Classic Game Room reviews GRAND THEFT AUTO 2 for Playstation -

Classic Game Room reviews GRAND THEFT AUTO 2 for Playstation

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This isn’t a new GTA review for the PS3 or Xbox 360… this is 1999! Classic Game Room season 1 – December 8, 1999.

Back in the day before Game Room had a green screen, lighting or a real microphone they reviewed GTA2 for the PS1. Too bad they didn’t get to review GTA Vice City, San Andreas, GTA3 or… but maybe, just maybe someday they will.

This was their 2nd episodic review and the GTA series is now one of the most profitable of all time. You play a thug, gangsta low life criminal and damn it’s fun!!

Classic Game Room was the first classic video game review show on the Internet in 1999 and 2000. They reviewed Atari games, Sega Genesis, NES, N64, Nintendo, Jaguar and PSX (ps1) games. The story of the show is on DVD and available at


  1. these stupid ass hipsters in the comments like, OMG dude this was way better then gta 5. when you know damn well it's not

  2. Well honestly GTA has gotten trashy.. GTA V removed all the key features that made the older ones better.. GTA IV was good and all but coming from San Andreas and then the you could say "dumbed down" game it was pathetic! I much rather would play old GTAs! GTA IV I must admit had amazing multiplayer but it does not compare to GTA SA MultiPlayer!! Search it up it is an amazing game! I did not like GTA IV partly because there was no Planes, Vegetation, one city and all of that while I know the older ones had no Planes, Vegetation and one city coming from San Andreas to GTA IV made IV seem absolutely pathetic! Don't get me started on GTA V, it is just a blood pool of "Crime Families" "Gangs" and the rest when they are a bunch of 7 year olds going "I'm Don Martini, mess with me and I will fuck you up!" Nobody has respect for GTA anymore it seems, all they think of is the graphics no longer the amazing scale, mechanics and the additional content in the older GTAs! I played a good 50 days of gameplay within 3 months so don't say I am a noob at GTA V and I am just complaining because I haven't played it. I have over 20k hours on each GTA apart from the dreadful number 5! I would rather any day an good ole' GTA rather than GTA V, GTA IV was good though..


     "All you had to do was follow the damn train, CJ!" – Smoke

    "You're just a liability CJ!" – Ryder

    Too all you newbies to the franchise!

    "I always knew you was a straight busta'."

  3. This is what gta looked like 15 years ago. Looks like a random game on a website.

  4. hey everyone i have the dreamcast version but the last russian mission wont work how can i fix that 

  5. Anybody wondering why 1 and 2 weren't ported to mobile? I mean, Most of the classic gta's have been like San Andreas or Vice City, but not one and two? I don't get it.

  6. best game ever. police chases in this are pure epicness

  7. they always should'v kept the elvis gang and put it in EVERY single gta game, just like the ice cream truck and tank

  8. These dumbass kids in the comment section.

    "THIZ SUKKS! GET GTA5!!!!111"

    Ummm, this was 1999. And even now, this game is pretty fun. You guys are making us cringe. Utter stupidity.

  9. I know I first play gta 2 on a gameboy color.

  10. Gta 2 is terrible Gta 5 already came out you LOVE gta 2 Your

  11. This game looks awful. Glad I was born in 2015.

  12. I remember when gta 2 came out I was so excited but not really impressed. Me and my friends played it together for awhile but we got really board until gta 3 came out😀

  13. Gta 1 and 2 are classics were kinda fun when you were board😊

  14. You guys know what I miss so much about this in the new games? The new games don't keep your score between being busted and killed.  I would like to see if I could beat my previous scores.

  15. Nice GTA 2! I HAD THIS! Miss it ~ nice vid

  16. that game is 92x better than gta v could ever hope to be

  17. When I was really young, a gaming magazine rated GTA2 very low. That low rating delayed my first time playing GTA for about 1-2 years. Fuck Magazine Articles and their opinions.

  18. Played the shit out of this on the Dreamcast, never really played any of the story, just used cheat codes to give all weapons and shit. Was fun as fuck. 10/10 would play again.

  19. Miss those days!! I used to play this a lot in 2000-01..

  20. Dam this just makes me realize that I'm getting old pretty quick

  21. First ever GTA game I've played. Really loved to screw around in that tank. Good times, goooood times.

  22. they're not going to check it it was made seven years ago

  23. I pity at all the 9 year olds that say this game sucks, They've never played this game because the amount of greatness would break their fragile mind, go back to CoD you drooling ignorant shitbags.

  24. I don't really like country that much, but in GTA 1 it is completely fitting.

  25. Holly shit, the GTA franchise was not created on the PS2 era !

  26. i played gta 2 before a 3d gta game but even then gta2 wasnt that fun when i first played it….

  27. So far, this was the only Grand Theft Auto game I played, and it was back in 1999 (at age 7), some months before I ever got the original PlayStation.

  28. this is the best gta ever san andreas not even gta 5 can touch this

  29. Hardly a review, but a good video nonetheless.

  30. All I see in comment section is 17-30 year olds bashing 9 year olds who say Call of Duty is better than this shit…..some of y'all need to shut up and let others have an opinion.

  31. the best gta games in my opinion were, 1, 2, 3, vc, sa, and 4

  32. Kids nowadays wouldn't understand how fun this game is. I've been trying to figure out what gta this was …now ik . I love how there's a kid that runs after you to take your wallet xD

  33. this was my game, spend countless hours playing this game, I actually pefer this game over gta n gta london

  34. Wow, this is a old/outdated YouTube video.

  35. This was originally aired in 1999! That's the year I was born xD

  36. Early gta was crappy… Well just like today then

  37. Hey, isn't one of these guys from the Offspring?

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