Analogue Pocket Review - The Ultimate FPGA Handheld ? | MVG -

Analogue Pocket Review – The Ultimate FPGA Handheld ? | MVG

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Full Review of the Analogue Pocket. For $219, is it the ultimate FPGA handheld on the market?

NOTE: The new updated price of the Analogue Pocket is $219 USD. In the video I refer to the previous price which is incorrect. More information is available here –

The Analogue Pocket was provided for review purposes but I am a paid customer that has pre-ordered my own pocket + accessories.

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  1. I wish there’s something this well built for Ps1 emulation

  2. Does this work with GB Camera/Printer and Kirby Tilt N Tumble?

  3. Dang no higher praise than I couldn't trip it up no matter what I Retail cart tried.

  4. Hi, It is very expensive for that kind of console, I went to the website and try to order one, but at the end it is 400 bukcs if you take the gamegear adapter, the case and the dock and 34,99 for shipping, damn

  5. Not relating to this video, do you still own the Blast City and Capcom Mini Cute? I don't see them in the background of your videos.

  6. Can you suggest a legitimate place to buy gba games or game gear games or any retro games for that matter and help would be appreciated

  7. Heya, I love the review! As for the Shantae audio issue, it's actually a bit deeper. On the GBA, running the game will result in different behavior of the noise channel. The game uses an edge case to silence the channel earlier than it normally would've been silenced, but this only works on a GBC. If you try it on a GBA, it doesn't work. I have added both behaviors to the core now, so if you run in GBC mode it works as expected, and running in "GBC on GBA" mode, it will have the different behavior.

  8. One thing I'm wondering about now, I wonder if this thing will eventually be hacked to run other systems FPGA? E.g. NES, SNES, etc?

  9. you tellin me this is the way to get high resolucion images of the photos from my game boy camera? wo nice idea

  10. What I don't like about Analogue is the FPGA woo woo that they are trying to spread to sell this particular product by suggesting that "dedicated hardware" is somehow necessarily better than emulation without providing any actual evidence for this. I mean sure it has an FPGA but what does it actually mean for the end user when compared against a device that uses emulation. Also Youtubers seems to mindlessly go along with this notion, what I would like to see is a direct comparison between this device and let's say Anbernic's RG351V and see what value for money the end user is getting out of it. Another way to look at it would be who the heck would buy this for this price if it wasn't for the FGPA vs emulation……..

  11. Madlittlepixel always uses Smashing Drive on GBA cause it does not work witbout using it on original hardware. GBA had over 1,000 games released for it in the USA so you barely scratched the surface with testing of games? Since you have an Everdrive more testing should've been done my opinion.

  12. What's the piano part's song at the beginning?

  13. I really wanted to buy one of these during my holiday trip to the states, but I just can't find it online…. 😔

  14. I got a rhyme for u.. Goes after something eminem refers to..

    I will download some audio but not mp3
    And teach the whole world how to become the MVG

    So wont the real slim shady plz stand up?

  15. I'll just stick to emulation on my 32" monitor.

  16. I wasn't able to get a pre-order so like many I'm SOL and not willing to pay $700 plus for a Pocket. I do own a professionally modded GBA with a beautiful ips display and an everdrive to satisfy my Gameboy gaming fix.

  17. Are reproduced cartridges okay to play on this?

  18. Anyone know what the max size sd cards the pocket will support?

  19. So basically if you want to play GBA, get an original GBA with an IPS screen and for GB and GBC, this is the way to go.

  20. Game development is something I’ve always wanted to get into so I super hyped when I heard about GB Studio! Gonna try to get my hands on one of these, mostly for my old GBA library. But the GB Studio support is what really excites me! I’ve been having a blast just learning how GB Studio works

  21. Nah, I think I'll stick with my GBA SP [AGS-101](which I am currently using to play through "Castlevania: Circle of the Moon") and Nintendo DS Lite to play my GameBoy, GameBoy Color and GameBoy Advance games. Look at that, I just saved over $200.. geesh.

