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Classic Game Room – BATTLE LOS ANGELES videogame review

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Classic Game Room reviews BATTLE: LOS ANGELES, the video game based on the movie which can be downloaded for Playstation 3 PS3, Xbox 360, PC or played using OnLive. Battle Los Angeles the game is a first person shooter style videogame where you mow down aliens using a small array of guns and save the planet from destruction.


  1. @0livermoore

    You obviously dont watch a lot of Classic Game Room videos I assume.

  2. @evan258 that is a good point
    he just got on my nerves 🙂

  3. @InvinciblePie424 isn't every game overrated by it's fans?

  4. I saw a 50 min lp of this, it was the whole game in 1 episode

  5. this reveiwer sucks all he does is makes the game sound 10x less fun then it really is . and he trying to humiliate the game by saying the same thing over and over and he dont do it just this game its for all of them he does . and the game is a lot of fun actually it may be short but its relly good its like a small version of bf3 with aliens and shorter but other than that its just like it same graphics (kinda) and same sound

  6. This game is really good but i just wish the story mode was Longer 🙁

  7. @gassi15 this is rthe only video by him i ever watched, so no im not a troll.

  8. @SirDanielG no one is going to agree that mgs is bad it was one of the first games ever made.

  9. Halo Its overated couse it deserves to be overated..fuck you!

  10. this game took me an hour to clock… really poor lasting appeal

  11. And people still complain that the cod campaign is short, compare to this it's huge.

  12. i like the idea of games like this but it's just the people who make it cant

  13. Superhitman256. This game is very funny i have it but it is very short.

  14. Well he's entitled to his opinion and his opinion only

  15. Wiat you unlock more gameplay modes?:o like what??????

  16. lol there is no recoil when you aim down your sites

  17. ? they are all different and require different tactics to take each down

  18. the guns have so little flash or recoil its hard to tell if they are firing

  19. I thought the film was shocking the first time
    Round then watched it again some time later, not the worst film iv watched. Blatant cash in on Aaron 'Two Face' Eckhart though. Game looks incredibly bad, he cocks the gun when reloading even if the clip isn't empty which would eject a live round… Bit of a nit pick but the other 2 main shooters out there have sorted this problem.

  20. the game is short u cant tell if ur shooting or notand the cutscenes are shit 1/10

  21. Why yes, yes it was. Funnily enough I just saw a trailer for it on a blu-ray today, probably for the first time since watching this. Oh serendipity.

  22. Yeah, aliens using guns extremely similar to human's guns, sure…

  23. i bought this merely for easy achievements hunting haha

  24. BOOM BOOM BOOM "Fire" BOOOOM "jump" "jump" XD

  25. so basically the game is shorter than the movie…huh

  26. I paid 10€ for this shit game and I played through it in like 45 minutes. I payed as much as Metro 2033 costs (retail) and it is worth much more than this peace of crap. I feel tricked and I want my money back.

  27. Why would someone make a movie based game and make it shorter than the movie?!?!?

  28. 7.99 on psn it lasts half a hour if that to get message thanks for playing waste of money

  29. You probably had the nicest review for this game… I'm still going to skip it though!

  30. This game would be a decent game if it didnt take 30 minutes…i died once on all 3 playthroughs…..youll honestley get more enjoyment out of the movie

  31. I'm glad you mentioned the war of the worlds broadcast.

  32. yeah just as bad as the shitty movie, eckhart is good at ruining movies

  33. If I'm not mistaken, Orson Welles & The War of the Worlds, Radio Show (October 30, 1938) was decades before the movie Battle LA The Movie (April 20, 2011) was made. So if I understood you right, it should be the other way around mate. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  34. Yeah that's a good comparison, this and Fall of Man. And that's why Resistance is so unique, because this is the closest thing to it. God I love that game!!!

  35. PS3 version is not on psn anymore? I can’t find it

  36. Why is there a sniper there should I only saw a m16a4, m4, saw, and m9 and other weopons

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