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F1 Game 2020 Review: A quick look

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F1 YouTuber Aarava takes us through everything new and exciting on the brand new F1 2020 game by Codemasters.

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  1. I thought I was clicking on a Aavara video 😂

  2. So is team mode basically team management or are you actually in the racing seat?

  3. I would like to see that you can buy engineers and team bosses

  4. Is that Aarava, moving up levels 🤙🤙.
    Have a good day reader, Jesus loves u and saves

  5. Nice to see such a nice YouTuber here, next time Benjamin Daly?

  6. The only thing missing for me:
    Historical(or currently off callender) tracks

  7. Aarav's pace of delivery in this video is much easier to follow than 99% of all of the videos on his own channel

  8. Aarava in 2019: how many times can I get fired in 2019 career mode

    Aarava in 2020: this

  9. Everyone talking bout aarava but no one talking bout niran sad times really.

  10. Wow been watching aarav since 2014 but I never thought I would see him on the official f1 YouTube channel
    But next get jimmy on here 😂

  11. The old cutscenes are a buzz kill. I will wait for a fresh new game this is still f1 2019 f1 2018

  12. If i diss arav the f1 community will go all salty on me

  13. They've got Aarava. Now all they need are cameos from Ben (Tiametmarduk) and Matt(WTF1 or xMattyg)…..

  14. It’s sad they wrote his name wrong in the description.

  15. I'm now getting nervous that the X series will have more advantageous features on F1 than the One S

  16. Total rehash of previous F1 Games with little new and barely any improvements.
    Oh but 'My Team' … yeah it aint all that.
    That being said, it is a great game, don't get me wrong.
    But after all these years you would expect more than the bare minimum added to ''update'' the game.

  17. hopefully Codemasters listen to the customization thing

  18. Just got completely confused by seeing a picture of aarav on the F1 channel. Best person to speak about the game !

  19. It was a bit argy bargy there for a second but absolutely BIBLICAL SCENES

  20. What a biblical scene here on the f1 channel


  22. Well there are scenes more biblical than a S🅱️innala

  23. 2:49 when you realise that they used some footage of a moded version of the MyTeam mode (Aarava's S2) to promote their game 🤣

    but still super happy for aarav

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