CGRundertow FIRE EMBLEM: SHADOW DRAGON for Nintendo DS Video Game Review -

CGRundertow FIRE EMBLEM: SHADOW DRAGON for Nintendo DS Video Game Review

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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRUndertow review of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS. A virtual remake of the eponymous NES turn-based RPG, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon utilizes many of the same maps and all the same strategy from the original, yet it is still an excellent example of what Final Fantasy Tactics and Advance Wars have taken many of their cues from. This review features video gameplay footage of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Eric.

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  1. Mostly true, but the first fire emblem was on nes.

  2. thats besides the point, what the narrator probably means is FE is the game changer for its genera just like halo was for FPS games, in the halo situation, there were fps games out before halo but they were crap, what halo did was revolutionize the way fps games are made today

  3. 1/2 you can feel how you want to feel but if it wasnt for halo being released, FPS games will not be what they are today, in fact most of the FPS games people play today are very much like halo and while golden eye and perfect dark did exist, they wernt the best(although popular, they were like doom to be honest)

    im not a halo guy personally(well use to but im a battlefield guy now) but i dont deny that halo changed fps games, heck most of the gaming community agrees with that as well

  4. 2/2
    unreal tournament while some what modern, is nothing like a modern fps game today, take a look at battlefield 3, call of duty black ops 2, halo, kill zone, medal of honor, ect. than compare it to the latest unreal tournament, they are nothing alike.
    unreal is in its own category tbh its an fps but its not like any other fps games out there, tbh its kind of like counter strike, its an fps by definition but only hardcore fanatics play it

  5. halo changed the way arena shooters are played, if you have played unreal tournament than played halo, call of duty, battlefield, ect. right after you would know what im talking about, yes halo didnt change the fact that a fps is still a fps but halo changed the style of game play that has become popular with other titles

    thats what was revolutionary about the game, not the fact that halo is halo but the fact that halo doesnt play like doom(which is how unreal feels) or any other fps before it

  6. *facedesk*
    The first Fire Emblem game was released in 1990
    The first Shining Force game was released in 1992

  7. I forgot how much I like this game. I wasn't a fan of the battle graphics at first, but it certainly grew on me. I think it matches the archaic motif of the remake.

  8. Also he said it inspired final fantasy tactics. But really its obvious that influence was more from Ogre Battle or Tactics Ogre.

  9. Yeah no kidding, I hate myself whenever i skip something that's a really good game, become over $70 bucks and over $299 this year. Its ridiculous, I was so lucky that I didn't fuck up my game collection such as keeping my box art and barely scratching my disks. I was even surprised that i still had my Pokemon GBA boxes and inserts.

  10. I really didn't like this game's visuals, the sprites/3D models (not sure which) looked ugly and just painful to look at after playing sacred stones (a GBA game)

  11. european version is 50 GBP -used. Way expensive.

  12. as long as its English right? its not region locked

  13. Easily the worst fire emblem ever made

  14. Actually the original did come out on the NES, but only in Japan.

  15. I've played many fire emblem games. From old to new and the O.G. fire emblem. And shadow dragon is a stain on the name of fire emblem.

  16. You cant play fire emblem awakening on ds tou have to play that on 3ds

  17. So…where the hell did Grimma come from …Not much of a Fire Emblem history buff

  18. whats a "spiritual remake"? ive heard of spritual successor, and a remake. lol

  19. Umm I know this is old already but I still want to ask is this game worth getting? I alreay have FE awakening for my 3ds but was thinking of getting this one. Thanks in advance

  20. There's no way Merric survived after the video ended. You put him in range of two pegasi and an archer, and he didn't have enough health left to withstand one hit.

  21. i bought the first fire emblem games for the gab off ebay…and guess what!?

    they don't save 🙁 

  22. Advance wars is part of a franchise that the fire emblem series evolved from

  23. Fire emblem was not on the nes just the famicom

  24. I downloaded this today on my Wii U and I love it!!!

  25. How do you get random battles in the game? PLEASE tell me they haven't destroyed the game by removing repeatable battles!

  26. The Wars series actually predates Fire Emblem by two years.

  27. I want to get into this game, but I couldn't get past the way shops ran. Seemed too clunky.

  28. He says "Famicom and NES" but no Fire Emblem games ever made it to the NES

  29. Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon was my first Fire Emblem game, tbh. Like many games, I'd give them a look to see what all the hoopla was about. I didn't get into the game quite like I had hoped. That's not to say, I don't like the series. I tried the GBA games and loved them. It's just this one didn't do much for me. At some point, I plan on trying the N3DS games. It's a fabulous series. Highly recommend it to all.

  30. Awesome…I have a problem with Fire Emblem games that I always end up killing an “enemy” who seems angry and confused. Sadly it turns out I was suppose to be friends with that person, to become part of my team. Yeah I ended up killing several of them.

  31. Fire Emblem isn't anywhere close to being the first Tactical RPG. They were a whole decade late.

  32. I sunddenly remembered this game that I loved as a child and here it is

  33. Is this the same FE game as the Switch release?

  34. Omg been tryin to find what this games called for ever I had ah small memory of it in my head but had no clue of the name. Thank you so much that's ah subscribe an like there😁.

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