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Ben Shapiro Reviews “Squid Game”

Ben Shapiro
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Shapiro reviews the popular Netflix series “Squid Game.”

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  1. Ben, I am not a huge horror movie fan, but the scariest movie I’ve seen was Kill List. Would you make a review video for this one?

  2. Jesus… fuck the politics for once in your life. And just enjoy the show

  3. Ben you got this so wrong. Your so caught up in yourself. I used to think you were a pretty smart dude who tried to just find the truth. More I learn about you more you seem like just a total loser. Like dude it’s not that political if anything it shows how capitalism is better then the alternative. I feel like you just find something popular then to join the hype train you come up with some pathetic opinion about it that’ll for sure get you some clicks. People like rap? I’m going to show everyone how stupid I am by calling it not music then getting proved wrong by the whole internet. A sexual song? Let’s let everybody know I disapprove and at the same time let them all know I can’t please my wife. New show everyone’s enjoying? Let’s accuse it of being ultra left and communist all I gotta do is sound smart people will listen. Yeah sure you do have your “destroying libs” shit like that’s all you got. All your fame came from arguing with people who can’t argue. Other then that Ben your just a really really popular loser at this point and your only making it more for yourself.

  4. idk why i expected something different lol

  5. I know I am late but make Ben watch Invincible

  6. IMO the show actually demonstrates the reverse of what Ben suggests.

    The squid game itself & the (Huxleyan) Island its played on are both built to equalize the playing field. As the Front Man says, “the purpose of the game is to create a completely democratic process” where the power is in the hands of the players…as opposed to the elites.

    But the events that unfold in the game demonstrate that human nature is flawed & the hedonistic & individualistic drives that motivate people lead them to commit violence & attempt to dominate others around them. It essentially sheds light on the “will to power” that Nietzsche claimed was central to our being.

    In other words…lets say all things are equal…we’ve created a game that makes it so…now what? Now people have choices to make.

    Different people make different choices, but the result is still the same regardless of whether youre in a capitalist or a communist society…you have winners and you have losers & thus a hierarchy is inadvertently formed (devoid of intent).

  7. Seemed more like a critique on China and North Korea’s communism while pandering to an anti-capitalist crowd. subliminal and nuanced.

  8. Vastly overrated. Just yet another murder competition with nothing really new to say and nothing really that amazing in the story.

  9. ah, ben and his opinions… what would we do without them…

  10. Why does Shapiro train hisself to Speak in Staccato spitfire fashion to create an Illusion of Greater Mental Function than Is Actually there? Fraud!

  11. I was enjoying YOU on Nelflix until it went Corrupt 😳

    The propaganda was smacked in your face.

    Pretending Child Measles is the same as Covid to children LIE!

    It went on about missing White woman syndrome that’s RACIST!

    F#^*ing ruined YOU! ….Gutted!

  12. first of all i love what you compared it to but i would also add -future diary and darwins game anime as well

    to me it doesnt deserve the hype it gets. ive watched countless anime/tv shows, read mangas, books etc and they didnt put out anything new or groundbreaking. the characters personalities aren't anything new either . i even predicted the end because the old guy seemed really sus

  13. Shitty people that put themselves in shitty places. The entire first episode had me pissed off that the main character for all the stupid choices he was making.

  14. Ben you are like losing your mind it is a movie, there is nothing that says capitalism is bad in the ROK, for yourself I believe this is a very racist video. You assume the movie is suppossed to have some big theory behind the movie. As for capitalism it is going well in South Korea almost as much as it is going for you with Helix. Why is a movie made in South Korea is supossed to be a critique of capitalism. Watch NERVE or any of the Scream movies, these one please give me your take on how those are messages for or against the government or even just tell me what the politics of those movies are, or and of the Naked Gun movies.

  15. Trying so hard to sound intelligent. Cringeworthy.

  16. I guess u can think about it that way but I just watched it bc it has good plot

  17. Was there anything in the show that was pointing to anything political? If so let me know because I watched through and not one time did I think to myself “this makes Capitalism look bad”. It kinda sad that this man wants to make a political statement about a popular television show.

  18. Why ruin a good entertaining show, that by design is supposed distract you from all the BS in life, by projecting a view of it through political glasses. “Politically stupid a rating of 1 out of 10”. So what’s the point of the video??? Bottom line he likes the show. I’m thinking no one especially Hollywood meant it to be political.

  19. Wasn’t the show more about human nature and how people are naturally selfish. Which then at the end of the show, hints at a glimmer of hope since the guy that the old man bet wasn’t going to get help, does get help which shows that their is hope and that not all humans are naturally evil. I didn’t see it as a criticism of capitalism since a lot of (not all) got into this position by their own terrible decisions such as embezzling, gambling, etc.

