City Shrouded in Shadow (PS4) - MIB Video Game Reviews Ep 16 -

City Shrouded in Shadow (PS4) – MIB Video Game Reviews Ep 16

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Finally! One of the biggest compilation video games ever! Godzilla! Gamera! Ultraman! This game’s gonna be amazing, right? RIGHT?? Adult language.

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  1. MIB in the beginning of the video. The music is AMAZING!!! 😀 where did you get I need to know where you got this music

  2. Question can it work in the UK just wondering. And love you're videos.

  3. The song at the 7:30 mark is "Sky for two of us
    " by Mai Iida. I ordered the game…should get it by the end of the year.

  4. Now that's odd, why did they use the Heisei Godzilla when fighting Mechagodzilla 3 instead of Kiryugoji? Why not just use Mechagodzilla 2?

  5. For the best goji vids i come here go go godzilla

  6. Would have been cool if you could actually play as the franchise’s


  8. Roses Are Red
    Violets Are Blue
    Godzilla Is Strong
    Fuck Off

  9. I own this game and believe it or not for me i actually really enjoyed it not just because of the Godzilla gamera etc but the whole concept of this game is great i want more games like this and with enough time and hard work i bet a game like this would totally kick ass in the future

  10. about playing games without knowing the language, that's pretty much how I played games all the way up to gamecube era, nes, snes, n64, playstation, I played games like legend of zelda ocarina of time, banjo kazzoie, star fox, turok, metal gear solid, etc. without know much english at the beginning in fact playing games help me a lot to learn english, that's how it was for people in latin-america, game dubs or heck even subs and instruction manuals in other languages other than english were not a thing until the gamecube/PS2/Xbox gen rolled out and by that time I understood 50-70% of the language.

    Even if the game is complex it's actually not that difficult to play a game when you have no idea what the game is saying, it's just good old trail and error, in fact, that's how hardcore gamers pretty much do it, it's even a common trope, having gamers complain that they do not need tutorials for a game and how they are annoyed they include it in a game.

    so sorry but 5:35 you are wrong there my friend, language is completely irrelevant in a game's quality.

  11. I'm seriously convinced this has to be a comedy game. Just look up the flower lady scene. It also kind of runs and looks like shit half the time.

  12. THe pronunciation police are coming for you for that "Evanjellyon"

  13. I just picked this one up and I actually enjoy the pickup and playability of this game. Yeah I see what you're saying about the pacing of the game and its really getting to see Kaiju fight is whats keeping me interested. If I had to pay 60 for it I'd probably be unsatisfied but for it being 15 bucks I'm having a good time.

  14. Just used buyee and the mib 2000 yen coupon to buy this for only 10 bucks. I would never have picked it up otherwise, but now I can enjoy it as a tourist without damaging my wallet. Im gonna see if there are any translation guides to help me, but honestly Im probably gonna just play it stoned

  15. This is the ultimate game has all the Giants

  16. I got a Fortnite ad on this video, I will NEVER forgive this man for such an atrocity (note: this is a joke, but I did get that Fortnite ad)

  17. I wish we can get a movi- NO A TRILOGY LIKE THIS!

  18. Anyone gonna talk about the fact that this whole beginning of the vid is like a minute long

  19. it also has mothra and battra in it if only the made a sequel and added in more monsters like hedorah,biollante,destroyah,mothra larva,battra larva,gigan,megalon,angurius,jet jaguar,kumonga,gezora,rodan,etc

  20. MIB playing the game: Ah great. Another talking section. *pulls a gun to the TV* skip the entire thing, or I'll put some lead in your screen.
    TV: *skips the entire game and shows the win screen and says 100%*

  21. Both this game and Godzilla PS4 were really disapointing to me. They have a lot of potential, but needed a bigger budget and veteran developers.

  22. What's the name of the music at the beginning of the video?

  23. Do you think anyone would be interested in watching a English viewer stumble if he rp that he's a foreigner who took a job opportunity he shouldn't have, given that he can't even ask "where's the bathroom?"

  24. If there a
    Sequel we need Godzilla 1954
    My hero academia
    Attack on titans
    Godzilla vs series
    Ssss grid man.
    Shin Godzilla.

  25. I'd like a English sequel set within mainly the monster verse, I'd feel like that'd give disaster report more publicity atleast

  26. Games yet to review

    Godzilla Unleashed
    Godzilla Save The Earth

  27. I loved Disaster Report. This could have been such a great crossover game but instead it's disappointing.😩

  28. Imagine if the game became a movie/series, it would so great some critic might get fricked up.

  29. Does anybody else got annoyed that he said Evangelion wrong no? Just me? Ok

  30. Titanus Gojira, King of the Monsters. says:

    I Didn't like City Shrouded in Shadow For Some reason as well, Because no Eng Subs (what else), and Much like MIB i had Two Stars, so I should have Played Games like Resident Evil and It's Remakes (RE Engine), Transformers Devastation, Or Even My Hero One's Justice 2, So I Should have played those Games not that Trashy one like that (So here is my Complains in That Game Because of that Guy who's punishing MIB)

    In my words The Game is a Pain in a Butt.

  31. Anyone know the intro music?
    Edit: found it. It’s Reborn by Alec Koff

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