Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer Review -

Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer Review

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Call of Duty Vanguard gameplay from PC Vanguard. This video is a critical review of CoD Vanguard gameplay from the standpoint of a PC player. I chose not to play on PS5 because I know that most of you will not be able to due to shortages. I think this game has experienced a huge improvement from beta. The audio, the graphics, the destructible environments, the sun, and just about everything has been improved.

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  1. A review sponsored by Activision? Yeah I think I’ll check elsewhere 😂

  2. I basically turn my settings on low and turn off all visual effects for multiplayer 🤷‍♂️ I also honestly enjoy this more than Cold War, for sure, but also Modern Warfare 2019. I don’t have a huge issue with MW19 but I really didn’t like the map designs and I feel like these maps are just more enjoyable for how I like to play these games.

  3. It was hard playing this after going so hard on bf1

  4. Best review I've seen yet. Thank you for your service.

  5. Mind you the reason ww2 Era guns had so much recoil is that most of the rifles and machine-guns shot full power cartridges, Americans were 30-06 in the bar, m1 garand, and 1903 and 1919

  6. COD4 was my favourite game of all time

    World At War was amazing too…

    This is… Crap… Total crap

  7. im a mw2019 hardcore fan and hated vanguard in the beta. but now i hate to say it but Vanguard is better now in gameplay and movement is so smooth!

  8. As someone who never plays CoD this one looks fun to me

  9. i haven’t played MW and Cold war coz i skipped those should i skip Vanguard or cop? Otherwise i’ll just wait till treyarchs next cod

  10. This is the first CoD I've bought on launch for a looooong time. It's incredibly stupid from a historical point, but my goodness is it FUN.

  11. I find the game mediocre. It's not bad but not good either. I hope the next CoD is worthy of more than a 5.5-6/10. I'll probably pick it up on sale for the campaign and stick to MW 2019 for my arcade shooter. Though I imagine the game would be fun for people that didn't play cod WW2 and mw2019

  12. The best part is that it runs on older and slower hardware and also comes with FSR to help improve performance which is very helpful cosidering the condition of GPU prices today. To be honest, the graphics look great, it is not a big upgrade from modern warfare but what matters the most is the overall feel of the game. 343 and DICE should improve their optimizations furthur if they want more players to come and play, focusing on demanding next gen graphics will only cut down their potential player numbers. At the end of the day COD, Halo and battlefield is more of a competetive shooter game than a visual eye candy game. Performance > Graphics.

  13. aint no way people actually think this is a good game..

  14. Who complains about the setting? We RARELY have Cod World War 2 scenarios. Last one we had was in 2017 being Cod WW2 , but that was like four years ago (first boots on the ground game after the Cod spaceage). And before that it was World at War which released in 2008 and that was nine years before that one.

  15. 10+ years of call of duty under my belt. Sledgehammer may not always come with the future classics like black ops 1 or MW2. Sledgehammer listens to the fans tho. AW was futuristic like people asked for. They also went back to WW2 like people asked for. They are constantly working on their game and listen to the fans. Gotta respect that.

  16. I mean It’s a less campy modern warfare. That’s the best way I could sum it up🤷

  17. I still can’t work on the radicals have you guys have the same problem

  18. I can't get a game that's under 100 pingand forget about warzone holyshit half the time I don't even respond with a gunthat I can see I just have to guesstimate where I think the site is in the center of my screen

  19. great review. when i saw beta gameplay i couldn't believe how terrible it was but looks like they made it alot better… still there is sbmm and that's an absolute nogo for me after experiencing it in cold war which ruined the game for me

  20. Did everyone just forget that they just released a ww2 and it flopped this is their second go at the same setting they couldn't use their own engine and guns don't even have recoil might as well be holding lazers

  21. I got a battlefield commercial on this video 😭😭😭

  22. Don’t be trusting a review who has his own code in the game people

  23. What??????? It looks like MW 2019???? NOT EVEN CLOSE

  24. Of course he is shilling. Since activision invited him.

  25. I can’t believe people buy CoD games every year when they came out. I’m so glad I didnt buy Cold War and this game. This one looks like it could be fun for the first week only.

  26. What did you mean by saying that the game was a lot more "cartoony"?
    Great video btw, I am glad to hear that this game was closer to MW. I have only played MW and Cold War but I think that MW was the vastly superior game. I will have to pick up this game while it is on sale.

  27. i think it would be cool to either gain like 1% either ADS speed, movement speed, or recoil reduction every like 5 weapon levels so weapon mastery actually means you get better with the gun. Maybe weapon prestige lets you permanently increase a certain statistic by some amount. I think this could be a really cool feature because if you play your favorite gun enough you can make it the best in your hands instead of every player using the same 4 weapons.

  28. Dont buy this game its stupid you will feel like Some one stole your money

  29. mw2019 has been the only good cod in the past decade why do they always mess it up

  30. No matter what you choose(blitz,assault, or 6v6) it just loads you into whatever it’s so annoying. And random lag in the middle of shooting is getting old. Idk if thts just a problem for me but i don’t lag in any other games.

  31. it should be realistic. not super fast

  32. long story short, if you have modern warfare 2019 just still play that or waw if you want a ww2 game.

  33. Seriously, who likes all those lens flares/depth of view/motion blur options?

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