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Aliens: Fireteam Elite Review

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Aliens: Fireteam Elite reviewed on PC by Kyle Campbell. Also available on Xbox and PlayStation.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite does enough right to be plenty worthwhile for a trio of co-op shooter fans who’d rather battle hordes of xenomorphs than the usual zombies. Between the excellent weapons, classes, and enemy types and some wonderful nostalgic hat-tips toward what came before, it’s a must-play if you hold any fondness for this series. The caveats, of course, are having to put up with repetitive scenarios and some excruciatingly drawn-out missions. Aliens: Fireteam Elite may not be a triumphant win, but it’s far from a game over, man.


  1. how did this score higher than alien isolation this game can't even compare to alien isolation.

  2. What is with this guys voice? So strange

  3. Anyone know the name of the song towards the end of the video? From about 4:00 on…

  4. Lay off the salt and cheer up! What a shitty review

  5. Can’t understand what the hell you’re saying

  6. Pc version is bugged ADS and shooting does not work all the time

  7. "Hey Google" Review Aliens: Fireteam Elite for me

  8. Can someone please tell this YouTuber it's not a 60 dollar game what does he exspect . He sounds misreble like he created it and lost money on it.

  9. My final verdict of alien fireteam elite is 4/10. GoW style combat doesn't fit for movement of alien.
    This is just broken Gears of Aliens. Really nonsense game design.

  10. Its 2021… This sounds like a 2006 ign video lmao

  11. Would have been nice if they’d ramped up the horror aspects to make it more of a suspenseful survival horror instead of just another shooter.

  12. Is the reviewer recording his voice on his iphone?

  13. This reviewer is a serial killer in the making!

  14. The Infiltrator aliens book explains alot of whats going on in this game. its based on events following That book.

  15. This guy just finish a creative writing class?

  16. Dude makes me wanna sleep not watch this.

  17. This is a fun alien game nothing more nothing less

  18. Seems like in this alternative universe, aliens are made of glass….

  19. Nothing mentioning the awful matchmaking. Did this robot even play the game?

  20. lol you know a game is bad when ign gives it a 7

  21. watching gameplay PC versions is so bad, the camera keeps wiping around and it’s all jittery and unrealistic. fun for the player but please use gamepad version in your review videos.

  22. Narrators in IGN game reviews have become memes themselves

  23. The reviewer sounds like he is reading a bed time story for me before sleep. 😂

  24. I'm so glad they go rid of he Big red X that pops up when you make a kill

  25. Thanks for the spoiler mate. Just say 2 decades after alien 3 next time.

  26. Looks like this is a avp game but without predators😁

  27. Can be forced to replay 45 mins after dying…yeah I’ll give this one a miss thanks

  28. Dont forget about the pilots in Starcraft saying a line from Aliens and the Scottish? Castle that has a Xenomorph statue on it.

  29. It’s like Call of Duty and Alien Isolation mixed together

  30. How is this compared to Aliens: Colonial Marines (360) and does this allow 2-player split screen?

  31. Hey uh, how do you turn of the FLASHLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????!?!?!!

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