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Duke Nukem – Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Lazy Game Reviews

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In this episode, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets, Easter eggs and history from the Duke Nukem series!
Duke Nukem started out as an MS-DOS 2D platformer series, but eventually became a 3D shooter that helped define the PC gaming space. Although Duke Nukem 3D was praised, Duke Nukem Forever was critically panned, and was stuck in development hell for many years, and was even accused of being vaporware. Through our analysis of the series, its gameplay and beta builds, we hope to show some interesting facts from the making of Duke Nukem and have its history explained.

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  1. Duke uses quite a few of Ash's catch phrases.

  2. I have a feeling did you know gaming didnt even write this, LGR just knew all this stuff and sent them a video

  3. Duke needs the DOOM treatment. A remake back down to its roots with nothing in the way of gameplay and fast paced action

  4. Duke Nukem is just DOOM's little edgy wannabe brother

  5. Just to clarify he had four kids during and not because of the development for doom 2016

  6. There was only one man fit for this episode.

  7. Randy Pitchford is the reason we can't have good things

  8. I've come to kick ass and chew bubblegum and im all out of gum after fight duke realizes he had a new pack of juicy fruit

  9. Kinda seemed like u barely scratched the surface

  10. "There's only two ways this can end. And in both, YOU DIE!!!"

  11. "Do you want to pay $60 to feel like crap? No!" Randy says, as he proceeds to insert The Hive level in DNF.


  13. "it's tine to kick gum and chew ass and i'm all out of ass" -dick kickem

  14. I like to kick gum and kick ass

    What do you think i am a sinner

  15. "do you want to pay $60 to feel like crap? No!" Cough lastofus2*cough

  16. "Do you wanna pay $60 to feel like crap? No."

    Take notes Neil Druckmann

  17. I was brought here after buying the game on the switch. First time playing such a game. I gotta say, i do like it a lot. Some hidden area's are hard to find but the game was fun overall.

  18. I Love Duke Nukem 3D! I Love It So Much That I Turned My Windows 2000 Professional Into a Duke Nukem 3D Computer! I Have a Custom Wallpaper And Duke Nukem 3D (Of Course). All I Need To Get Is The Duke Nukem Wallpaper!

  19. “That’s one doomed space marine

  20. Army of Darkness? They Live? Duke Nukem? That's so much badassery in one video that I instantly gained 200 lbs of muscle, downed 20 beers and joined the space marines!

  21. Greetings! And welcome to another Did you know gaming thing

  22. Not for nothing I love all the Duke nukem games I have all of them lol

  23. Do you want to pay $60 dollars to feel like crap?

    Oh wow. It's so ironic it hurts.

    Edit: Grammar

  24. 1:44
    Now, Randy bo Bandy is many things, but he's in no way an inspirational speaker. Give the man credit for that line though. He's absolutely right and I wish more developers took this to heart.

  25. For a sec I thought LGR was Bruce Campbell

  26. I know this video is almost 4 years old, but, fuck Randy Pitchford

  27. 5:20 probably because they didn't wanna show a dead faced human being (doomguy isn't faced)

  28. "Do you want to spend $60 to have a crappy time? No!"
    Meanwhile, at Duke Nukem Forever:

  29. I mean do you want to pay 60$ for a crappy game

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