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Chivalry 2 Review

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Chivalry 2 reviewed by Leana Hafer on PC. Also available on Xbox and PlayStation.

I am having a ton of fun with Chivalry 2. The maps, outside of a few balance issues, are a total blast – everything from the shining armor to the soaring castle walls looks great and there are  a huge range of objectives to keep things interesting. Whether I’m swinging a sword or plucking away with a bow, combat hits that elusive sweet spot between accessible dumb fun and rewarding, skill-based mechanics where the wheat is separated from the chaff. When you respawn and everyone around you is spamming the battle cry button as you rush headlong into certain death, you just know you’re in for a rockin’ time. I don’t think I’ll be putting away this sweaty coat of mail for a good while.


  1. This is the first multiplayer game in years that I’ve enjoyed playing and wanted to unlock all of the weapons for each class

  2. Americans must love this , English we’re doing this in school

  3. Who cares if you can play as a woman? That shouldn't be an option.

  4. Wait isnt this game supposed to be first person? How is there no footage of that in this entire review?

  5. A 1v1 mode would be cool. Looking forward to what the developers have in store going forward!!

  6. Wondering if it has the spastic power drag or delay attacks just like the first one? It felt and looked weird and unrealistic, hope it is not carried over to this game.

  7. The combat mechanics are so janky. It's bad. It's really bad

  8. U do more running and respawning than u do fighting 👎

  9. did anyone notice that its not 1st person?

  10. Lol! This guy is actually playing the game in 3rd person…

  11. Thumbs down cause they couldn’t review this right :/

  12. A battle royal for this game would be so fun

  13. Rid the land of weakness based on birthright? Medieval times were all about birthrite what the heck is this game even talking about. The whole point of being chivlarous was of being of the nobility. Knights were knights through birthrite and were educated in chivalry. Not random upstarts.

  14. Also women Didnt participate at all in direct combat so why would women be extensively offered in the game

  15. no one else bothered by the fact the whole review is in 3rd person?

  16. You do yourself a diservice playing in first person when fighting multiple enemies (i.e. every server except dueling servers or when shooting/throwing missile weapons).

    First person is for dueling without the concern that someone is going to flank and gank or shooting/throwing things.

  17. while I'm playing…it feels like Sabotage is the radio. Is that normal?

  18. The first one was fun, but the best one was War of the Roses.

  19. Horrible review (barely shows the cool stuff) – but the game is amazing! One of the best games in recent years

  20. Why would you not ahow a single frame of first person view? That's the basic view.

  21. Genuinely pisses me off he played this whole game review in 3rd person..

  22. Game is nearly perfect to me.
    I’m on PS5
    BTW to play this game in 3rd person mode it’s a crime.
    FPS mode is where all the fun.

  23. Review it on console and guarantee it won’t be a 9/10

  24. This guy just straight up does wide swings in a crowd full of friendly’s.

  25. 3:05 …. Says "make no mistake you can't climb to the top of the leader board while blindly swinging your face around" .. while murdering a group of combatants while blindly swinging a mace around.. lol the irony

  26. Lack of female customization options? Almost like the women weren't allowed to fight in wars during medieval period

  27. This game is great but there’s a lot of team killing. Please like this comment so it gets more attention and something is done about it!


  29. is it just me or does he sound like demetri from cobra kai?😂

  30. so addicted to this game nearly 2 days on the clock already

  31. Ign this guy deserves a raise. First accurate score in a long time, that’s actually reflected by the community.

  32. Did you really just review this whole game in 3rd person lol

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