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Batman Arkham Knight Review | Xplay

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Batman Arkham Knight was released in the summer of 2015 to a somewhat mixed response among fans of the franchise. Unfortunately, Xplay’s absence meant this was the one Arkham game we didn’t get to review. But don’t you worry Batfans! Adam Sessler is here to determine if the conclusion to Rocksteady’s Arkham saga was simply a victim of its own hype or a disappointing end to a much-beloved franchise. The Black Hokage and Jirard, the Completionist also stop by to give their thoughts on the game and discuss Rocksteady’s upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

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  1. Is it perfect? No. Is it a 2/5? Hell no.

  2. There's a bunch of good in Arkham Knight owed to the polish of mechanics and acting over time, but there's so much fluff and bullshit dragging it down. Rocksteady could have cut the use of the Batmobile in half. It could have reduced the amount "military checkpoint" and "roadside bombs" side missions, and invested that time into fleshing out some of the villains, like Hush who only got a quick 15 minute encounter.

    I would rather have 10 long and well-crafted villain mysteries/fights getting into their schemes and personalities, rather than 40 five-minute "defeat all the enemies" missions scattered around the city. The "Season of Infamy" DLC with Mr. Freeze, Ra's al Ghul, Killer Croc and Mad Hatter shows the kind of missions that the main game should have had as its main attraction.

  3. One problem with this one is that it wasn't written by Paul Dini like the first two games.

  4. When I see the co-op and power levels in Gotham Knights, I definitely am wary. I don't trust this game not to be a live-service microtransaction vehicle.

  5. I'd give it a 3 or 4, with 'City' being a 5.

  6. Agree wholeheartedly with this review. Batmobile severely crippled a great game.

  7. Each game is a 10/10 but Knight is the best of the series

  8. I gotta feeling this is gonna make me download this game again

  9. i know some will not agree with this review but i have to say as someones who has beat every game in the series twice and 100%ed them all (minus blackgate) doing AK this last year I can barely stand this game other then graphic everything about it to me is so underwhelming boss, side missions, tank gameplay, story all of it, i really wanted to like this game its the reason i built my PC i even waited 5 years after it come out to start my second playthrough and i still feel like the best i can give it is a 3/5 i dont hate it enough not to go for 240% but i agree with a lot of what Adam is saying

  10. When Arkham Knight was released, I was excited because a Batman game on next-gen meant had so much potential but, they dropped the ball in many ways. First of all, yes I hated those tank missions, the batmobile should've been used for speeding around the city and the occasional puzzle and that's it. I understand the mentality of wanting to change the game up but, they did it the wrong way.

    Next, the story was all over the place. I love the Joker, in particular, I loved Mark Hammill's Joker, always have and always will. That said, his story was finished in Arkham City. There was no need to keep going back to him because his story ended the last game. I had the same feeling in Arkham Origins, Bane should've been the main villain of that game. Batman has interesting villains he can battle, there was no need to go back to Joker outside of maybe a few flashback scenes.

    I also didn't like that game needed to beat 100% to unlock the real ending. None of the other Batman games did that. I don't mind a secret ending but, that was a major plot point they left hanging and it required a lot of work to see it. So I had to search YouTube for the ending and that just shouldn't happen.

    All in all, I give this game a 3 out of 5 because it was still fun outside of the tank missions despite some questionable story decisions.

  11. I remember literally playing this day 1 on my gaming pc and played it all the way through with no problems.

  12. The truth finally comes to light from an authoritative voice, Arkham Knight was a miss mash of poor game play design choices, and stupid plot twists / story choices.

  13. Although I love Adam! But man I disagree with this review 😂 Arkham Knight was one of the best game in the Arkham quadilogy but people have different perspective and that's fine!

  14. I can't believe Knight is going to be 7 years.

  15. Arkham Knight would have worked a lot better if Rocksteady had planned a head a little bit and included the Jason Todd arch in Arkham City. It'd actually work pretty well with the whole 2 joker's thing. Jason could have run off and gotten killed by real Joker while Batman was distracted by Clayface Joker.

  16. Im betting Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad will have aggro systems similar to army of two so if one person breaks stealth the other can stay hidden.

  17. I love this game, and disagree with Adam alot, but I still enjoyed the review and respect his opinion. I appreciate he's honest with his opinion and brings up some good points.

  18. Did you guys know I’ve been replaying this or something? Haha playing it again is actually getting me hyped for Suicide Squad. Their attention to detail in Gotham was stunning so I’m really looking forward to seeing their take on Metropolis and how the game plays compared to the Arkham games

  19. Over 100 hrs with this and I don’t regret it for a moment.

  20. Man, I dont agree with not playing at all, because as a Batman fan this game had some REALLY cool moments, but I understand the criticism. I love Sessler but I just think he had the wrong take. To each his own ofcourse, but to me this is DEFINITLEY worth a try, especially if your a fan of the dark knight !

