CGRundertow MULTITAP for PS2 / PlayStation 2 Video Game Review -

CGRundertow MULTITAP for PS2 / PlayStation 2 Video Game Review

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Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow video game review of the PS2 Multitap, a port/data expansion device developed and produced by Sony for the PS2. While all of its competitors had moved into to including four controller ports on their consoles, Sony’s Playstation 2 still had but the two… until the Multitap came along. Offering not only three additional controller ports, but three additional memory card slots, it broke the limits and expanded the PS2 into the multiplayer race. This CGRundertow video game review features video footage of the Multitap for the PS2 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s TJ.

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  1. i used to have this i play 4 playes in rachet and clank up your arsenal its very fun and entertaining

  2. 😀 i have an 8 player game – air blade

  3. Back then when I was still under 18 years old, this thing was one of the most important purchase I ever did.
    Multitap was nessesary in my gaming hours with my friends. We played many multiplayer games many times & without Multitap it wouldn't been the same.
    Now my Multitap is having it's days on early retirement, since I don't have many gaming buddies these days, but hopefully someday I can use Multitap again & have amazing multiplayer fun.

  4. i got the original ps multitap and it works on ps 2 fine

  5. back when you wanted play multiplayer with more than 2 players. good times, good times

  6. what about the review on the ps1 multi tap? and give description on how to hook it up.  ive owned one but never got it to work.

  7. lied  the mutlaitp is nto what I need fror all my games if is way dos it not work huh

  8. we have a slim Ps2 and we are trying to get our multitasking to work in it. Is it true the multitap doesn't work with the Ps2 slim version? Forgiv r me if this is an idiotic question. Just a Mama trying to save a rainy day:)

  9. will the ps1 multitap working for ps2 games too?

  10. whether multitap can be inserted
    in slot 2

  11. i used to use this for tekken tag,urban reign,& the ratchet & clank games

  12. An dnow there is Wireless Controllers for the PS2.

  13. I have this. Just ordered why is it not working? Only the two slots working. Bought another yet still the same.

  14. It's strange that the Dreamcast, Gamecube and Xbox all have native 4 controller ports, while the PlayStation 2 only has 2 ports. That really sucks.

    Well, on the bright side, you just need 2 multitaps to connect up to 8 players. But who have so many PS2 controllers and friends willing to play at the same time?

  15. Some sports games like NBA Live supports up to eight players.

  16. You could also just use wireless controllers right?

  17. Harry. Potter. And. The. Goblet. Of. Fire.


  18. Is this thing need memory to be function?i bought it and only port A can be used….no memory card

  19. ساريه المفعول العمود الفقرى says:

    ن النصيحة

  20. My multitap does not working and idk why

  21. ساريه المفعول العمود الفقرى says:

    تماما نظيفة

  22. Da para ligar em um PS3 com adaptador de controle de PS2 para USB? Vai funcionar os 4 controles nos jogos de PS2 quando rodando no PS3?

  23. anyway you can modify a slim multitap to fit a big ps2

  24. whos came here from astro's playroom

    bcs no one sells this in my country or isn't it

  25. I was looking through old things and I found this I’m pretty it used to belong to my older brothers because well I wasn’t alive during the PS2 days

  26. i need this thing again but here in my country it's extinct 😂

  27. as a desperate move, can i ask… my ps2 first save slot isn't reading inputs anymore… so this wouldn't magically bypass it's broken innards and be a usable save slot….. right?

  28. Does the PS2 multi tab work for PS1 games? Or on a PS1 console?

  29. Smack Down vs. Raw 06-08 was lit especially with a multi tap 1-6 players!!

  30. 2021 here! I legitimately had to look this up to see what the hell it was. Cheers!

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