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Aliens: Fireteam Elite Review

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Aliens: Fireteam Elite reviewed on PC by Kyle Campbell. Also available on Xbox and PlayStation.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite does enough right to be plenty worthwhile for a trio of co-op shooter fans who’d rather battle hordes of xenomorphs than the usual zombies. Between the excellent weapons, classes, and enemy types and some wonderful nostalgic hat-tips toward what came before, it’s a must-play if you hold any fondness for this series. The caveats, of course, are having to put up with repetitive scenarios and some excruciatingly drawn-out missions. Aliens: Fireteam Elite may not be a triumphant win, but it’s far from a game over, man.


  1. Where do they find these reviewers seriously

  2. this guy's voice is putting me …..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Is there mouse and keyboard support for this game on xbox

  4. What a lazy game .. could have been a masterpiece with story ..

  5. IGN never like games they need an overhall

  6. Dude sounds like sondwave G1 style, uncharismatic bore

  7. Winds sounded like they were out of your sails from the moment you read the review. Clearly can tell you’re reading

  8. Aliens are too scary for me to play this game

  9. This looks like World War Z but with a Aliens skin

  10. Sorry to hear your girlfriend was cheating on you again.

  11. Next a Starship Troopers game like this, with more players? Please?

  12. Looks about as boring and repetitive as the reviewer's voice is LOL

  13. This dudes voice is the physical embodiment of having to sit through your cousins 4 hour ballet recital

  14. This guy sounds depressed. Praying for him rn 🙏

  15. Reviewer's delivery makes me want to wander off into the desert and stare at the sun until my eyes explode

  16. You mean the 1979 Alien by Ridley Scott

  17. If every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn’t have hotdogs. Not every game can be a masterpiece and it seems like this specific reviewer thinks it should be. It’s a left4dead style Alien shooter…..was you expecting a epic saga?

  18. Seriously IGN, look at the comments. Find better reviewers. This guy is such a drag.

  19. This game was a cheap gears of war knock off with xenomorphs in it. Nothing more.

  20. Is it worth buying the hard disk for offline mode ?

  21. It's ok buddy, I'd be depressed too if they made me review Goddamn Aliens fireteam elite. You definitely got the short end of the stick on who's reviewing what.

  22. Is this a left for dead world war z alien game. If so then I’m happy

  23. You got it wrong, it all started in 1979. Decades before you were born.

  24. Everyone ripping on this guy's lack of enthusiasm is failing to realize his demeanor was clearly set by having to review this massive let down of a game.

  25. $100 says this guy builds a bomb within 5 years.

  26. Buddy never really played the game and sounds like he's reading script

  27. This guy should never do an review again, so boring

  28. This dude obviously a causal gamer and has no idea about the amount of lore put into the game. Without giving boring cut scenes to ruin the momentum of the fight of aliens… and doesn't even talk about the horde mode and how it challenges your skill and progress in the game. Worse review ever

  29. Should be less Aliens and more environment dynamics like floors and walls melting .

  30. The objects are similar to Alien isolation game

  31. This reviewer is the kind of person to show no emotion whatsoever while watching his child being born.

  32. Does anyone else have such Big Frame Drops ? Its almost unplayable in a few Levels

  33. This guy so boring 😴 makes me not want the game.

  34. Does IGN even have a real gamer in their community

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