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Context in Video Game Reviews

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Waaaa Video Game Reviews are so important. Let’s discuss context.

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I am not one of those bigger gaming websites no 2-minute reviews here only details. Videogame reviews all the time. So if you are tired of short reviews, ones that don’t discuss all the games, this is the right place. No big website 2-minute stuff here.

Coverage includes ps4, PS5, XBox series X, Xbox one, pc, Xbox 360, Wii, Wiiu, Switch, and digital storefronts like Steam, as well as companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo

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  1. been with ya for a few years now, you never cease to keep it real and honest, and its still one of the main reasons you're the only reviewer I follow

  2. I really appreciate your reviews, the fact that you review sound, and talk more in depth of what you do and why you rate things the way you do, I also appreciate the system of buy/wait/rent/dont touch, since it means you skip the "eh, is it really an 8? or a 7.5?" that seems to be a common argument, even if those people both like the game. So thanks, I appreciate your ideas being put into your videos. There have been games youve saved me from, and games youve shown me that I would have passed on without you telling me about it. Ily dude

  3. game journalism and media still think they have the same influence like it's the 2000's – like Blockbusters they are in the dustbins of "progress"

  4. Context over scores all the way! I am in my 40's and spent much time in platform mags. I've spent my time in video reviews. I now just watch gameplay without audio for the most part. I'm not looking for production overall to knock me over the edge. I want to see the game fits me. I do recognize your work but most of the time I ignore what you say beyond the monetization of a game. I read and watch a lot before I buy. This is a lesson hard learned I admit

  5. Context matters a ton because in the end it is subjectivity but the context makes it transparent and understand why or how it came to the subjective conclusion

  6. I look at ign’s final score to see if the game is a steaming pile of garbage or deserves some attention. If it does then I watch your review for context.

  7. I love your reviews because of how in depth you go. I have never trusted metacritic and just go off if I enjoy the studios or if I know the people I trust with reviews who love the same games as I do or even if the trailer has me hyped. I love the last of us 2 and started my 2nd playthrough . I get the points about the ending but I had my own interpretation and was happy that it ended that was because of how I felt about both character because of the time I have spent with both

  8. Before watching the video: "oh boy some drama"
    After the video: *puts down popcorn*

  9. Hell yeah brother. Made me think a bit on this one.

  10. How fun is a game and how did you reach that conclusion, that's all that is needed. If somebody doesn't try to do that, more power to them but I won't watch. That's how I assess reviews, they're useful but it's not the be all and end all. Now please review the last of us 2….

  11. As someone who used to write reviews, context is what matters most. Unfortunately people only care about the numbers.

  12. Dont look at scores personally I prefer info like play length and if its content is for me also like to see if it's well polished

  13. everyone DESERVES context for anything. if you fee you aren't getting it, you should seek it out before forming an opinion

  14. Oh. I watch a few people, you Angry Joe, Ircha Gaming for switch. Anyone I can tell is being honest. Since 2015 I watched ign and others like them less and less, now just never, because all they care about is politics (one girl went on about campaigning for Bernie Sanders for 2 paragraphs in an Animal Crossing review of all things recently), and I think Twitter backpats. I buy lots of games, I just need more than one opinion on big name ones as they cost $80 here in Canada. Luckily guys like you and other do what you do. Cheers.

  15. Metacritic will not let me leave a negative review for Last of Us Part 2. I've been trying to leave a review for a few days.
    But Open critic is a JOKE, it only excepts reviews from "verified critics." The opinions of the everyday gamer isn't allowed.

  16. I’ve always enjoyed your reviews cause they were so thorough and I think if there was ever a game I was on the fence about your reviews never left me still confused so that’s neat

  17. Love how you explain stuff from the top of your head without a script. You´d be an awesome salesman! Also your sound an picture is very good. Can you please let me know what Camera and Mic you are using?

  18. I haven't played the game, so I don't know for sure but when I saw the review about the Last of Us 2 from IGN and is was a 10/10 I thought: "Wow, this game must be perfect". When I heard much of the audience actually hated a lot of the story I pretty much lost all faith in IGN. I mean, you can have a different opinion, but I find it really strange you can call a game a perfect masterpiece, whilst there are apparently many problems with the story. Almost like the reviewer didn't play the whole game

  19. This guy is a META Metacritic. I'll be here all night

  20. Care about how they got to the integer. As someone who watches a lot of reviews, the number starts mattering less and less because you realize the reviewer's perspective, likes and dislikes that come along objective viewpoints. One example is "theneedledrop" we have different music tastes (that I figured through watching multiple reviews) but I still enjoy his take, even though we have different interests, it gives me another perspective

  21. I do believe in context. You've helped me with deciding on which games to avoid. Everytime I've gotten a game after watching your reviews, I've been satisfied with the game. I've agreed with you on most, if not all, of the things you make points about

  22. I couldn't care less about scores. I care about their analysis and any evidence they can provide for their claims. Bonus points if they share any of my likes, dislikes, and / or quirks.

