Battle Baseball (Famicom) - MIB Video Game Reviews Ep 15 -

Battle Baseball (Famicom) – MIB Video Game Reviews Ep 15

Monster Island Buddies
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Battle Baseball for the Famicom – Godzilla, Ultraman, Gundam, and Kamen Rider! It CAN’T be bad, right? RIGHT??? Adult language.








  1. Is the intro parodizing all the shitty failed National Anthem openings? 😂

  2. "There no mice in Chung high"
    My favorite line in this video besides Rodan singing the US national anthem
    PS.I am still learning english so don't make fun of me for misspeling everything problably!

  3. I actually play Baseball. And I played RBI B-B. You’d expect me to enjoy it, well, I did, but I also thought the players were very… no… not very… FUCKING SLOW!! They’re like if you put a toddler and a Major League player to practice Pop-flys.

  4. Am I the only one who hates MIBs Rodan voice

  5. Monster Island buddies do not recommend me anymore and I won’t subscribe you

  6. Rodan singing the anthem >>>>>>>>>>> Fergie singing the anthem

  7. Why did Ultraseven beat up Rodan at the beginning?

  8. That chibi Godzilla and the G Monsters are just so adorable. This is pretty cool

  9. wait… how does ghidorah swing the bat while keeping his heads in the same position?

  10. I would love if Godzilla sang the anthem in every sport

  11. I only played the soccer one, but nice to see another game with Godzilla characters from Banpresto !

  12. it was time for mib to go he had seem everything

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