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Ben Shapiro Reviews “Squid Game”

Ben Shapiro
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Shapiro reviews the popular Netflix series “Squid Game.”

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  1. I think your view was a bit too biased about "critisizing capitalism means it should be over".

    Squid game was about how people can get low, not about oh we should end with this horrible system.

    For instance, Parasite was good because they portraited "being poor doesn't mean that one is good so the other way". The poor family was charming but were scammers. And it wasn't about the rich family being punished for being rich. It was about showing how being poor can make people parasitic, feel unjustified and filled with rage which can led to worse place they are now. It is about how less people can get less, NOT well less people gets less so we have to wrack the system.

    At least for Parasite and Squid game, it was about more about how low human can get, and it seems there aren`t really idealistic exit to it like breaking the system.

  2. ben takes everything to such an extreme that its no wonder he never loses an argument. he can just keep accusing his opponent of wildly over the top assumptions until the opponent gets tired of his shit and finally backs down.

  3. It emphasizes willingness to risk life for resolve using the general thought tank of population control ideas based on what is defined as human waste subservient to their illness

  4. Thank goodness Ben ain’t a screen writer. Thank goodness for Art and artist.

  5. I didn’t even see the theme of capitalism in Squid Game.
    I saw that the characters were victims to extreme unrepairable debt (essentially their lives were over) and played the Squid Games as a means of having a fair chance to start a new life by risking death.
    The theme of capitalism was present with the VIP characters, however the show seems to wrap it up with the main idea that being rich is boring, being poor is painful, staying in the middle is the best way to live.
    You can definitely see this through Gi-Hun’s reluctance to spend his winnings from the Squid Games. He didn’t really want to be rich, he just didn’t want to be poor.
    I don’t think Squid Game was trying to be politically focused at all. But I guess there’s a lot of different interpretations to the events of this show so I’m not completely against the idea.

  6. Ahh Ben, can you get your head out of your ass and just enjoy a god damn movie for once without categorising it as either left or right, anti or pro capitalism?! Jeez, you political types are annoying…

  7. Paul Joseph Watson has a more insightful review.

  8. Ben can’t even watch a show without getting his panties in a bunch. Jeez

  9. Running Man + Battle Royale = Squid Game?

  10. Not all the VIP’s are American. At least three aren’t.

  11. Squid Game was more of a commentary on modern day South Korean society rather than capitalism.

  12. I think that was the most accurate review of the serie as all I've seen were articles saying that Squid Games was a metaphor of "the dangers of capitalism". Even the author said that it was an allegory of the latter, which show that first, people don't know the difference between corporatism & capitalism and therefore don't know how good capitalism is, especially in a free market economy.

    The VIPs things were the most ridiculous as it seemed as a childish way to say that Americans are "evil capitalists".

  13. Show’s own creator admits that it’s an unprofound critique of the “world order”, whatever that means. He says majority of people globally don’t think it works for them. Since the majority of countries are not democratic and capitalist, it’s not hard to believe this strives to be a critique of the “have and have-nots”. Elites like Let’s Go Brandon and his whacked out son

  14. The biggest enabler of these themes of Communism is the private banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve. They discredit free-market Capitalism and lend an air of plausibility to these ideas by gaming our economy through engineered inflation.

  15. I think there are a few different ways to view the show's message. It's certainly possible to interpret it as a critique of communism or even just human nature itself given how the characters being "equals" merely means they essentially all get to be slaughtered.

  16. With the top 0.1% now owning 60% of all wealth I would say that capitalism does literally provide that big pot of cash to a few people with the help of laws passed over the last 30 years from corrupt politicians.

    As for you being upset that the VIP are mostly American, well, the majority of Fortune 500 CEOs (biggest 500 companies in the 🌎 ) or Forbes top richest people in the world are American

  17. This brand of conservative critique of media is one of the reasons the left is winning.

  18. One quick observation is that the VIPs weren't all American. One was Chinese, or from a Chinese-speaking country. One, I believe, was from eastern Europe. Not all were American, so I don't think it's fair to say that only Americans are running the economy. Also, the owner and founder of the game is Korean, so the wealth is also in Korea. I think it's a little wrong to just watch the show through a political lens. There are more commentaries than just on capitalism

  19. Ben I may be a fan of yours, but I think that you're reading WAY too much into the "politics" of this show and you tend to do that with a lot of the movies and shows that you review. Granted this is a show that shows people in hopeless situations in terms of money, but I don't think that in and of itself is a criticism of capitalism it's just a show about a bunch of people who either made some bad choices in their life or were kind of screwed over in a lot of ways by life and that CAN happen to anyone even in a capitalist society and I don't think Squid Game was a criticism of Capitalism at all.

