Aliens: Fireteam Elite - Before You Buy -

Aliens: Fireteam Elite – Before You Buy

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Aliens: Fireteam Elite (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One) is a chaotic cooperative Xenomorph third person shooter. How is it? Let’s talk.

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  1. HOW COULD THEY "FUCK UP ALIENS" Easy the programmers are OFFICE STAFF LOL!
    Starbucks programmers pmsl SAD!
    Glad I bought a GTX 1080TI ffs

  2. This game is pretty fun and Horde Mode is a blast. I know it won’t happen but I think it would be amazing if they did another game in this style but with Starship Troopers, that horde mode would be insane.

  3. It would be good of u could play as the xenomorph like in Predator hunting grounds

  4. Let’s call a spade a spade, it’s not meant to be some deep story based game. You shoot a shit ton of xenos and it’s fun. Simple.

  5. I know I used to play AVP on Xbox 360 and alien isolation those were really good games

  6. I love colonial marines multiplayer pvp mode I need a revamped one

  7. This game is World War Z, with a different skin. haha Gets real boring, real fast

  8. Prerequisite of having friends to enjoy this game, poo bum wee! We need an Aliens game that incorporates setting up sentry guns like the 2nd film and other strategies, this looks dull for sure.

  9. 'I am just a lonely gamer…'

    Dude. I identify with you there. I actually prefer playing by myself.

  10. I like this game a lot. Could’ve been better with a bigger budget

  11. At about 4 minutes in, I got major Gears of War horde mode vibes.

  12. I love this game I’ve gone through the whole campaign now to do it again and again with my friends

  13. I only have admiration for something I could only dream of coding. An amazing game that will put the willy's up ya. Always turn the sound way up for best gameplay.

  14. Hey the thumbnail that you guys use for "before you buy" remind me of a guy I use to watch a LONG time ago who did similar videos and wore a similar suit. Is it the same youtuber and does anyone know who I'm talking about or am I just crazy

  15. I've only played AvP 2010 and Alien: Isolation in which I loved both. I've watched playthroughs of Colonial Marines and I liked it. Mostly for the story part of it but I still liked it and want to play it for myself. I can see where everyone was disappointed but for me as long as the Alien design is like 85% like the movies, then I won't complain, and Colonial Marines design is like 84% to me. I finally actually beat Isolation for the first time a few days ago so you could say that Alien: Isolation is my favorite Alien game right now. I didn't even know Fireteam Elite was coming out until like just before it came out and all I heard was it's supposed to be better than Colonial Marines. 🤷🏼‍♀️ All I care about are the designs of the creatures themselves, if I'm being honest. As long as they look cool and at least 85% like the media, movies, comics, etc., I'll be happy with it lol

  16. So it’s just predator hunting grounds but you can’t play as the Zenomorphs

  17. actually sounds quite good…maybe their next one will be the killer after this

  18. Does anyone even play this shit ? Can't ever find a team

  19. F*** why is this 3rd person? what wasted potential 🙁 – goes straight onto my Steam-Ignore list.

  20. Alien Isolation was the best Alien game ever made! Only issue is I wish it was on psvr!

  21. I'm 37 and a life long Aliens fan. My friends are busy working their asses off, and raising their kids. These games are based on an awesome film that came out in 1986. I think this game is cool. It's neato. I'd give it a 7/10, and especially with the cheap price point, I can't complain. I personally, would be willing to pay $120 for an immersive video game experience, that makes me feel like what it would be to be a colonial marine from that universe. I want the Alien isolation level experience, of being a colonial marine, pitted against xenomoprhs. Maybe in a city, instead of a little colony like LV-426. With the right people, a video game could come about that was so good, the film industry would have to factor it into the universe's cannon. No HUDS (except for the smartgun eyepiece). Go about it with the philosophy of trying not to remind people, they're playing a game. The objective should be to make a game that provokes an adrenal response. Cause us stress. I knew two grown men that stopped playing Doom 3, because it scared them. The Aliens franchise can do that. Imagine the sounds and feelings you would have, boarding the APC, deploying in the drop ship, and investigating a ruined city, on a bleak world lightyears from Earth. This game is possible right now. The gaming industry has already exceeded what I thought games could be in my lifetime. If I had the money to pay the people, I'd make it happen myself.

  22. When is the proper aliens game coming out, or is this it?

  23. "Colonial marines, we all know how that went"
    I liked it honestly, I enjoyed the gameplay alot

  24. So I should be able to play it on Steam Deck?

  25. is this online only or can you play offline?

  26. I think this has been a really fun game so far but I do have some issues with it. For context I'm a little over half way the campaign, I'm still gonna finish it but there's some stuff he didn't really touch on in the video.

    My biggest issue is checkpoints. There are no checkpoints at all. If your team all fall at the same time, you get kicked back to the start of the level. There's a system where you can revive fallen teammates a certain number of times. The thing is you can't revive yourself, someone else has to do it. Even if the team has extra revives in storage, if nobody is up to distribute them, game over. Back to the very start of the level.

    Another thing I think is a bit off is the offline. I get that you can't pause online games. However i only play offline. Despite that, you can't pause. You can still get attacked while in the settings menu.

    Another thing would be the synthetic teammates. I'm glad they exist but I don't think its implemented the best. So on higher difficulties, the game says "synths are not reccomended." It makes them less competent in combat. But for people like me, that is the only way to play this game because we don't have actual friends to play with.

    It is pretty frustrating. I find myself dying a lot and being forced to restart. This is the case even on the easiest difficulty.

    FPS isn't my strongest category but I do think these are objective problems. Otherwise it's a great game though. I realize I've been pretty mean but I do like it until I have to restart lol

  27. I don’t get why the developers felt the need to massacre the classic Colonial Marines armor and Weaponry. Aliens: Colonial Marines did a fantastic job.

  28. Just give us aliens vs predator remastered this game is stupid because I can’t be alien

  29. Did you diss on colonial marines? That game was fucking badass

  30. Colonial marines to me wasn't that bad, but I think its because I am a huge aliens fan so I could be bias lol but I have been very interested in checking this out too.

  31. ༼ つ ಥ_ಥ ༽つ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) says:

    The xenomorph literally stands next the players and slaps them a bunch of times, and they don't die.

    Also, xenomorphs where shown in the movies the be fairly resistant to a few taps with an assault rifle.

  32. My great turn off on this game (i'm considering if I buy it right now or not) is that when a alien grabs you and your friends shot at him you are not melted by the acid, I'm watching a lot of reviews and gameplays and I'm not seeing that the acid blood be a real thread just an alien that seems to explode a litlle and one that spits acid but beyond that is kinda disapointing and being one of the most remarkable characteristics of the xenomorph is kinda dissapointing.

  33. I loved colonial Marines. Had a blast co oping with my homie on ultimate badass mode

  34. Aliens vs Predator on the ps3/xbox 360 is awesome! I also liked Alien resurrection on the ps1

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