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Era Game Reviews – Shadow Warrior PC Game Review

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In-depth PC game review of Shadow Warrior, a classic first-person shooter released by 3D Realms in 1997.

Shadow Warrior places you in control of Lo Wang, who is going up against the powerful Zilla Corporation.

Shadow Warrior runs under Ken Silverman’s Build engine, similar to games like Blood, Redneck Rampage, and Duke Nukem 3D.

Era Game Reviews, is more than just reviews of older PC games from the 90’s. The in-depth reviews not only discuss the basics like the graphics and gameplay, but also looked into the game’s history, mods, culture and community.

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  1. WTF the side bar has reviews of airsoft guns, Never gonna give you up and a religious link.

  2. You want wash wang or you want watch Wang wash wang?

  3. Don't take this as an insult. But you should try being more enthusiastic when you're talking. You almost sound like a robot.

  4. You can boo me all you want, but Shadow Warrior just didn't hold up to Blood, or really the other Build-era classics. It's really cool at first, but the second episode (16 mid-sized levels compared to the 4 massive levels of the first episode) are a bit mediocre. However, the weapons and enemies are badass enough to make it worth playing through.

  5. I was one if the kids who played this game in multiplayer and duke Nukem 3D.
    Either on Wireplay a UK gaming programe or by LAN with a printer cable hooked to another comp lol
    Both great fun games online and off.

  6. sounds like your reading fro ma fucking script

  7. doom +doom 2+duke nukem 3d + shadow warrior = my life

  8. My friends and I used to have 4 player LAN matches on the weekends and Shadow Warrior was one of our favorites! Really kick-ass multiplayer.

  9. how do i change the movement from the arrow keys to WSAD?

  10. Where the hell is blood? Play that shit man.

  11. Same….I played Duke after this game and Blood, and I wasn't too impressed with it.

  12. This game makes me remember queke .. i miss that old times

  13. I did like it more than Duke Nukem!
    But at this time, Quake 1 was my undisputed number one.

  14. The tunes will not be stuck in your heads? talk to yourself…The tunes are the most noticeable and memorable i had from any build engine game. i still listen to them these days.

  15. ROTT+DN3D+SW+Blood = my life and childhood.

  16. 'Strong sexual content…oh yeah!'
    For some reason that made my evening XD

  17. Most annoying narration ever. You don't have to enunciate and speak super slow for us, we understand English. No offense.

  18. I remember buying this at a computer show wayyy back, my computer couldn't handle the 3dfx games at that time, i remember liking the first few stages and then just getting nauseous at all the tedious key finding maze like stuff. The one thing I can't seem to deal with these days when i revisit the classics, i feel sick after awhile oh wells great review!

  19. when i was 8 yo i called this game chinese duke nukem….very nostalgic

  20. It's just become available on Good Old Games, Rejoice!

  21. I think he's from Korea. English may not be his first language.

  22. This is wrong in several places. For instance, you could also do multiplayer over phone modems. Or the fact that the game was actually difficult if you didn't play it on the easiest difficulties.

  23. In the Intro, whats the flying game called?

  24. I was playing Wolfenstein 3d, Duke Nukem 1,2, 3d , Doom 1 and 2 Blake Ston, Rise of the Triad Hexen Heretic and various others but I missed this one 🙁

  25. Furry-Eared Asia Chick: Who want some Wang? Not meeeee I want some Diiiuke XD =))

  26. You're missing that Blood to keep your life going. 😉

  27. don't forget Blood and Heretic *.* all these games are like 1000 times better than all the modern shooter shit shich is just about money and delivers the same stuff year after year.

  28. Never heard of this game nor have I played it, good to know they're remaking it so now I have a chance.

  29. shadow warrior 2 is coming out this fall! hope itll wont be total shit like duke nukem forever.

  30. aaaaand it is. Not shit like Duke Nukem, but it has nothing to do with the original and has problems in the gameplay department.

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