  20. I’ve always said, is capitalism perfect? No it isn’t but it’s better than Socialism and communism, and anyone who says other wise needs to read a history book, until we find something better than capitalism and allows us the same rights stop complaining about it, it’s people who’s never worked a day in their life that complains about capitalism like seriously go read a history book it will change your mind.

  21. Regarding the north korean girl that fled: south koreans have a very low opinion of north korean escapees. When they hear their distinct dialect they immediately disregard them as trash people. Sure, social alienation is much better than death from starvation. But its also not unheard of that escapees flee back to the north.

  22. Lol. Love you ben but your review aint it. This came out of s.korea not california.

    Also i love parasite! Dark humor with great storytelling. Its not about capitalism and socialism. Oh yawheh! Lmaoooo. I hope your back is ok cuz that reaching

  23. Not all the VIPs are from America. One is from China (the antler guy). Obviously Ben here didn't actually watch the series properly and is not observant enough. Ain't South Korea an US ally?

  24. Honestly this sounded like that ben WAP review thats why i leave a like.

  25. I am not terribly political or as smart as Ben. I just thought the hosts they found a bunch of losers who cared more about money than people, both the players and hosts actually. In the end most got what they deserved, I most because the next season I am sure the rich hosts get what they deserve also. Fun show but to bloody for my taste.

  26. That interpretation is a reach. I think that it is just an analog to the hyper-competitive and “cut-throat” nature of South Korean society.

  27. dude i think the pov of your parasite is totally wrong .. that movie is not about good poor vs bad rich… i mean the movie title is literally PARASITE oh.. my.. god..

  28. Ben nooo stop it. The contestants aren't shown as victims of capitalism they are victims towards themselves. Seong Gi-Hun had a well-paying job but fell hard and now wastes all the money he makes through the thrill of gambling. The first episode shows him continuously failing to learn his lesson about money management and he ends up in the game because his negligence leads to his mother working herself too hard.

  29. Ben is the same guy who though Minari was about the evils of America, which is easily the dumbest interpretation of that movie anyone has ever made. He probably didn't even watch it because if he did, he probably would've liked it. His reading of how the characters are presented in Parasite is also way off, and the movie isn't even being subtle about it.

  30. this take on parasite is so bad lmao. it’s most certainly not about “rich people good poor people bad”, it’s about how the poor fight amongst themselves while the rich stay oblivious.

  31. God I bet Ben Shapiro's wife, who is a doctor, if you didn't know, is a victim of some serious Ben Shapiroism house hold family fun. She only gets to watch pre 1999 Wheel of Fortune and seasons of "Days of our lives" seasons 1-5 on repeat. Bless her soul.

  32. Why are there no squids involved in any of the games? 🤔

  33. I love how when you introduced all the characters you completely ignored Ali

  34. while i agree in the sense that this show is doing somewhat of a job, deliberate or not, to make capitalist societies look unfair. i don't think this show was made for the express purpose to demote capitalism. i personally think capitalism is great and i agree with ben on some topics, but he's assuming everything in the show is political, which is just inherently false.

  35. Totally agree the marbles episode was the best. I almost cried and it takes a lot to make me cry

  36. I feel like Americans can never fully understand the intricacies, the nuances, the cultural subtleties of the show compared to Asians.

  37. Can you please review Some Like It Hot? I'd be curious to hear your thoughts about one of the first films to really tackle gender, and subvert gender roles, given your strong views about gender today,

  38. U really dont know korean historic context.. Squid game is simbulistic drama of korean society

  39. Can you slap on a spoiler alert at the start of your reviews.

  40. Very disturbing show?? You should watch Ichi the Killer 😂😂

  41. An odd interpretation because this piece of fiction has a low sample rate in regards to characterization, the villains in question simply being a handful of opportunists that happen to be rich enough to indulge in sociopathic behaviour and the participants simply being poor and desperate enough to fall victim to schemes, which is a common occurrence when it comes to drug trafficking.

    The drug trade is an apt comparison, of the greed and villainy of a few being imposed on larger masses of desperate individuals.

  42. Even in a Korean drama, this man still gets political.

  43. It's weird Helix sponsored this episode cause it looks like Ben hasn't had a good night sleep in years.

  44. Goddamn I had to skip forward like 10 times to get past that fucking mattress part. "mattress mattress mattress" fool I came because of squid game. Now I'm getting a whole ass lecture and you're trying to sell me fucking mattresses. Don't get me wrong sponsors are dope but right here just seems fucking stupid.

  45. I think this series is not about capitalism in general, but how South Korea's capitalism works. Since after the Korean war the economy has been held by rich family businesses called Cheabol (not sure of the spelling though) that control a large segment of economy…you can learn about it –> . And the economic model they are using is failing the people

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