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Diablo 2: Resurrected Review

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Diablo 2: Resurrected reviewed on PC by Jon Bolding. Also available on Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch.

Diablo 2: Resurrected updates the graphics of a great, classic action RPG for a new generation. It masterfully preserves the mood of a singular game, and at the same time it preserves the gameplay as it has been for over a decade – mostly for better, occasionally for worse. Unfortunately, parts of that gameplay that were standard 20 years ago just look bad now, or feel like a waste of our time. Those looking for the old king can find it right here, but they might want to politely bow rather than kneel.

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  1. Reviewer said he has "hundreds of hours" in D2R. How many hours do you think he actually has?

  2. Once he said that he chose the paladin to use lightning resist aura against the beetles in act 2 I realized he's the ultimate noob and had serious doubts about his claims of playing from 2000-2007

  3. Funnily the name player character name Mahti means Might in finnish

  4. Vanilla D3 is still streets ahead of D1 and D2.

  5. nao vale sequer 5 conto esse mod grafico.

  6. IGN alway have this "lying" feeling in their reviews. Like half of what this guy is saying is not by experience whatsoever but instead by learning it from reading community posts and articles. He literally went to Blizzard forums to see what the long time gamers were complaining about to put it in the review.

  7. Why they changed the Necromancer to use bodies to summon skeleton is beyond me

  8. he didn't even talk about console release and how playing on a controller is a game changer….

  9. actually something about the new diablo 2 , the old version still is better

  10. Why IGN let a non-exp diablo 2 players review this game?

  11. This is an awful review. Do you realize IGN gave the original Diablo 2 game a rating of 8.3 whereas this remaster, which largely improved on every aspect of the game, gets a 7. How is that even possible?

  12. Better graphics, outdated game, 7 seems fair to me

  13. When you invest skill points across 12 different skills on one character and then complain about grinding

  14. 'Game is hard, therefore we must rate it lower'

  15. This review has to be a joke right, or has IGN hit a serious new all time low?😂😂😂

  16. 4:15 no wonder he's strugling you're not supose to use 12 skills but max 3-4 and occasionaly fiew other on specific occasion..

  17. For $40, the lack of personal looting system – it's kinda lame. They should at least make it more modern.

  18. This game is easily a 9.5/10
    But a 10/10 without the bugs

  19. game should be $30 at most. Alan Wake got the pricing right

  20. Can IGN hire someone that actually knows something about games in general?

  21. You are reviewing a remaster not a new game for God's sake.

  22. Please delete your video. You are a total noob and dont know what you are doing…

  23. Why did they pick a crappy gamer to review this game? Who the hell runs paladin just for an aura? Can we review IGN next?

  24. Baal in the old video is much more sinister. Perhaps the flat nose in the new one makes him look goofy

  25. Why is every other IGN review heavily downvoted lmao

  26. This is IGN who gave a rating of 9 for Star Wars the Last Jedi. They are a joke and their ratings mean nothing.

  27. He used Tome of Identify while Deckard Cain was in front of him. Dude…

  28. IGN routinely gave highest scores to the likes of
    Call of duty. Lmao. D2r is game of the year candidate and it’s not even close.

  29. "Ninja looting" in a free-for-all loot system, hahahaha what a joke.

  30. lmao 30+ year old neckbeards getting angry at the score and attacking the review bar

  31. This review sounds like a high school media project

  32. This review seems to be from the perspective of a casual gamer playing this for the first time. This is not the game for them. This is an ode to the hardcore gamers who've played this game inside and out.

  33. Disagree, this game is around a 8 or 9 and im only playing it on the switch and the only complaint is lack of other players and server issues. Cant wait play this on my PC.

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