Dead Space: Extraction Review -

Dead Space: Extraction Review

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With the Dead Space remake on the horizon, I figured now was a good time to come back to the Wii rail shooter spinoff game. Please make a Dead Space Extraction VR port.
Intro animation by @sparkiegames
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00:00 – Intro
00:31 – The Dead Space Remake and Franchise
02:06 – Game Premise
06:15 – Visuals
08:00 – Music & Sound Design
10:01 – Gameplay Mechanics
13:24 – Story
16:53 – Conclusions
17:41 – Credits
19:03 – THE LORE

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  1. the idea of a VR Deadspace excites and horrifies me, i mean we already have Resident Evil 4, so it might be coming soon

  2. Man. Makes me want to find a wii for this game again

  3. This franchise most certainly inspired more than one man to become a heavy-duty engineer.

  4. Dresden that's super dark it made me pause the video to digest that statement. Only if you follow history and WW2 would you understand that

  5. i'd say recent examples of remakes, remasters and reboot are a good arguement against dead space being remade. stop brutalizing the corpses of the children you killed. looking at you >insert any and all game companies here<

  6. 18:30 "Power overwhelming." "Delighted to, sir!" "Battlecruiser operational." "Locus acknowledged." "Never know what hit 'em." "Carrier has arrived." "I thought you'd see it my way." Hydralisk noises.

  7. Wait, was that Planetes? If so, I applaud your taste in anime, my good sir.

  8. is this a mobil game for the Nokia 3210 ?

  9. Fun review.
    Not getting the remake though… If it's from EA, I don't buy it.
    "But you're hurting the companies under EA-" People are going to have to learn one way or another that to work for EA means your company is going to die. Got a contract offer from EA? Decline it. They'll squeeze you for all you're worth then dump you when they're finished with you. EA is only getting worse too.
    People will eventually stop working for EA though, on their own. EA already has a turd reputation. Hopefully 10 years from now everyone will understand EA sucks and stop accepting work from them. It's like GM in the automotive industry. Sure GM is big, but they've got a bad reputation for killing suppliers…

    Eventually you will run out of "suckers" willing to work in bad conditions.
    Eventually everyone learns about what kind of a company you really are (EA), and eventually they will stop coming.

  10. Holy shit was that a stronghold theme at the beginning?! God you have great taste man

  11. The best part about this video is that he validated my strange obsession with age of mythology worker quotes.

  12. Is dead space is on level on system shock?

    Just curious.

  13. they were on the wrong path with dead space 3, dont get me wrong it was still a great game. But it was way too easy. Dead Space 2 was lightning in a bottle.

  14. Ah, of course they're doing a remake of Dead Space instead of continuing the existing franchise. Why am I not surprised? Why fix what's broken when you can throw it away and rehash the old thing but probably worse?

  15. nobody is going to mention the guy at 6:10 looks a little bit like B.J Novak from The Office

  16. Aw man, he didn't mention the saw, I guess the PS3 version didn't have it? The Wii version did, and it was glorious.

  17. the home alone marv getting electrocuted sound effect will never get old

  18. Wait, etc was with that random Planetes footage?

  19. But, we already know the ending: Earth falls. We loose. All the fighting was in vain.

  20. Please, do a video about disciples of sacred lands

  21. It’s never a smart thing to admit you are stealing a product. Outright saying you are using an emulator isn’t wise. I’d just avoid doing that in the future to begin with.

  22. I like the part that shows the initial chaos. The immediate craziness that happens when a outbreak scenario occurs is always my favorite part of any “undead” setting.

  23. I can't stop reaching the into! It's fucking amazing and if you pause it just right, you will lose your shit laughing…

  24. you have no idea how much i loved the dresden makeover line. thanks for some dresden files rep

  25. I learned in one of my gaming classes that some companies will make a simple rail shooter to test their set pieces once they have gameplay nailed down because a rail shooter is really set piece after set pieces and its a good idea of how it might play and what makes snice in story and all with being bogged down my gameplay and all just a simple test before making a big set piece in the normal engine snice you can throw a sample in a rail shooter quicker than. Months on it then it not working

  26. I enjoyed the spin offs for Halo a lot. The problem was not that books existed to explain it but that it wasn't explained properly. The problem is that it wasn't explained not that the books existed.

  27. Warcraft – Elven Boats "Stop rocking the boat. You're making me sea sick. Blarrrrffgh."
    Starcraft- Zergling acknowledgment. "Not even going to try and type it."
    Siege tanks – Identify target!
    Medic – ready for your sponge bath?
    High templar on training – Khassar'Detemplari…
    Carrier – Carrier has arrived
    Archon – Power Overwhelming

    Those are the ones that I remember. I played, A LOT of Starcraft when it came out.

  28. if you showed me this game when it came out i'd have been totally interested, but when you say to me "dead space rail shooter spinoff" the part of my brain that processes disgust starts going dingdingdingdingding

  29. Stronghold opening with Minecraft scenery and then Deadspace monsters interesting intro

  30. How in the fuck did you already get out another video? It has only been 3 weeks!

  31. Huh…makes me realize just how good a Dead Space arcade game might be. A precision-aiming rail shooter is definitely better than just an “aiming” rail shooter.

  32. My brother and I absolutely LOVE your videos. Do you have any plans to cover games from the Sea Dogs franchise by Akella?

  33. Yo mandalore your intros are great but this one was just spectacular. Had a good laugh. Thanks man

  34. "What could you add? Well, Dead Space: Extraction could have some clues "

    Big 'Caution' sticker on screen.


  35. Wait…. THAT'S WHY THE BATTERIES WAS GONE!? God! Finally I can have peace.

  36. Dead Space on GOG –
    Also wonderful work by @sparkiegames on the intro! Sometimes it's Sparky1j. He's everywhere.

    I would've had this out in October if I could've, but Haze was overpowering. I'm also desperately behind on emails but playing catchup, so I'll pin the games list back when it's more managed.

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