CGR Undertow - HOT WHEELS: TRACK ATTACK for Nintendo Wii Video Game Review -

CGR Undertow – HOT WHEELS: TRACK ATTACK for Nintendo Wii Video Game Review

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Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow video game review of HOT WHEELS: TRACK ATTACK for the Nintendo Wii. It is also available on the Nintendo DS as well. Hot Wheels: Track Attack was released on November 23rd. This easily accessible budget title lacks some of the extra features that you’ll find in larger racing video game releases. The customizable racetracks, it is called “Track Attack” afterall, are nice touch. This CGR Undertow video game review features Hot Wheels: Track Attack video gameplay footage from the Nintendo Wii.


  1. Stick to forza? Erm, Isn't this a game targeted at casuals?

  2. @HelloMyNameIsASecret Gran Turismo 2 u_u

  3. @HelloMyNameIsASecret Ridiculous is Nintendo wii Trash console u_u. Bad graphics… On Age of tecnology…

  4. @HelloMyNameIsASecret (y) never xbox and ps forever

  5. This reminds me so much of the hot wheels game on the n64 I spent so much time on that when I was younger 🙂

  6. -_- fail he cant atleast recommand buying the game ? just saying since the end was a bit cliche looks good aside from all i will get it on ds hopefully…

  7. Hmm, looks decent. The review was pretty lame though—can't even say Mario normally……

  8. @YFSystemDreamcastII no thats a casual gamer a real hardcore gamer likes graphics as games are amazing to look at look at gt5 would never have that much hye if it wasnt for the amazingly outstanding graphics

  9. @BurningArmyman maybe not exactly way shorter then beat that may have lots of cars and real songs but so these other game execpt for real songs actually this game you can make your own tracks for the matter turbo racing finsh hot wheels tourney/championship then the special 2 bonus races then twin mill challenge and your done thats about like 9 races ?

  10. @sonicadx i have never played beat that can you do tricks like in turbo raceing

  11. i remember playing turbo racing for the n64 and just loved it i really loved the cars and tracks. im so disappointed with this one it kinda looks gimmicky you know?

  12. @YFSystemDreamcastII erm so im not a real gamer yet i know pretty much everything there is to know about games yes yes also do you really think crappy graphics today are fun like i said gt5 just wouldnt bee as fun without its graphics thats the game capture the graphics look nice to suprise you so you can marvel still playing games that look like ps1 today isnt really that fun anymore i mean ds is fun but there graphics need to get better you are wrong definently as game deesigners keep improvi

  13. @YFSystemDreamcastII improving their graphics exept nintendo since casual gamers do not care about that you have to admit the graphics are a beatiful thing about games like i said gt5 id really fun and the graphics make the game closer to reality then we have seen so far which of course makes it funner if gran turismo 5 looked like ps1 or some rehash it wouldnt have the surprising astonishing impat but only in turn would be fun for its features not the game itself….

  14. @YFSystemDreamcastII and if halo reach looked like halo 3 instead of being better it too would just be a rehash instead as you can see most people dont play hot pursuit on wii cause of the graphics the gra-phics on the 360 and ps3 is what makes them funner the more real the graphics look the better as you can see its a continuous cycle of gaming graphics just make games better if you cannot see that why do you play games ? every game company improves their graphics as time goes

  15. @YFSystemDreamcastII besides you have to admit ping pong isnt fun anymore maybe for like 10 mintues but then its boring if it were more amazing to look at it would be more awesomer just like how gt5 does it

  16. @YFSystemDreamcastII take super mario galaxy as well all the colors and the nice graphics make the game really fun

  17. If you want a good hot wheels game, turbo racing and extreme racing are the ones to pick up. No other game will do.

  18. @BurningArmyman i dint know that hotweels had a game???

  19. @BurningArmyman its wierd cause I still have that game

  20. @jacketsj there was one on the n64 also, that was way fun 🙂 i still play it

  21. WHAT?! a game with out rubber ai what is rubber ai; it when the ai gets a huge speed boost to catch up to you that is used alot in racing games but this seems like the only one i know

  22. do a review of turbo racing for ps1

  23. Not really.let's look at a ps2 game.I want you to look at stunt track challenge also made by THQ then this game.I will say more like a early dreamcast title is the best way to describe the graphics.

  24. But I sure as hell wish I could also make my own tracks, complete with jumps and giant loops, on Forza/GT.

  25. I saw the thumbnail and thought it was for the N64…

  26. another quality game showcasing the excellent wii graphics

  27. i made it so far and now i cant make any progress through the game ;(

  28. Did you seriously compare a Hot Wheels game to Forza and GT5? Do you know how colossally stupid that is? Forza and GT5 are hard simulator games made for serious racing gamers. Track Attack is an arcade racing game that isn't meant to be realistic in any way.

  29. I remember playing Stunt Track Driver as a child… That is total nostalgia and if it was ported to live arcade, I already would have purchased it!

  30. What place was Ian I really do not know that was awesome

  31. Haha wait did you just compare this to Forza and GT5

  32. I've been a gt fan since the beginning but i now prefer forza to gt5, gt5 is just too boring. Forza might not be as spot on realistic but it's waay more fun and close enough to realism to be considered a sim.

  33. its a cool video. can you watch my hot wheels track attack stunt city race1.

  34. stick to Forza or GT5? But what if we were an idiot and wasted our money on a Wii? I know that is what I did and I really regret it.

  35. BROOO I SAW THIS VID WHEN I WAS LIKE 4 YEARS OLD really Miss those times when i woud search hot wheels videos

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