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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Review

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla recreates the brutal, darker tones of the Viking way of life as you embark on adventure across a massive, stunningly beautiful open-world.


  1. Boats seem to fly along as if powered by an outboard motor.

  2. Can a game be not played just because of words assassin's creed in it ?

  3. They should make an assasins creed where it’s based with jesus

  4. How did odyssey get a higher score than this one

  5. This game is like a shitty essay with an inflated word count

  6. i'm waiting for assassins creed japan , ninjas, samurai, oh may

  7. is the DLC free? if not how much is it?

  8. Great game beautiful badass bloody combat. Great music. Wayyy to long story.

  9. As an AC game 1/10

    As a non AC game 9/10

  10. This game is terrible, what the hell happened to such a great series

  11. Im waiting for the ac Jurassic Origins where u can play as a badass t rex assassin

  12. Finally beat the game and as a fan of the franchise im disappointed. Evior never was an assassin and even in the end he doesnt become one. How can you call the game that if the main character is just a Viking. Game was way too long and the story was just ok. They have all these side missions in the game yet no assassination contracts what up with that. The majority of the order tree had nothing to do with the story and little background. Anyway there is my rant dont buy this game lol

  13. At around 5:19 when you try and stealth assassinate with three men watching… Happens…

  14. Its the best viking game to ever come out just doesn't feel like a creed game sadly but its still real fun

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