you into unlocking several upgrades as the story progresses, so the notion of sequence breaking is non-existent in this game.

    Makes me wonder how truthful they are about the rest of the games in this list.

  5. Alice Madness Returns Had some Bad Reviews but it was a great Game

  6. Slap your head before starting videos bruh.

  7. Its shocking, REALLY SHOCKING, how origins got so much criticism

  8. I loved arkham origins and played it many times..

  9. Srry aliens colonel marine's is legit 1 of my fav games

  10. Castlevania lorad of shadow 2 is actually a fun game.

  11. Lords of Shadow 2 was awesome! It wasn’t revolutionary or anything but still very good and worth playing

  12. ..nice seeing Lost Planet here..i own the trilogy (and the spin-off)..i might give it a spin now that were on extended quarantine/lockdown.

  13. Arkham origins was a great game
    But the open world is too damn boring

  14. It's time for games that have good reviews but very bad 1.assassin's creed odyssey

  15. your sentence inflection….it's too much for me haha.

  16. Batman was amazing. I was pissed when my save file got corrupted. I didnt want to start all over so i never finished it

  17. Arkham origins was a good game but it was not developed by rocksteady

    So critics gave low ratings 😾

  18. I have no idea why Arkham origins is trashed with negative comments 🙁I finished that game 2 times and I enjoyed it really ♥️

  19. Arkham Origins getting bad reviews is a massive misconception. It actually got pretty solid reviews, they just weren't QUITE as good as Asylum and City. As such many people have taken "not quite as good" to mean "bad" when, in fact, it's arguably as good a game as City but is somewhat underrated The reason for this, in my opinion, is that it's a sidestep. Where everyone wanted a game that would top city, they got a sequel two years later that was merely "as good as" thus leading to a slight sense of disappointment in some corners. But I'm not sure I know of any Arkham fan who considers it a bad game at all.

  20. God Hand should’ve been number 1 , because it received a lots of critics and low ratings more than any game in this list

  21. Scott sounds like he'd be an absolute asshole in real life

  22. Arkham Origins is criminally underrated, and for what, not have enough Reddler collectables, kid you not some review mentioned that as flaw

  23. Kingdom come deliverance. Probably my favorite game of this gen.

  24. Arkham origins was just riding off the coattails of an amazing game dev like rocksteady. Origins wasn’t great it was just good. Very glitchy the missions were repetitive and the traveling was annoying

  25. I really liked castlevania lords of shadow 2. The combat is awesome and there are many epic scenes, like the fight against the golden paladin, the battle against Carmilla and the pray of Victor Belmont. I played it on my old ps3 and I was glad when I saw it on games with gold, so I can replay this game on my Xbox one.

  26. I guess less than 80 in metacritic means terrible

  27. No God Hand? This list was MADE for God Hand.

  28. DAYS GONE! Most underrated game of all time!!!

  29. Days Gone should be in the list as well. Underrated modern game that was crushed by reviewers. But I am glad that the game is commercial success and sequel apperantly on the way.

  30. Arkham Origins didn't really get 'terrible' reviews, it got more 'meh' reviews. But I totally agree that it was a great game, just misunderstood by its critics.

  31. I really don't understand origins bad reviews. It's just awesome!

  32. I really like castlevania LOS2 always thought the reviews were silly!

    Not a perfect game but a damn cool art direction and incredible music! Only thing was the ending was a bit abrupt.

  33. battle for bikini bottom rehydrated Should have been on the list

  34. I play bionic commando on a GAME BOY way back in the 90s

  35. Maybe you will help? I'm looking for a game review channel that YouTube refuses to allow on my feed. I don't remember name. It had two, at least females. One British maybe Asian, and one with brown hair? The format was good. I just cannot find what their name was? Thanks.

  36. 70+ Metacritic are TERRIBLE reviews? Rly? U mad, bros?

  37. I'm glad Other M made a list… i despise what they did to Samus, she's best girl, and gamings no. 1 woman, but characterization was NOT needed for her. She was a badass, she could of remained one, but they had to ask those questions which im certain no-one was asking… the gameplay is proper solid though, good mix of the 2D and 3D games

  38. Shrek the game on PS2 was a blast for me as a kid

  39. I actually had to delete Jurassic Park evolution from my pc as I became too addicted to it. Will make a video about it regardless

  40. Thank you for the validation in regards to Lords of Shadow 2!
    That game looks dope. The cinematic trailer and enemy designs especially (available on Creative Uncut) are excellent.
    Can't wait to give it a go ^^

    Concerning Other M, I do feel the tight Team Ninja gameplay and clever control scheme were oft overlooked unfairly…
    I'd love to see more of that with this IP.
    This being said, the damage Sakamoto wrought upon Samus's character cannot be overstated, turning what the community held as a strong female protagonist into a fanservicey, emotionally fragile character who is wholly dependent on a man's permission for upgrades…

  41. Castlevania lords of Shadow 2 is my favourite game. I love every part of her and I am big stealth fan.

  42. Arkham Origins may have been somewhat buggy, and the controls were a little clunky for me. But the boss fights in Arkham Origins and the story were the absolute best.

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