Aliens: Fireteam Elite - Before You Buy -

Aliens: Fireteam Elite – Before You Buy

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Aliens: Fireteam Elite (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One) is a chaotic cooperative Xenomorph third person shooter. How is it? Let’s talk.

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  1. You know you can move your decal to other places on the gun right?

  2. “What is the last alien game you played”

    Last one I played was “AliensVSPredator” where you can play as the marine,Alien and Predator

  3. Between this game and Predator Hunting grounds, I'm a happy guy

  4. The game is amazing with friends, the single player bots are so bad they make single player not even worth trying.

  5. I love the game. only issue is you need to join match making to find a group : but the community is great.

  6. This game
    Is fun , you won’t be disappointed 🤚

  7. imo if the elite Xenomorph's were super sneaky like in AvP this would be perfect for what it is, but having the ENTIRE horde rush you is just not believable seeing how as they were basically alien ninjas with a built-in counter attack, that being said this is 10x's better than colonial marine's

    AvP still shits on most alien games to this day……except isolation..that game was pretty damn good.

  8. I just want aliens vs predator back the third game had great multiplayer

  9. "There's no micro-transactions so that's good"
    Just wait till the $20 predator DLC comes out.

  10. Play horde mode or the last mission n try fighting the queen

  11. Aliens isolation needs a sequel without a doubt

  12. People need to buy this game its incredibly fun and honestly if it sells well it'll only get better this game is made by a team of people who wanted a game like this realized jt wouldnt happen so they made it themselves if it sells well this game will go from amazkng to easily the best alien game ever made and that's saying something cause isolation was perfect

  13. Why I have impression it would work great as twin stick isometric shooter?

  14. I enjoyed alien isolation and I still do to this day but this game, eeeeeeehh idk I don't feel it ya know, the feeling I had when playing alien isolation, I don't feel that with this game so meh

  15. I hope they add a versus mode similar to l4d2 in the future

  16. Looks likes gears horde but with aliens 👽 !

  17. Been almost 4 weeks. I still really enjoy the game. It's still really fun to play with friends. My only negative experience with the game is just how DUMB some of the random players are. It takes a team of 3 working together giving 100% to clear a level, yet there's almost always a screeching child that can barely hold their own against a small group of common xenomorphs.

  18. Having a blast and the patches are consistent. And really fun. Tons of stuff to unlock.

  19. Is it available for 2 controllers or just online

  20. It's the smallest and thin shotgun I've ever seen lol it looks like the BB gun in fallout.

  21. This game is decent but wears out its welcome fairly fast

  22. Unpopular opinion but i LOVE colonial marines for what it is and the era it came out in

  23. The 2010 aliens game Marines game play was the best I remember the survival mode was awesome it set the tone really well I wish they could make something like that maybe add a good well performed story in a campaign mode. First person shooter in this kind of setting but just make it scarier like in the 2010 would be perfect

  24. Just terrible, primitive gameplay, the characters move unnaturally. Game for Smartphones, nothing more

  25. What I'm seeing is exactly what I was afraid of.. which is this game having that same repetitive feeling that most looter shooters have.. lack of depth.

    Another great example of this is the game Destiny.. It was SO MUCH FUN, at first… but after everyone got their fill of running strikes and trails enough.. it just became dull… You know, the 24 hours worth of storyline and then your just stuck running strikes until you give up.

  26. Is this game about the same or is it better than Predator Hunting Grounds?

  27. I'd love a game that's halfway between Alien Isolation, and Aliens: Fireteam Elite.

  28. The age old question with Aliens videogames… How on Earth do you manage to fuck up Aliens?
    No one is sure, but developers have given it a good go over the years…

  29. Adulting threw this game over my head completely.

  30. Personally I don't think this really fits the style of Alien. Guns don't damage the Xenomorphs in the movies and the game, it's canon. Just my opinion tho

  31. I like it tbh. But the A.I need to have a class selection or customizable gear option because they are so useless in higher difficulty games lmao. They are so bad that it's actually comical in my Intense difficulty gameplay because friendly fire is on and they have Zero survival instincts 😂

  32. Jesus fucking christ, what happened that we're at a point where "hey it's just $40, don't expect a lot"

  33. Much better than the recent predator game

  34. I loved Alien Isolation. I think if they took the same style approach as that game with this one it would be a lot cooler. That being said I'm still about to play Fireteam elite once it finishes downloading 👍

  35. this game is hot garbage on ultrawide. plus the ui is broken on pc. accept button off screen cooll cool bros. INCOMPETENCE.

  36. You pretty much have to have a regular group of friends. The matchmaking for this game is some of the worst I've ever seen.

  37. Good game.
    Finally beat the 1st section.
    Those aliens dont give a Fack! Lol

    Great game.
    Solo or co op.
    Picture a zombie shooter but with over 20 different aliens.

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