  20. The last castle movie. I thought was a good movie of dishonored solders finding they're way again being prisoners in their home country, USA of course.

  21. 당신의 편협하고 무식한 비평에 충격을 받았습니다.
    당신의 다른 정치적 견해 영상들이 번역되어 돌아다니는 것을 본 적이 있어서 보게 되었습니다.
    요즘들어 미국에 대한 제 생각들이 환상일 뿐이었구나 하는 생각이 듭니다.
    자본주의와 인간과 사회시스템에 대한 너무나 얕은 이해에 미국 지식인들에 대한 환상이 깨져갑니다.
    현실에 대한 이해가 전혀 없네요. 이미 썩어버린 엘리트 바보 학자 같네요..
    우리가 만들어 놓은 자본주의가 과연 완벽할까요? 개선의 여지가 없나요?
    오징어 게임에 공감한 그 수많은 사람들이 과연 당신보다 멍청해서 그럴까요?
    아주 오만한 멍청이 같네요.

  22. 'The politics are communist in nature' XD XD What a foolish comment

  23. Ben Shapiro can literally bring up politics to anything for a good reason LOL

  24. I mostly disagree with his analysis. The creator of the show used his own experience with debt to make the show but I don't think that the show is meant to be a critic a capitalism. Most of the characters in the show got into their situation because of their own personality and mistakes, not because of capitalism (betting, North Korea, taking huge financial risk). Ben Shapiro forgets to mention that the mother of the main character cannot afford health care because her son took the money of the insurance!
    Most of the parallels he draws between the show and politics are too far fetched. I enjoyed the show without noticing. I don't remember the old guy saying at the end that the game is more fair than the South Korean society.
    I didn't anticipate at all that the old guy was running the game neither that the brother of the policeman coming to the island was the guy in black. Good for Ben Shapiro for predicting it!

  25. Wow Ben I don’t think the show was all that deep, I don’t think it was talking about capitalism vs communism. Like dude take a chill…

  26. Dude, there are literally tons of movies like Squid Game… Don't take it too seriously. Calm down.

  27. Hes so pissed that a show is showing characters struggle with poverty.

  28. If capitalism was a dick, Ben would be gayer than dave rubin

  29. Terrible ending for this series.

    The main character also looks like an Asian Ed Norton…

  30. You see Ben. This is why we leftist find you incredibly dumb. You place the main character as the bad guy yet not once did you think about the conditions that lead him to be a degenerate gambler. His employer fires him and others. Then while protesting his friend was murdered. He losses his job, then losses his wife and kid. He turns to gambling as a he feels as if winning is the only way he can redeem himself and get at least his daughter back. (the factory layoffs and murder of a fired worker is a true story btw.) Then another character has his labor literally exploited by the factory owner refusing to pay him. Capitalism is inherently exploitive in nature. The goals of the worker and the goal of the capital owner are diametrically opposed. The worker wants the most money for as little time and the capital owner wants the most amount of time for the lowest possible pay. I do personally do think capitalist markets are fine HOWEVER I am not naïve enough to believe that capital owners will "do the right thing." As shown in Squid Game the lives of the contestants are only toys to the ultra rich and are worthless. You can assume that those same people feel the same way toward their employees outside the game. If you think this is in anyway a communist game then you clearly have no idea what communism really is and should educate yourself outside of the propaganda given to you by this moron.

  31. The professional opinion haver is commenting on the new popular show. Will he please the Media, or fail everyone again? Find out on this episode of… BEN SHAPIRO.

  32. Something tells me there is a reason Ben failed at pursuing a screenwriting career

  33. Ben, I usually love your videos but I think you are looking too closely at Squid Game. Just my thoughts

  34. Uhh, very bold of you to assume that based on this ONE film, this is what the South Korean film industry represents. There are plenty of other shows and movies that have nothing to do with this kind of topic and explores many other topics.

  35. So Squid Game was written to be anticapitalist, but it only shows how the gulag labor prisons in the Stalin era Soviet Union were.

  36. Only Ben Shapiro could do this review with a straight face. The dude is a parody of himself at this point. 😂

  37. I don't think it's about capitalism provides so little as opposed it allows people to fall through the cracks.

  38. I liked the show, but I kept wanting Jordan Peterson to appear and lecture him about how meaning comes from shouldering responsibility, not having money. Especially at the end.

  39. I think you read to deep into the politics unnecessarily. I have to rewatch parasite now because I didn't come up with take even remotely.

  40. I love how Shapiro thinks anyone can simply work their way out of poverty yet the facts just don't bear this out. The US has some of if not the lowest economic mobility in the world while China was taken 20% of the world population out of poverty.

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