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April 2021’s Best and Worst Reviewed Games – Reviews in Review

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From Returnal to New Pokémon Snap to Outriders and Oddworld Soulstorm, a ton of great (and some not so great) games came out in April, and IGN reviewed a bunch of them! In this video, we’ve rounded them up and run through them all, so you can get a quick idea what’s worth your time and what you might want to skip. As always, be sure to check out the full reviews for more in-depth info, but if you just want the bullet points, this video is for you!

Here are links to all the full video reviews:
00:00 – Intro
00:26 – Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace Review –
00:52 – Magic Legends Review –
01:18 – Doom 3: VR Review –
01:47 – Oddworld: Soulstorm Review –
02:17 – Pac-Man 99 Review –
02:46 – Outriders Review –
03:13 – MotoGP 21 Review –
03:53 – Total War: Rome Remastered Review –
04:26 – MLB The Show 21 Review –
05:11 – Returnal Review –
05:58 – Nier Replicant Review –
06:50 – New Pokemon Snap Review –
This video is to give you a quick snippet of recent video game reviews. You will find a review for MLB The Show 21, as well as Arkham Horror Mother’s Embrace. Don’t forget to check out our reviews for Total War Rome Remastered, Pac Man 99, MotoGP 21, and Nier Replicant. We also reviewed Magic Legends and DOOM 3 VR.

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