  21. The nightmare takedown ruined the stealth as it became to easy to take out rooms full of guys that in the previous ones wasn't possible.

  22. Loved this game. Not the best in trilogy but still a great experience. The only flaw I see with the actual game is the stealth use of the Batmobile. Loved driving the vehicle and the tank battles but the stealth aspect was not fun.

  23. Arkham Origins is the best Arkham game and the characters are the most faithful to the source material… Arkham Knight stinks though.

  24. Are you doing a retro review of batman Arkham origins and blackgate

  25. It feels like Sessler is going back and CORRECTING THE TIMELINE! Damn it's good to have you back man!

  26. Arkham Knight was great. Yes, the story was dumb, they overused Joker, built up Scarecrow just to waste him and the reveal was dumb, but everything else was great!

  27. God I love that this channel exists. Takes me back to the xplay days. Need a Morgan Webb cameo.

  28. I loved this game when it came out. And didn’t mind the BATMOBILE in it. I also haven’t played it since it came out. Maybe I need to revisit it

  29. Definitely loved City the most, but Asylum was so amazing when I first played it. Knight had some cool moments but maybe I was tired of the formula after a while because Knight felt more like a chore to me. Also why I haven’t played Spiderman Miles Morales because I loved the first one so much I don’t wanna burn out on it.

  30. I hope he does this with kingdom hearts 3

  31. Not underrated? Hard disagree. Arkham Knight wasn't as good as the first two, but still awesome. People acted like it was a turd.

  32. My least favourite of the Arkham series (including Origins) but I still had a fun time with it when it came out, even with the disappointing main story and having to slog through the Batmobile parts.

  33. Lmao they dug up the game just to rip on it? If anything, people like the game more now than they used to. Time has revealed it to be a pretty good game in the grand scheme of things.

  34. NGL, I really enjoyed Arkham Knight and have played through it multiple times. The story and gameplay still carried me through.

  35. Why would you hire Adam back this guy an asshat Arkham knight was awesome

  36. The Batmobile missions were tedious and tacked on, but for me the mechanics and tank combat felt incredibly satisfying.

  37. It doesn't matter if you liked it. It has been deemed trash and so it shall be. I loved this game now I'm selling my 2000 plus game collection and walking away from the hobby

  38. I'm just some Canadian guy and I say says:

    I put wayyyyyyy more hours into Arkham Knight than the PS4 Spider-Man.

    I enjoyed all the side missions and the game felt like it was shorter.

    How damn long did it take to get to Doc Ock and the villains busting out of jail in Spider-Man like as long as Arkham Knight was as a whole.

  39. Till this day is still disappointing, the most disappointing one in the series. From the Arkham knights ID, Scarecrow and world of tanks

  40. I remember when they announced that the red hood story pack was the pre-order bonus for arkham knight and that basically gave away who the arkham knight was oh and all the exposition foreshadowing.

  41. I’ve played this game multiple times & enjoyed every play through..

  42. I never liked Arkham Knight ever since it first came out. It felt bloated compared to previous Arkham games. Arkham City and Arkham Asylum were masterpieces in my opinion. One of the most influential games back when it came. Arkham Knight was just bad, they should've just removed the tank missions in my opinion. Amazing moments like Mr. Freeze's fight, Penguin ice were more memorable to me than the moments in Arkham Knight.

  43. I waited until the dlc finished before i played this game, and while i wasnt an avid reader of the comics, i knew who jason todd was and even tho the game designers sold the arkham knight as a new villain, I wasnt bothered by the "reveal." The batmobile also didnt bother me and I played long enough with it to manage to hunt down every riddler trophy. The post launch content expanded the story nicely for me and by the time I was done, I felt like I was really done, not abandoning the game part-way. To me, arkham asylum was amazing, but city was even better because of the concept being newer and knight improves even further altho it does feel more familiar and expected. Dont dis this game, its great. Origins meanwhile is just horrible rubbish in every sense and demands being avoided. That game was more offensive for spitting on the arkham trilogies take on killer croc and the joker. The map design sucked, deathstroke was not hard, the electric gloves were the definition of spammy and they didnt do bane any services. Boo to that game

  44. I loved this game! I 99 percented it. I literally enjoyed every part of it. I’m sad he didn’t like it but oh well.

  45. loving these reviews, also arkham knight was my first platinum ever

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