Classic Game Room reviews GRAND THEFT AUTO 2 for Playstation -

Classic Game Room reviews GRAND THEFT AUTO 2 for Playstation

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This isn’t a new GTA review for the PS3 or Xbox 360… this is 1999! Classic Game Room season 1 – December 8, 1999.

Back in the day before Game Room had a green screen, lighting or a real microphone they reviewed GTA2 for the PS1. Too bad they didn’t get to review GTA Vice City, San Andreas, GTA3 or… but maybe, just maybe someday they will.

This was their 2nd episodic review and the GTA series is now one of the most profitable of all time. You play a thug, gangsta low life criminal and damn it’s fun!!

Classic Game Room was the first classic video game review show on the Internet in 1999 and 2000. They reviewed Atari games, Sega Genesis, NES, N64, Nintendo, Jaguar and PSX (ps1) games. The story of the show is on DVD and available at


  1. why the fuck is this not on the playstation store ?

  2. I remember this game. I also remember the day that I played it for the first time was the day a former friend kicked me out his house and told me to fuck off.

  3. This GTA is THE BEST. 3D version of this game would be just perfect. Gangometer is the best – you can feel protecetd in certain teritory.

  4. "you are a lone shark!.. er uh, not a loan shark, but like.. you are a lone ranger!"
    That had me cracking up

  5. Did you know while driving a car you can press up on the direction button and change the radio station.

  6. Im probably the one of those people(age 15-25) who played gta 1 and 2.

  7. I used to play this game as a kid. My system messed up the disc though.

  8. They should bring back the Congo line of people you got to run over.

  9. this game was so bad, the first real great gta was GTA3

  10. Another Happy Console Gamer ripoff, Jesus internet.

  11. where can you get this game for PC

  12. Y'all gotta shut the fuck up. This game is ass, NOW. Back then it was the shit, but only like 2% of you guys saying this game is the best and shit will play it today.

  13. "Violent games are for introverted sociopaths."

    That's a shirt waiting to happen.

  14. My only memory of this game were these two phrases, "Gimme your wallet!!!", "Uh Hu Hum… Sweet BABY!!!"

  15. Gta 5 is trash compared to this game I don't have a memory card but have been playing this game since i was 4

  16. I was in 8th grade when i got introduced to this game. Thanks dad for the game and PS1!

  17. I would like this game but I don't really like top down camera

  18. who is the other guy? he still doing reviews?

  19. This video is kinda magic, its like a blast from the past. This video was recorded before GTA3 came out, and it really shows how much people loved this game.
    It puts a smile on my face

  20. When I didn’t have a ps2 at the time I ended up playing this instead of 3 . I actually miss it

  21. There was an edition that the character could fart

  22. I'd go too the auto shops and load up with land mines and drop them on the sidewalk then watch the pedestrians walk over them and fly off the screen. lol Oil slicks and landmines hell yeah!!!!

  23. Classic..gta momma right here..this gta gave birth to the rest..

  24. Seriously they did a review for this wack ass game

  25. i like world of gta 2 more than any other gta games, and its what i mostly wanted them to bring back in 3d world, the Respect meter, car crushers that rewards you with weapons, near futuristic era, electro guns, coolest syndicates like Zaibatsu, SRS scientists and Yakuza, well they did bring Yakuza in Gta 3, still, this was what Gta truly meant to me and i've seen Gta becoming just generic crime simulator after another.

  26. If they were this exited for the game then imagine the reaction when Gta 3 came out.

  27. They do run around on fire, it's just the graphics for the PSX version are so low res & washed out you can't see it like you can on the PC. The bullets are hard to see on the PSX version too

  28. “GTA 1 & 2 is all about being a bad mofo” haha

  29. Zackrey [Middle Name is Dale] Hudson says:

    Great game, great video!

  30. This is when gta 1 and 2 were the only grand theft auto games out

  31. Great review, i guess i will try to make a comparsion between ps and pc version in a next video.

  32. I have everything from GTA, GTA 2, GTA III & GTA V. The PlayStation ones suck. Who wants to play with a top-down view? If lt was two decades earlier & on 2600, that would be fine, but this is a 3D 64-bit console.

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