CGR Undertow - CABELA'S DANGEROUS HUNTS 2011 for PS3 Video Game Review -

CGR Undertow – CABELA’S DANGEROUS HUNTS 2011 for PS3 Video Game Review

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Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow video game review of CABELA’S DANGEROUS HUNTS 2011 for the PS3. Classic Game Room’s Derek and Ray exam this hunting video game that utilizes the Top Shot Elite wireless gun controller for the PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 consoles in this review. This CGR Undertow video game review of Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011 features PS3 video gameplay footage and commentary.


  1. Its like the lethal weapon of game reviews.

    BAM!….it's just been revoked!

  2. The people who disliked this truly have bad aim.

  3. @vincentizghra This isn't fighting, this is hunting. Do you know what the world would be like if people didn't hunt? The animals would overpopulate and everyone (animals included) would starve (this takes longer to happen). Plus, there would be more car accidents(this doesn't take long at all). Trust me, I know. I live in a state that had a poor hunting season last year.

  4. @drago433 Yeah, the douche bag in this commentary, lol

  5. @vincentizghra I have read biology. Apparently you haven't. We need protein. While many foods has some protein only meat has complete protein. If you don't eat meat, some where along the lines, you will be malnourished. And the thing about the farming? Do you know farmers FEED the population (not just with meat, but also fruits and vegetables)? And if the animals overpopulate they will run out of food in the wild and resort to eating our food source.

  6. @vincentizghra I'm not saying they will eat everything if outside. I'm saying if they overpopulate, they will eat everything in their environment. Do you know what causes overpopulation? Lack of enemies. Humans were meant to hunt. And how can farmers produce more food???

  7. @vincentizghra Have you ever heard the saying, "It takes money to make money."?

  8. @HardCoreStrategy HAHAHAHAHA you fucking NOOB.

  9. See Ray at least Derek doesn't care about online play.

  10. @wariosuber Who cares about vectrex, im looking forward to the 2600 and colecovision release

  11. can u play Kill Zone3 and Socom4 with this gun..?

  12. very boring game!!!! do not buy it…very boring!

  13. Hunting is not boring, its just because u suck

  14. @Terminator4143
    How can a video be homosexual?

  15. omg what is that guy screaming omg:(

  16. Very boring , its like the old Mega Drive , its the '' same technology '' ..

  17. damn gamefly sent me this instead of f1 2010 0_o

  18. @GreenMindist Fucking human who doesn't realize that this is a game.

  19. "Mmmm, It's coming right for us". Or, "We got to thin there numbers".

  20. cabela games suck on ps3 i miss the ps2 ones were i could just walk around maps and hunt what i can track

  21. @ToyArmyGeneral sounds like ted nudgent but idk

  22. @ZzUndeadClanzZ No, you can play with your controller.

  23. not much fun i think deer hunter is better than this game sorry

  24. no top comment hurry someonr says something stupid…btrbntgrnsrnestnmntt

  25. house of the dead with bears , sounds good but looks shit

  26. haha take that PETA. tanooki suit doesn't seems as bad now does it :p

  27. People go on about cruelty and the like, but those same people seldom play that card when viewing a video of rifles being fired in the face of a another human being in war and crime sim games. In fact, I'd wager that they have such games sitting on their own shelves.

  28. Not unless you put yourself out there son, when I was 18 I dated a fairly attractive 33yo for just over a year, met her through a group of friends one typical weekend out!

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