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Control Review

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Jonathon Dornbush reviews Remedy Entertainment’s Control ahead of its August 27 release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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  1. Watching review of a game made free by Epic Games.

  2. Who is here after Epic games free game 😂❤️?

  3. You are here because it's free on Epic Games

  4. Who is here after seeing "Control" Free in Epic Mystery game 🙂 😁

  5. Getting here becuz epicgames made it for free<3

  6. Hello everybody, welcome to the
    "This game is free rn so we check it out" event

  7. Who's here after hearing it's free , also is it worth playing?

  8. We mate again as soon as epics games give us free

  9. This masterpiece is free for 1 week on epic games store

  10. Bless Epic Games for giving us Free Games!

  11. 1:43 Who thought that background music was very reminiscent of quantum break main menu theme?

  12. whos here cuz the game is free on Epic store atm?

  13. Im only here cause its free on epic games ofc

  14. Just want to say thanks epic store! Lol

  15. Dang just bought this game last 2 months and completed it. Now it's free in Epic 🙁

  16. this game in short: take FX marvel LEGION, QUANTUM BREAK and BEYOND TWO SOULS. ding ding ding, u got a CONTROL. 10/10 can't w8 for sequel.

  17. Epic Store Gang, make some noise😎, cause it's party time every week😂

  18. The gameplay, especially combat is so satisfying

  19. So is every lead role in all future games gonna be a female ?

  20. Well its free now so why not?! Downloading.

  21. It didn’t hitch up on the Xbox One X. If you’re going to review gpu and cpu heavy games in the future I’d say you’d be best to do so on the most powerful system available at the time.

  22. Don't waste your money. Story is boring and the play control is just so so. Had to force myself to keep playing it.

  23. This narrator is about to overdose on estrogen

  24. Jonathon Dornbush… He/him, TLM, BLM, lmao…

  25. Found this on Xbox game pass and wow, it is awesome. Intriguing story and great mechanics, one of the best games I’ve played in sometime.

  26. Plot twist: Michael Scott was the previous Bureau director

  27. IGN be like: there's no Darth Vader -1/10

  28. This game need to be optimised on xbox serie s/x

  29. This games setting really is something Else in my opinion, they made Brutalism Fascinating

  30. games/experiences like this are rare… beautifully crafted, immersive world, creative story, and engaging combat. glad to hear they're expanding on this universe. personal opinion 9.5/10

  31. this is weird but im curious to know is it possible to shoot friendly npc's in this game if so what happens ive been playing the game for a while but im curious to know what happens if you try to shoot an ally and im too worried about regretting it to try it out myself

  32. It only really gets fun last 1/4 of the game. And then it's over quickly.

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