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Back 4 Blood Review

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Back 4 Blood reviewed by Kyle Campbell on PC, also available on PlayStation and Xbox.

Developer Turtle Rock Studios doesn’t nail all the twists it attempts on the classic Left 4 Dead-style co-op zombie FPS, but a creative card-base progression system, fantastic campaign, and lighthearted tone make it a fun spin on that familiar genre.

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  1. Some of the worst controls/aiming I've experienced in a game. Feels awful, hoping they tweek it.

  2. Why is it on these reviews no one mentions about the shitty matchmaking in campaign 🤬 constantly searching for matches

  3. It was fun.. for a day… now it’s over. See you guys in another 10 years when left 4 dead 3 drops🤣 what a joke

  4. The guy reviewing this is a liar tho forreal

  5. Game does nothing even remotely different than what has been done before, not worth 60$

  6. Why did you take so long to review this game

  7. This game is just a rinse and repeat Borden. The special mutations are always around so they don't even feel special. The game punishes you for playing offline solo giving you no progression or rewards unless you play online. And the AI is complete shite! There's not even a horde mode.

  8. Just Tried It On Game Pass. Frantic Zombie Shooter Like The Original Repetitive Game Play. Multiplayer But As A Solo Campaign Ok For A Quick Blast But Limited. Uninstalled It On Series S Need Space On My Internal Storage!

  9. Heard the offline campaign is bad. Why didn't you mention that?

  10. Its ok is not better than the original left for dead

  11. Another lifeless review by this guy, whoever he is.

  12. An 8?
    Jesus you guys are a joke.
    The game does nothing knew

  13. Angry Joe delivers away more honest review of this game than IGN

  14. Mr. Reviewer for sure as hell didn't even touch the campaign with AI companions, aka bots – would have been a 3/10 otherwise. 😂

  15. Just nerf the special zombie spawns and decrease the difficulty a bit especially for the standard veteran

  16. No energy in this guy's voice. Sheesh! Have some enthusiasm for Pete's sake.

  17. How can you call this a review? There is little to no objective information about how mechanics come together. Just emotional reflections based game reaction.

  18. I'm sorry? Stale versus mode? It's been done by left 4 dead but that's about it

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