Conan Reviews "Cyberpunk 2077" On "Good Game Nice Try" | Team Coco Podcasts -

Conan Reviews “Cyberpunk 2077” On “Good Game Nice Try” | Team Coco Podcasts

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Conan dropped by #GGNT to critique the “kooky local bureaucracy” in “Cyberpunk 2077.” Listen to Conan and video game writer (and “Cyberpunk 2077” character!) Alanah Pearce on “Good Game Nice Try,” hosted by Sonja Reid and Aaron Bleyaert @ .

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Conan Reviews “Cyberpunk 2077” On “Good Game Nice Try” | Team Coco Podcasts


  1. I would have died if Conan had a part in the game. Going off about the guys jacket 🤣🤣🤣

  2. oh no.. the Cyberbugger 2020, I want it but why it ruined itself 🙁

  3. this is subpar compared to clueless gamer

  4. It's the first time I felt that the crowd laughing in the background was missing.

  5. Okay but when is Mianite season 3 coming out?

  6. I just wanted Conan to hit Blayert and then they showed a clip of it 10/10

  7. Bring back Clueless gamer. You can still do that show in this style.

  8. If the collar is actually a space heater, I would totally buy that jacket

  9. I am Cyberpunk lol thats 100% not the name.

  10. It's a crime that They didn't show Conan that they could change penis size

  11. I wanna play Not Hate Yourself World: 2077

  12. Sonja is by far the most attractive woman on the planet

  13. To be fair, the conversation would veer towards his leather jacket when Conan walks into a room

  14. Is it me or you guys also think that the woman here looks so much like Ellie kemper from the Office?

  15. his super power is a perfectly proportioned body

  16. again they promote a game they never play. Not cool.

  17. Wow, To put that in perspective I'm 6'2.5", my brother is 6'3.5" and we're both 32. My other brother is 6'5.25" and he's a 34. So yeah, 38 is really long.

  18. NO,芳尼,又引入牛鼻道及龙史,,,??,娥清修一,佈多寺,布袋收集古今团,是知,粽团不見春不知,SO,專秋冬幼,,,??。

  19. 東土 黑金团選地下錢莊逛花窯開花槓碼头,暗弒舟伯通幼紫南海团,,,再詢屋8星座標者,找长者,手机沒电了,但,,,海圖座標,大伙懂的,,,。

  20. how could they not do character creation? lol

  21. Get Conan do a Clueless Gamer with Keanu ….

  22. Seriously funny even without the laugh track. Conan's really witty, great cool host

  23. the content in the trailers is literally all the content the game actually has. Possibly more.

  24. episodes without celebrities are so much better

  25. Not mentioning Keanu being in the game seems like a pretty big misstep. I feel like Conan would have a lot to say about that.

  26. Missed opportunity for Conan to get really pervy about all the advanced sexual features in the game.

  27. Tell me how this didn't show up in my recommendation?

  28. We have to see Conan create a character. Please god. Universe. Whoever!!

  29. Did we ever get a follow up to this with Conan trying out all the glitches and buggy game play? Would be hilarious. Also, Conan needs a proper video podcast to continue Clueless Gamer as its own series.

  30. Cyberpunk needs a re-release in 2077 "Hope they got it until…"

  31. ah, a-aron blart has finally morphed into the lab grown digital media co-ordinator he was meant to be, overexcited, shilling for companies, totally devoid of personality and just looking for the next viral moment.
    I don't know who Sonja is but she could be very nice shes just boring.

  32. We have to see Conan play Elden Ring once it comes out.

  33. turns out there is only one (normal) body proportion in the game to choose from.
    congratulations Conan you got your wish.

  34. Collar has various purpose, that's why he using it

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