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9 Video Games That Got Terrible Reviews (But Were Actually Great)

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Let’s be reasonable now guys…

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  1. Metroid Other M's other problem = lack of a soundtrack. You can explore every area, and music is non existent, unless during a cinematic. But lots of atmosphere

    (Cough) the same issues with RE2 Remake

    Also there was a bizarre bug, if you entered a key area, you could not back track (which is what Metroid was know for). If you did, it would lock you out from playing completely.

    Speaking of RE2R:
    Some inventory goes missing
    Save data could be corrupted
    Various scripted events occur, even if you choose to move on.
    Also lack of music until near the end.

  2. Nearly had heart attack when I saw Portal and Hotline Miami within the first 30 seconds

  3. I still think days gone should have gotten a fair shake at the game awards 2019

  4. I would have to say Alpha Protocol! Was a really good fallout 3ish game set as a modern day spy rpg with your choices actually mattering! So underrated!

  5. Arkham origins is alright. The problem with it at the time and for me still stands true is that it doesn’t present anything new with a less interesting and messy story, a lifeless open world, repetitive and boring side missions especially the riddler missions, an over powered Batman in both stealth and combat that makes the game less fun and challenging, and lastly some truly game breaking freezes, frame drops, and glitches. The only thing it really had going for it was some truly awesome boss fights. Overall it is an ok game that got ok reviews so I personally wouldn’t agree with it being underrated.

  6. Yeah I think these games got bad reviews for a reason ah? I called that Crash one 'Wraith of Loading' as it would load for 2 minutes, then you would spend 2 seconds walking to the next level to be greeted with another 2 minute loading screen.

  7. After playing crash 3, the 4th one was average to me yall can keep that

  8. I LOVE Arkham: Origins!
    I never understood the lack of appreciation…
    Features the best boss battles in the series. Only Arkham to feature Wayne Manor and the Batcave. The Batman-meets- Joker story is also one of my favorites through all the mediums of Batman stories. I was bummed out when the Return to Arkham games were announced that Origins was left out, as the only minor issues with it are the frame rate dips and the graphics are a less gritty… It could’ve benefited immensely with a bit of touching up. Still love the entry though regardless…

  9. Too bad there’s still people who bought Jurassic world when it came out and it still doesn’t work

  10. Boo! Jurassic World is a great film. Sure it's got some shonky moments and is largely a retread of the original. But, it also nails the atmosphere, ramps up the tension and has some incredible set pieces. What more could you want from a JP movie? What's more, it answers the one question fans wanted answered. What would happen if the dinos got loose and the park was full.

  11. AC Unity was another good game but due to the terrible launch it got bad reviews.

  12. Loved Deadly Premonition …. but I hated the last 5 minutes when they explained the 'why' of it all.

  13. As soon as I saw the Thumbnail of Arkham Origins, immediately I jumped in. That game is fantastic, whoever haven't played it yet, you definitely missing out.

  14. I don't go by review If I see a game that look good I try it I kept see reveiwes for fort night i try it and to me it over rated

  15. Me: ahh a new vid
    Me: hears Scott's voice
    Me: Turns off.

  16. I appreciate this video. I too thought the gameplay in Other M was great. I didn’t even mind the story too much. What annoyed me was that Samus had to be told when she could use abilities. Maybe they didn’t want the same formula of, she loses her powers and u have to go find them again. But when u are in a hostile environment facing life or death and u have an arsenal of missiles and bombs at ur disposal but won’t use them until some asshole authorizes u too was just silly.

  17. The original lost Planet does deserve more love. Not only is it fun to play but there is an option to play with a first person camera which completely changes the feel of the game but is no less fun. It's almost like having two different games.

  18. I'm starting to really enjoy this channel but man you guys need to stop putting the ads in between your videos. It's a mood killer. At least put it in the beginning or ending of the videos please.

