BioPhoenix Game Reviews: Akira Video Games (Famicom/Amiga CD32/PS2) -

BioPhoenix Game Reviews: Akira Video Games (Famicom/Amiga CD32/PS2)

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taking a look at 3 games based after the iconic anime film Akira. short cuts famicom 1:13 amiga CD32 10:00 PS2 18:56
not sure what i can add to say about the movie other then that it has amazing animation and is considered as a classic so if you seen the movie or read thebook tell me what you think and of course if you played any of these games before so with that said thanks for watching and commenting 🙂
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  1. Hell yeah Akira is classic af. I've heard about the games but knew nothing about them. A visual novel is pretty disappointing for a game of Akira, and so is a pinball game. The second one had promise but from what I've seen/played for a lot of retro anime tie-in games, they're usually pretty bad. Oh well. An Akira game should have like Suda51 involved, the Yakuza team could be good too.

  2. i only played the pinball game and its ok but like you im not a pinball player. the Yakuza idea with Akira would be aweosme. i would love to see them do a side scrolling beat'em up akin to Final Fight and Streets of rage with the verity of bike Stages done right

  3. I heard that Akira is what inspired Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Card Games On Motorcycles Concept

    The Famicom game is like a bad Snatcher before snatcher was a thing

    If I was to make an akira game, I'd make it a crossover with Yu-Gi-Oh and have card games on motorcycles in videogame form.

  4. I've finally watched this a long time ago and I did like it. Can't wait to see how the live-action movie goes…(fingers crossed)

  5. Great video. I was looking at that series too. But too bad you didn't show video of SNES and Gameboy prototypes, they are pretty interesting looking. And Gameboy prototype owner doesn't want to release his rom to a public.
    Famicom version also has many bugs with unused animations and other errors, but fixed rom exists.
    And about Amiga game, on HardcoreGaming101 interview with developers exists, and he said he was surprised they actually published his game in that state.

  6. Looks good by Amiga standards? Bro, you need to play more Amiga games.

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