  23. In my opinion, you’re the best reviewer in the biz, bro. Keep on keeping on

  24. @12:45 I think he might be calling out Dunkey. I like Dunkey but this rings true for a lot of his vids.

  25. There was a woman I used to watch reviews from, who reviewed games solely based on the music and how it affected the game experience. She stopped YT'ing to do other things years ago, but she was super interesting.

  26. I don't care about scores, but neither do I about excessive nitpicking. Your reviews are full of that and it's worse in your situation specifically, because in the end you're gonna say that you enjoyed it overall. So what's the point of saying stuff like "in some sections, the sound in my left ear isn't as loud as my right ear"? Completely unnecessary and it gives people the impression that you're being pretentious. Your review structure is that of somebody who cares about technical stuff much more than that of somebody who cares about story, characters and game mechanics. You can do whatever you want with your content, but acting as if your version of "context" is the most accurate one of all is just wrong.

  27. Are you gonna review the last of us 2? Bc is love to see what you have to say about it.

  28. Omg…did he just say he's…..gasps…."divergent"!!?

  29. Nearly, "All" of the outlets i've ever seen just describe things. not much "braking down", no.
    That's why I, for one, search in WordPress or Youtube to find some actual analysis. Something to help me understand this piece of labor called Videogames instead of just describe how the graphics made the writer feel.

  30. Score's mean fk all; I want to see was it fun- why or why not; and then decide do those matter to me

  31. The score means very little to me. For the most part I am looking for "port reports" , how well it runs, if there are deeper mechanics in that game that trailers do not show off, and sometimes that pacing of the game. So if I am really on the fence on a game and need something to push me towards one way or another, I probably plow through at least 5 different reviewers and/or "let play episode 1".

  32. You should sing a Rap song called Context, Bitches . It will be your most successful video. I will definitely share it with friends.

  33. Other than your channel, I get my reviews from Before You Buy with Gameranx, The Completionist with Jirad, Maximillian Dood (for fighting games and anything Capcom), Forbes, and IGN (to see what the mainstream industry is saying). The context matters more to me than the end score because at the end of the day, I know what I like, I’m just curious about the conversations that surround the games that I choose to play.

  34. The only thing I really care about in a video game reviewer is how fantastically contoured their beard is.

  35. Metecritic is the RottenTomatoes of video games. They are both laughable.

  36. I actually prefer the way you do the reviews and for the most part I watch your review, Digital Foundry’s technical review and then I am good.

    On the other spectrum, I simply despise all the SJWs that are crowding the mainstream review sites and politicize every game, and that is why I don’t even bother with their reviews.

  37. Reviews are just someone’s opinion, what’s really dumb is the people who use those opinions as proof that their own are “correct”.
    Literally the story of TLOU2, 90% confirmation bias, 10% objectivity.

  38. I dont have a set list of things i use to rate a game. Each game is unique. The only set variable is no game is ever a 10, or a 0. So i guess i start at a 9.9 and move the slider as i go.

    I take the negatives and decide how much of an impact those have on a game. Its more of a gut feeling.

  39. The only thing that really matter is whether the game is worth my time. I have never bought a game because of the soundtrack or voice acting… but I appreciate it when it's good. EDIT: Last time I bought a game because of the graphics, I had a Pentium 200, so I can safely say that graphics aren't really a selling point either… but I appreciate it when it's good.

  40. man, you have become my favorite game reviewer who actually knows what you're talking about. you actually review the sound, music, voice, graphic, story and fun factor along with buy or not or buy in sale. your reviews are detailed, fun to watch (or hear) and with no BS. I've abandoned game reviewers like IGN, Gamespot, Kotaku, etc when they just look at the graphic and nothing else, but you also look at the level design, art style in your reviews which is so great. You actually convinced me to play Styx series with your detailed reviews. All other reviews I found from other sites just ignore those games as mediocre because it's not AAA crap or artsy Indie . thanks man

  41. Recently found your page and my god you are the best video game reviewer I have ever see. And the rest of your content and podcasts are gold!

  42. I love your reviews, but I don't usually care for the sound section. As long as the sounds aren't absolutely awful and misplaced, it doesn't matter much to me.

  43. You're wonderful.
    Thanks for restoring my sanity.

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