Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer Review -

Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer Review

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Call of Duty Vanguard gameplay from PC Vanguard. This video is a critical review of CoD Vanguard gameplay from the standpoint of a PC player. I chose not to play on PS5 because I know that most of you will not be able to due to shortages. I think this game has experienced a huge improvement from beta. The audio, the graphics, the destructible environments, the sun, and just about everything has been improved.

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  1. sbmm is still here so im gunna skip it

  2. @ 3:58, your eyes very much experience both depth of field and motion blur in real life

  3. The one guy on YT who isn't absolutely shredding up or shitting on this game because it's cool or because it has bugs from JUST being released from a mainly made from home game.

  4. Could somebody tell me whether assists count as kills in mp?

  5. The destructible environment is far less game changing than doors in MW19 in terms of match flow, I have over 24 hours of game time in Vanguard I'm really enjoying it

  6. this video is sponsored by Activision… so the review is a positive one XD

  7. The only thing I don't like is the maps there are to many areas you have to cover. If they would change some of that the game would be much better. And fix the visibility to see your enamie better.

  8. I hated the muzzle flash and gasses in beta. Clad they changed it. In beta when ever I shot some1 I just watched their nametag to see where they are bc I just coulnt see them thought all that gas and flashes

  9. I didnt like it compared to enlisted which is f2p so I had to get a refund . I think im just getting too old for cod pacing honestly

  10. Cod should stop releasing yearly games and just make one live service and give each studio a different role . One gets solo and co op campaigns and scenarios , one gets multiplayer and the last one gets warzone .

  11. This literally looks Warzone with WW2 skins….

  12. this Review makes me want to play Vanguard instead of Cold War

  13. So a arcady shooter makes a better video game? Says who? Lmao

  14. This game is trash the movement is garbage

  15. How can you review a game that you get paid to play ? You’re fake asf.

  16. I’m one of those assholes that prefers the slower play of 2019 MW so I gotta wait till next year 🙊

  17. I always hate it when games put realism over fun and a good experience especially since cod is the last game you think of when it comes to realism. Glad to see changes like the gun changes to make them less realistic but more enjoyable

  18. Loving the Packet Burst/ High Latence/Latency Variation issues. Can't even play the damn game and no other game has server issues that I play.

  19. the best review I've ever seen

  20. Can’t seem to find a review that mentions if skill based matchmaking still there?

  21. You got suppressors and red dots on every gun in the game. This is in no way shape or form “a WWII experience”

  22. Snipers and Marksman rifles need handling buffs. They just can't keep up with STG-44, even at extreme ranges.

  23. "… still a World War II game."

    > Looks at Vanguard

    Me: "Uh-huh. Sure."

  24. About time they put two dogs streaks

  25. The MP sure is an improvement from CW but man the zombies mode is a massive let down.

  26. I only bought it for the zombies and campaign

  27. COD multiplayer = little kids running around in circles while screaming racism or profanity.

  28. Once servers start getting clustered , game is goes to s@%it . Beta is always better then after release . MW was perfect before launch .

  29. As soon as the person says "This is sponsored" their opinion goes right out the window

  30. Im happy to here that they'll add perks over time, Cod WW2 had so many fun perks and originally I was disappointed none were returning

  31. The game looks and feels quite bad on the old gen, I’d recommend that you don’t buy the game unless you have a current gen console or pc

  32. The micro transaction plug🤦🏻‍♂️ I get it… but I mean why has gaming coke to this

  33. I wasn't even going to get this game, but man am I glad i did.

  34. Definitely prefer this. If you want realistic, play battlefield 1. 5 wasn't the best. Cod was never meant to be ultra realistic. while the gun design is a bit ridiculous it is still fun to play none the less. I do wish they would stop trying to call their game realistic though.

  35. If call of duty capitalized on doing an outstanding campaign this time around, they would have beaten their competition like crazy – Battlefield 2042 – since that game ended up with no campaign whatsoever. They could have complete destroyed their competition. Everybody asking why there is no campaign in the new battlefield

  36. I don’t know I’m just not excited at all. It’s just ww2 with more skins and customisations.
    MW2019 was top 3 cods of all time then Cold War was the worst.

  37. I did not have high hopes for this game at all, but I’ve loved it so far. Feels like old school cod multiplayer

  38. I don't think the field of view slider works on console at least not for me. A shame

  39. Hello, is this game always online? I heard that you will need to go online every time when you play this game. Thanks

  40. Worst cod ever made. The maps are horrendous as there are way to many angles to cover and the visibility is awful, you get shot and you have no idea where from until the death cam even when the person is in your field of view. And let’s not even get into the spawns.

  41. The fact they are expecting people to pay $70 for this mediocre waste of time is hilarious

  42. "Historically accurate" we should not see this phrase associated with a ww2 game that has pink tracers and will soon have 50 pay2win guns that look like they could only exist in a video game.

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