  19. "Gameplay of other M was good"
    Did we play the same game? First person aiming was sloppy in transition and the dodge ws far to easy to activate. AND it charged up your charge shot.
    I did not play it for years and I still remember it to be as deep as a puddle in exploration.

  20. I platinumed lost sphear. It was a terrible game

  21. Arkham Origins is a beast. Great figthing, improved detective skills, better and improved enemies (like the martial artist), the best boss battles in the series, great story, epic moments with Joker, Bane and Deathstroke, Batcave & Manor, (gotta love the) tougher Batman, etc. I feel Prince of Persia: Warrior Within should be on the list.

  22. Shadow of the Tomb Raider. 77% on Metacritic.
    When it's actually amazing. Game journalists… Biggest douchebags in all entertainment.

  23. Hey Scott from Whatculture. I might not be the only one who said this. But every sentence you say has the same rhythm or beat. A mostly high monotonous start, and ending the last three words in low , little less low and then low again. Every video you narrate. Once I pick it up, it's so difficult to not hear, and it's all I can focus on. Sometimes it gets so disturbing, I turn off the video or watch the next one. Try to change it up a little my man.

  24. Thanks for addressing Arkham Origins. That game is so underrated. It has some of the best boss battles in the Arkham games.

  25. Days Gone. Its not perfect but i had a really good time with it.

  26. I honestly think that the darkness I & II would have been a perfect match for this list, one of those weird bargain bin games that I got when I was younger and absolutely loved

  27. Arkham Origins was definitely underrated. Excellent game.

    My only nitpick was that (chronologically) Batman had more advanced equipment in Origins than what he had in Arkham Asylum/Arkham City.

    Minor, to say the least. Otherwise, WB did an excellent, excellent job and exceeded any expectations that I had for anyone other than Rocksteady working on that game.

  28. Prototype is prob my favorite game that got bad reviews. Also Conan for ps3 was cool despite bad reviews

  29. Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 for me – very underrated game, that I prefer over any far cry so far.

  30. Thank you for giving Lords of Shadow 2 some love

  31. I remember the first Lost Planet was quite well received back in the day. The 2nd game was met with a more divisive reception, including mixed reviews, but TBH LP2 was my favorite in the series – maybe one of the best gaming experiences I had, no joke, and was quite underrated.

    Also: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Not that it received terrible reviews, but a lot of people trashed it for being "more of the same" when in fact was a very solid game.

  32. "The actors sound like they're underwater doing an Abraham Simpson impression."

    Damn that was a funny line.

  33. I actually think the character designs in origins are better than Rocksteady's. The joker and Bane in particular! The game had its bugs, but otherwise its great.

  34. Ill add Alpha Protocol to this list, flawed game but very unique and intriguing, never got the love it deserved

  35. Dark souls 2 didn’t get bad reviews but it got less than it deserved because it wasn’t a copy of DS1

  36. Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2 was an amazing game though the ending could have been better. Bionic Commando was awesome but Batman Arkham Origins will always be an awful game no matter what. It was terrible and the worst portrayal of Batman to date.

  37. I love Arkham origins the boss fight were satisfying and I'm currently playing lord of shadows love the combat so many boss fights.

  38. all i could think of was Batman AO Blackgate, ReCore, and Zombie U i somehow enjoy these games a lot

  39. Where are these HD remakes of the Lords of Shadow series you speak of??

  40. Remember me is a good game got ignored due to mediocre reviews


  42. Maaaaaan, I loved Arkham Origins more than I should have. Lol

  43. Playstation All-Stars was great. It looked budget and its roster was disappointing but it was still a lot of dumb fun to play. Everyone is so overprotective of Nintendo that they were unnecessarily harsh on the game for taking clear inspiration from Smash Bros. As if Nintendo has some exclusivity right to an entire style of game.

  44. Binary Domain
    The Bureau: Xcom Declassified
    Anarchy Reigns
    Splatter House
    Ninja Gaiden 3…yes I love it
    Dead to Rights: Retribution
    The Borne Conspiracy

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