Angry Birds MEGA FLING GAME! Review and Epic Launcher FAIL! -

Angry Birds MEGA FLING GAME! Review and Epic Launcher FAIL!

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Here is my review of the Angry Birds Mega Fling Game by Mattel.

It is very similar to the Knock on Wood Game and other Angry Birds board/card games. They have made improvements to the bird and pig figures as well as added sound effects to the launcher. However, the launcher is a bit of a disappointment. You have to play at a pretty close range for it to be effective. However, we were able to solve the power issue with the use of the Angry Birds Star Wars Han Solo Koosh Gun for TOTAL PIG DESTRUCTION!

Also note that the stone blocks are not perfectly flat like the wood blocks which make building and balancing objects on them a bit difficult. Overall, it is a fun game, you just need to practice a bit with the launcher.

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