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9 Video Games That Got Terrible Reviews (But Were Actually Great)

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Let’s be reasonable now guys…

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  1. saw Origins as thumbnail "ah yes, this is a video i'll agree with for sure"

  2. Some picks for a part 2 of this video: WET (female gunslinger dmc), ALPHA PROTOCOL (007-rpg), LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW (cheerleader Hack'n' Slash) SENRAN KAGURA ESTIVAL VERSUS (dynasty warriors meets dead or alive chicks and humor) and EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 4.1 (shooting B-movie monsters FTW)

    P.S.: I should also mention DmC, if you take it as a game OUTSIDE of canon Devil May Cry Series is BLAST 9/10.

  3. How about a list of games that had great rating but sucked?

  4. CAWF Network TV - Fictional Wrestling Show says:

    Days Gone, The game WC acts like is Superman 64.

  5. Im never really a fan of prequels but got to give Batman Origins was a solid game.

  6. Reviews are bullshit. Form your own opinions.

  7. Why batman arkham origins that was a good game man and even though the voice actor for batman isn't in this game I would like to imagine that this is a younger batman which he has a less deeper voice 👍

  8. I love games that copy God of War; Castlevania, Dante's Inferno. I say more companies should bend over and let Kratos pound them full of his God goo to create game babies.

  9. Deadly premonitions had a strange alure to it I still play it here and there

  10. Pokémon: Mystery Dungeon Explorers of time/darkness/sky definitely should be on this list. Absolutely fantastic games that got attacked by critics for no reason

  11. Just the mention of Jurassic World Evolution gets a thumbs up from me. I don't know anyone showing it love and it's an amazingly fun game. The launch was a little bare but they've added a lot of good mechanics and additional content.

  12. Next up: terrible games with great reviews. IGN talked me into wasting $60 on evolve. Go figure, IGN.

  13. Give me a re-release/re-master of Arkham Origins, you cowards!

  14. The unfortunate thing is that you really need to read the reviews, at least a few of them. Gaming criticism are notoriously hypocritical and consistently employ double standards. The same criteria for which they will harshly judge one game will be immediately dismissed for another, you cannot just follow the numbers.

  15. I loved lords of shadow 2, it must have been the first game in its genre I ever played

  16. The DMC game that came just before DMC5 in my opinion was criminally underrated it got massive criticism just because the main character hair wasn’t white. The gameplay variety, the maps and had very unique and entertaining bosses

  17. 💩👎🖕😝=Scott video and his annoying accent

  18. Castlevania Lords of Shadow 1 and 2 were phenomenal. Ya the last couple of hours of Lords of Shadow 2 were noticeably rushed. But those two overall were fantastic games

  19. I love Resident Evil Revelations 2 a LOT (one of my favorite games after playing every mainline title and some less important ones) but it got really poor reviews and a bad fan reception just bc it was really annoying that it was put out in episodes originally I guess. I didn’t play it until after that, and as a full package it’s quite fun and a good mix of the new and old styles of RE

  20. IGNs "Too much water" review came to mind after reading the title

  21. Scott always yellin when he narrates a video.

  22. Didn't Castlevania 2 allow you to play as Dracula (Alucard backwards lol)

  23. I really enjoyed Killer 7 for gamecube/playstation 2. Got 6/10 in Nintendo Official Magazine I remember.

  24. I actually have th Deadly Premonition Whistle as my ringtone 🙂

  25. Days Gone deserves a spot in your list too

  26. Maybe it's because I bought it used, but I never finished Wrath of Cortex since it was glitching all the time. Apparently it would get stuck on the loading screen because whoever had it first did a crappy job maintaining the disk. This also why I didn't jump onto Netflix until they were streaming……

  27. Dead island series for me. I love playing dead island. Another one is judge dredd dredd vs death. Great game but scored really terrible reviews.

  28. Who else came here for Arkham Origins?

  29. I never got the hate for Batman: Arham Origins. Because it didn't have the original VO? I guess that took away from the gameplay for some.

  30. I really enjoyed Batman Arkham origins, bionic commando and Castlevania Lord of shadows 2. Really hope to see a new Castlevania but then it's Konami and lately they haven't been getting things right.

  31. Idk why I had a feeling shenmue 3 would have been on here lol

  32. Code Vein. Yes, it is a clone, but name games on one hand that are not. I'd also say that Andromeda is actually a good game when you strip it of all it's technical issues…

  33. I liked mass effect Andromeda alot… Yeah i know facial animation was lame but game was overall great

  34. I never got the arkham origins hate. If it wasnt for the first two games being MASTERPIECES………..YES MASTERPIECES…arkham origins would be the best batman game EVER. The boss fights were legendary in that game.

  35. Batman Arkham origins was my favorite. Also love both mirrors edge games

  36. I've been playing Just Cause 3 and 4 and it's amazing how Bionic Commando 2009 looks similar to those in gameplay.

  37. I didnt know there are people that doesnt like extreme condition!!!

  38. Wrath of cortex gets so much undeserved hate. It’s not as good as the originals but it’s still good. The main thing I had issue with was too many vehicles and the load times (atleast on the ps2 version) but everything else was pretty decent

  39. In my opinion, the game missing is Remember Me. That game was fun, innovative, and criminally underrated

  40. Really the only reviewer who gave Arkham Origins a terrible review was Jim Sterling

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