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Back 4 Blood Review

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Back 4 Blood reviewed by Kyle Campbell on PC, also available on PlayStation and Xbox.

Developer Turtle Rock Studios doesn’t nail all the twists it attempts on the classic Left 4 Dead-style co-op zombie FPS, but a creative card-base progression system, fantastic campaign, and lighthearted tone make it a fun spin on that familiar genre.

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  1. You sound like your from 1st year public speaking class

  2. Dang dude, blow your nose, pop a Zyrtec

  3. If only it had a story mode………..

  4. Im genuinely impressed that you avoided directly saying "Left 4 Dead" at any point in the review, just vaguely alluding to it.

  5. Left for Dead 2 xbox360
    (best game of the year 2009)
    Back4blood ps4
    (worst game of the year 2021)

  6. oh look… ANOTHER zombie game…. yawn… ffs.. dood, you're shameless…. just shameless…

  7. The worse experience in this game has been matchmaking with 'heroes'

  8. Act 4 Boss Fight is Broken, Coop Or Single Player, It Spawns 100s Of Enemies, Health Goes 150 To 0 Real Quick, Dark Souls Has Better Boss Fights Than This Broken Piece Of What Is Aperantly A Finished Product.

  9. It has great variety when progressing through the levels footage of shooting zombies switches to footage of shooting zombies in a ruined city scape gotta love diverse levels

  10. Dude you jumped from recruit to veteran, what did you expect?

  11. It's ok but as an avid L4D2 fan, it's nothing new or Worth bragging about.

  12. It's like a New take on Left 4 Dead

  13. the difficulty being recruit. You might wanna take that as more than a suggestion and go ahead play your whole game to legitimately recruit yourself into it. These difficulty's really truely mean what they say.

  14. People who cheese ruin games, plain and simple.

  15. This game was a bigger bust than markel fultz

  16. Honestly wish we were getting a left 4 dead 3 instead

  17. Looks like left for dead…is it left for dead but with a different name? =O

  18. It's an okay game, tried it out with gamespass, fun for a while with friends, doesn't even come close to living up to the hype tho

  19. Nothing but a bad Left for Dead clone with the addition of crap that has ruined modern gaming. Perks, unlocks and that terrible card system. What could have been a simple game has been ruined by this deck building garbage that nobody wants or cares about.

  20. Can you play with AI team mates like in Left4Dead?

  21. Not as great as the original, but definitely an awsome game.

  22. Ridden is just zombies the developers even called the them zombies.

  23. Everything about this game is fun. Its not easy, lots of zombies, mutations, boss zombies supply points to grind, deck cards for melee is so fun to use everything about this game is fun. Expect for stalkers lmao

  24. Imagine Future DLC this game is gonna make L4D 1&2 Proud 👏 the game we've been waiting for that give us a break from COD zombies

  25. DAYS GONE should definitely be a Crossover DLC it definitely would be fitting

  26. There is Left4Dead and Left4Dead 2. And now we've got Left4Duty !

  27. So is this essentially Left4Dead 3 or is the base gameplay distinct?

  28. There needs to be a difficulty between recruit and veteran

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