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Deathloop Review

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A new high watermark for Arkane and developers of similar games to aspire to, Deathloop is a game like no other. Here’s our Deathloop review, covering Deathloop’s single player and PvP modes.

Reviewed on PlayStation 5 by Matt Purslow. Deathloop releases on PS5 and PC on September 14, 2021.

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  1. There’s a thousand games made over a decade ago that are better and I’d rather be playing

  2. This game is in no way a 10/10. It’s not a bad game but it’s definitely not a masterpiece

  3. 10/10? Not a chance. It's great for a few hours but once you realise there is only one linear way to break the loop and that you are limited to using two of your six powers at a time, the game quickly becomes repetitive and unsatisfying. Finish it off with a very underwhelming ending and zero replayability in single player mode and this scores a 7 or 8 at most. To score this a perfect 10 is a joke when there was far more freedom, creativity and value to be found in any of Arkane's other games.

  4. Nope. This PC version is riddled with bugs and crashes. Not a 10… its a 7.

  5. the fact this game got a higher rating that days gone and the dark souls games and bloodbourne jus hurts my head

  6. This game is a 7 at the absolute max. Way too easy, 4 tiny maps, really short. Story is almost non-existent.

  7. Terrible review. He made it look like a call of duty game.

  8. Matt Purslow’s TGIF’s are set for the remainder of the year, dude probably got hella 💰 for giving this game a 10.

    mos def got a few zeroes added into his bank account, someone should check.

    This is my 2nd comment saying this dude got Br1b3d. 1GN delete my comment. Now u know

  9. Deathloop does have style but overall it looks just like an alright game. Not 10 for sure.

  10. I'm sure it's fun but why does it look like a mediocre PS4 game

  11. This game is portrait different then how it is. Disappointed

  12. Zelda majora mask could benefit from some of these updates

  13. It got its score because the AI was easy enough for ign to handle. It's actually a dogshit game

  14. What song did you guys use during the final verdict

  15. Video game easy af = video game journalists love it

  16. Realistically this game isn’t a 10 and is more of a 7-8. We all know it. 10/10 masterpiece games only come around every few years or so. Don’t think this is one of them tbh

  17. Just back to leave another comment saying how utterly disgusting it is that you gave this game of 10. I'm so sick of living in an age where people think that they're more important than they are. You're a gaming journalist. You're not going to help arkane make money by giving this a falsely inflated score. You don't have that much power on the industry. This games has so many issues. Even your clips shows some of the worst offenders. Terrible graphics, even worse AI, clipping, frame drops, ect. Go back to reviewing games objectively as a gamer. Not some messiah that believes his review will somehow produce more sales. Arkane is awesome but they make smaller scope games compared to the competition, period.

  18. how can this game be a 10 out of 10 game der is bugs and grafikel erors and whit the time be the game realey boing as you repeat thing

  19. This game had me in the first two minutes. Loved the idea

  20. Hey IGN, just another reminder that the whole BLM thing is over. You don't have to be afraid to give this game a lower score than a 10 because there are black protagonists. If you're reading this and think I'm lying, go read the metacritic user reviews on any platform for this game.

  21. Listened to IGNs podcast and they were all laughing at the bugs in the game. If it is buggy how can it be perfect?

  22. Sorry just got FC6. Gonna have to see it to the end first. Go get em Guapo!!

  23. Is this a review or a video on "how to play" ? :/

  24. How did Deathloop get a higher score than Divinity Original Sin 2, the best RPG ever made?

  25. Would rather have had a new dishonored game

  26. Dịch Vụ Tiktok ( says:

    Giới hạn của hàm số là lim, còn giới hạn của trái tim là cậu. 🍀 🌟

  27. This game reminds me of Dishonored version of Trigun


  29. Absolute masterpiece 10/10 best game of this generation

  30. It's been a month and I'm still stunned by this score.

  31. 👆👆👆01:15:41
    Hôm nay em đi học. Bị điểm kém môn Anh. Cô dạy “Yêu” là “Love”. Mà em viết tên anh. 🌱 🌻

  32. Another shoot 'em up, kill them all type of game. No thanks for me. Waiting far cry 6 to arrive in mail. Now that should be a great game.

  33. Most overrated rating and game in modern times. 10/10 😂 what a joke.

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