  22. I just ordered mine. I’m in the 2023 shipping slot. I totally forgot to order it yesterday. Arrgh. But this one I am waiting for.

  23. The video quality on your channel is stunning. Really helps show off the product nicely!

  24. Another adapter for PC Engine/TG16 games would be cool.

  25. Does it support emulation speed to be adjusted? I'd love to play some old Pokemon Games at 10x speed on the go.

  26. I've looked at the price and it's quite high. I don't mean that the device itself is overpriced but for the usage. A GBA costs used way less. An IPS Mod and a Battery Mod will cost some additional money but I have the original Hardware with similar stuff.
    For the device you need at least the Dock. Import taxes may come on top. For me this would mean +19% when shipped outside from the EU. Also the estimated delivery is in 2023.
    What I miss is the possibility to create backups (and copy them) and play backups. Sure this will open the door for piracy but creating backups is still interesting. For pokemon you can create multiple saves. You also can backup a save to change the battery and later put the save back on. Also you don't need to carry around so much games
    In the device you can't put additional systems onto it. For the docked system, this would be nice to play N64 games or stuff.

    There is a other FPGA System that is more open but not a Handheld. It would cost around 400€. Also not cheap but more possibilities.

    For Handheld Emulators are good. The costs are way less.
    It's a difficult topic. I would love to have an all in one system that isn't an emulator. I want to play it on the go and at home. I want to insert all my original games and create backups and play backups from the internet.
    FPGA looks expensive, no matter what you try but for such a price tag, I want a lot.

    The Steam Deck looks like it would be a decent Emulator Station. It's a somewhat decent PC that can be mobile and played docked. It does run more emulators, not like an Pi. For an pure Emulator Station this would be quite expensive but it plays other games too.

    Maybe the retro gaming market gets better in the future.

  27. so out of the box it’s basically a $220 GBA SP

  28. The gameboy shape being “nostalgic” is cool but I’m still not huge however that thing was meant for my 7 year old hands… you ain’t doing real gaming on this if you haven’t already put time in on these smaller consoles. Cool for once in a blue moon but I’d rather a wide comfortable console anyday. This looks like odd pain.

  29. I prefer playing Nintendo games on Nintendo hardware. The Game Boy Player for the GameCube is still my best option for GB. Putting a DSi on a TV isn't hard either, so that's GBA games. Now for those pesky GBC games…

  30. How about the second FGPA for custom development ?

  31. Oh man for all the people doing hardcore gameboy mods this thing is gonna cut their lunch ….. if it was widely available LoL

  32. 15:00 there is a HIDDEN Dev Package port under the battery cover, but i dont know if there is a actual Dev Plug/Support, besides, the regular way is kinda like a Dev Cart to a game anyway

  33. How do GG Everdrives display SMS games? Is it possible to display the whole screen or only the cropped screen?

  34. this think is DOPE!! but i still prefer my ips modded consoles personally so i dont care for this so much.

  35. Glad to see someone was able to get their hands on one. Their first round of pre orders were a SHIT SHOW. Got in on round 2 but now I've gotta wait. Guess it can race my Polymega.

  36. 1 question I have that nobody seems to discuss: Does the Analogue Pocket have options for button mapping?? I would hate to play Gameboy games with a controller shaped like that and be forced to use A/B instead of Y/B

  37. I wish the adapters were way cheaper coz' it seems to be just a passthrough.
    God bless, Rev. 21:4

  38. Think it will ever be modded to support roms from the SD card slot?

  39. I would have preferred the advanced sp design. With a little touch where your hands rest to hold more naturally in your hand.

  40. Damn, that screen really does look phenomenal. My retro device of choice is my PS Vita, but this is tempting, especially cos I could revive my physical collection.

  41. yeah no 200$ is too much i rather get the funky S

  42. For gba games I prefer to play them on a ds. Just as good.

  43. Corrections/Updates:

    Price : The new updated price of the Analogue Pocket is $219 USD. In the video I refer to the previous price which is incorrect.
    Battery Life: I tested around 8.5-9 hours on a single charge with Links Awakening DX running.

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