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Agony Review (Why Is This Game So Bad?) – Gggmanlives

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Agony is a dark fantasy survival horror video game developed by Madmind Studio and published by PlayWay. Players begin their journey as a tormented soul within the depths of Hell without any memories about their past. The special ability to control people on their path, and possess weak-minded demons, gives the player the necessary measures to survive in the extreme conditions they are in. The game was originally scheduled for a release on March 30, 2018, but was delayed to May 29, 2018.

The game is played from a first-person perspective. The player controls one of the Martyrs condemned to Hell, tasked with meeting the Red Goddess, one of the creators of Hell, in an effort to escape and return to the land of the living. Unlike other Martyrs, the player possesses the unique ability to possess both other Martyrs and, later in the game, lesser and higher demons, giving them access to special abilities. Using mechanics such as crouching and holding their breath, the player can avoid demons. Besides hiding, the player needs to solve puzzles in order to unlock new areas. There are available hidden statues that the player can collect, as well as paintings which are possible to discover.


  1. It had potential. But it didn’t use it

  2. Well … I enjoyed it because it is difficult and it gives you a feeling of unpredictability … But THE ATMOSPHERE IS INSANE TERRIFYING

  3. I bought it on the Switch, it did not disappoint me, it was as bad as I heard it was

  4. When your game fails despite naked demon chicks.

  5. sadly, Succubus which is the more uncensored more action based sequel is playing better even in early access.

  6. I didn't mind it. Not a game I will keep since I'm done. I was able to fix the lighting and mine glitched at the end of the Succubus play.

  7. What sucks is that this is one of the most inspired looking versions of hell in any video game for sure. They easily could have made even a decent game and it would have been really memorable just for the looks

  8. So the same studio is at it again with a semi-sequel called Succubus. unlike this game though, Succubus is a straight up FPS melee action game (similar gameplay to Elderborn). There's a free demo available for download on Steam to give an idea of what the game will be like. And based on first impressions, they're essentially trying (too hard) to be an extra edgy version Doom (heck, they even give a shoutout to Doom in one of the in-game dialogues)

  9. I loved it! Bought it a few days ago(2021 on xb1) for twenty bucks, but I can see why the majority of people would not like it.

    Edit: also, I would not call this game edgy for the nudity, violence, and rape. It IS supposed to look like hell and fucked up and I think they nailed all that. If you want to be more of a superhero in hell and kill hordes of demons I would recommend Dante’s Inferno. Two games about hell, but very different takes.
    I’m agnostic, but I would think if I went to the hell my catholic school teachers told me about I would be lucky if hiding from demons was an option.

  10. If you want to go to hell and gawk at demon titties while still being able to kick some serious ass then Dante's Inferno is the way to go XD

  11. I swear its not Hell its just one big Glitter Cave 😂

  12. Your accent is better than my mums. Total sheeit.

  13. To be honest, 95% of you morons haven’t even played the game, by watching a few videos on it you think you are some sort of critic, get real, playing it is a different experience then watching it. And the console versions of this game suck, it’s better on pc, it ran smooth as hell on my pc, zero lag, no glitches. Game was amazing. I can speed run this game too. Agony, Hatred and the Outlast trilogy are the best games in my opinion, just a little hint, The game hatred, when you die you are sent to hell in the game Agony.

  14. Ty the Drunken Third-gen Dark Trooper says:

    Don't worry guys this was just a tech demo for one of the levels in The Ancient Gods: Part II.

  15. Can we get a concise list of these demon nipple games? Thank you.

  16. list of the hell games with demon nipples, please? asking for a friend

  17. I gave it a similar review and even the devs complained about my review but mostly because I got a refund lol

  18. Hunt down the freeman is a master piece man

  19. This game is one of my favorites and I got no glitches in my gameplay and I play on ps4. Plus I love the detail in the game. I also see all nudity so idk what version every gets 😅 but I overall 10/10 the game

  20. you have 1080? They're shit. or my PC is. lol

  21. I played the unrated version and it was great and how it should of been released. I am fascinated in Lovecraftian lore. Waiting for Succubus to come out with follows after this.

  22. Lmao “playing this game made me feel like I was actually condemned to hell myself”

  23. The irony how you guys are complaining about dying stupid an unfair ways in hell L O L it was probably unintentional by the game developers but it makes sense being the setting lmaooo not a fan of this game just think it’s funny

  24. Are you going to review the new Succubus game? Because, it deserves to be roasted too …

  25. The game underwent major visual and gameplay changes. It´s much better now. Still has some questionable gameplay choices but it´s in a much better shape now.
    New game modes, scenes and colectibles.
    The developers are going to release a new game called Succubus. There is a Prologue version available on Steam right now.

  26. I used to think these reviews were so in-depth till I tried making a game myself and realized its sooo easier said than done 😀

  27. That was the plan all along…to make you feel like you’re being punished in hell for playing it lol

  28. Normaly i think oh tbis lucky bastard makes money playing games, but not this time

  29. While Doom is slaying demons. Agony is hitting demons with a stick. Hahahaha

  30. I guess I now know why the game is called agony because it's such an agony to play

  31. The one thing I think is pretty odd is that it's colorful in some areas even though it's supposed to be set in hell

  32. Well put, Gman. We didn’t buy it because I think we all feel there was a promise made to us that was broken. A promise of lots of vaginas.

    While there are vaginas in the game I think it is fair to say that the amount of vaginas or level of vaginal presence is far less than any of us expected.

    The devs bare full responsibility for advertising the game as being extremely vaginally heavy and censorship by itself does not explain the level of vagina roll-back performed by the devs.

    We were shown vagina-rich environments even including examples of vaginally themed sculpture and vagina-themed gameplay that promised an experience strongly flavoured by vagina and with many shades of vaginal nuance both visually and thematically but when the game released we were left asking the same question, “Where did all the vaginas go??”

  33. Its so weird, they literally just only use a single phobia, gore doesn't bother me so it's literally just just a weird bad fps. And it looks like they even toned down the gore so they really didn't make a horror game. Hell is a nice aesthetic and they ruined it.

  34. this game gave me duke nukem forever flashbacks

  35. Please note, this is a review of the LAUNCH VERSION. There may be changes to the game since I have made this review, so keep that in mind if you buy it.

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