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Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel (PS2) – Black Sheep Game Reviews

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Because Slipknot and Bawls is what the cool kids would want in a Fallout game.



  1. This game seems to have a lot in common with the interplay game Run Like Hell (RLH). The Bawls sponsorship, the rock music during boss fights, etc.

  2. Multiplayer that would be the first

  3. I know this game is shit but I did enjoy it. I think its better than fallout 3 & 4 =b

  4. They don’t make games with that kind of atmosphere anymore. Only Fallout game I ever played that really made it a dark, grimy world with equally rough and imperfect people. Everything else just feels way too…clean, almost, for a post apocalyptic world. Besides, childhood lol I remember when I first found this game in my dads game stash. Metal soundtrack also a plus

  5. Anyone else notice how Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel is like The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard?

    – Both are the fourth title in a series of RPGs owned by Bethesda Softworks.
    – Both are the second of two spin-offs made between the second main game and the third one of their respective series.
    – Both games forsake character creation and RPG elements for linear action-adventure gameplay.
    – Both have a black guy named Cyrus as the main character, and that are searching for someone of importance to them (Iszara in Redguard, the Brotherhood in BoS).
    – Both have an amoral fat bastard of a politician as one of the villains.
    – Both games are fully-voiced instead of just having text boxes for dialogue and limited acting.
    – Both games make liberal use of profanity.
    – Both games have a very clunky control scheme and combat system that deviates from previous installments.

    The only difference is that Redguard is canon while BoS is so non-canon it hurts.

  6. I HATE top down view games. I absolutely cannot stand them. Even the first 2 GTA games were horrible to me.

  7. Looks like a 12 year old tried to make fallout 4

  8. I want that game, please give me the game as you seem to dislike it, worth a shot. 😉

  9. I realize this is an old video and I've never been to this channel before, but re: the point of metal in boss battles; Yes, it would have been kickass. Though I am biased in this regard.


  11. scientist have said this is the last image the brain produced before death, could this be god himself?

    insert penis mouth

  12. That moment when people say fallout 76 is the worst

  13. I think Fallout brotherhood of steel was a great game. I don't know why this game was hated so much. It's comedic, it derives from the fallout style for a good thing to change things up, good voice acting, and role-playing style. [This is a joke, this game is pure crap how do you mess up that badly in a fallout game..how? This is worst than tactics and fallout 4 combined. The game directors should be used because of things like this make me sick. And to slap the fallout title onto it makes you a pure asshole.]

  14. This game was the edgy nephew we all seem to have.

  15. But no one was in power armor on New Vegas’s cover.

  16. The only truly good thing on this game is the Power armor design, it looks cool.

  17. absolutely loved this game. Its Forgotten Realms: Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance in the Fallout setting. Whats not to love? Of course, you dont go in expecting 'True' Fallout.

  18. I love B.O.S, it is cannon, Armpit is a good character. Wh is so hard to find someone eles how like B.O.S. It better than fallout 4, About even with fallout new vegas. Only played B.O.S, 3, new vegas, and 4, vault shelter. Shelter is a fun mobile game. Can't wait to try vault 76. The metal soundtrack rules. The game is fun. It more of a story driven game.

  19. This is literally a re skin of baldur's gate dark alliance
    9:44 ah. Here we are

    15:56 …. youve never played doom have you

  20. Fallout 76 brought me here. Another terrible Fallout.

  21. Definitly and opinion before Fallout 76 came out.

  22. It's also the same engine as Champions of Norrath and Champions Return To Arms (but imo they did it a lot better in both of those games, in fact, it's like the "star child(s)" of the engine.)

  23. Fallout 76 has the title of the worst Fallout game now.

  24. 10:40 if only he know that fallout 76 would come out years later

  25. Okay, update on the review, I forgot to mention this just recently, but at 22:3922:44 The guy who does Harold in this game wasn't Charlie Adler, who was him in the other 2 games, but Alan Oppenheimer, the guy who does "Bonehead" Skeletor of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. It's funny since his voice sounded like his voice he did for Man-At-Arms as well in the 1980s series. So yeah, it's funny since he did a character in Kid Icarus: Uprising similar to this here. XD And to think it took me 4 to 5 years to figure that one out.

    On another note, I am meeting mr Alan Oppenheimer in the spring at Comic Con Revolution. Wish me luck JQUELTA! 😀

  26. Bawls tastes like carbonated dish water.

  27. The part where you critiqued the dialogue was sadly all too accurate with Fallout 4.

  28. 17:34 reminds me so much of MGS2's Campbell AI towards the end. I can just imagine him calling Raiden on the Codec in that voice – "Have your bawls dropped yet?"

  29. This looks WORSE than the game they originally used it's engine for.

  30. This game does with Fallout what Dark Alliance did with Baldurs Gate: turning a story-rich CRPG with a complex character creation system into a mindless action game with Fallout and Baldurs Gate skins.

    Hopefully Baldurs Gate 3 keeps the strengths of the previous games with a newer engine, but with many new releases based on older IPs being underwhelming, I'm highly skeptical.

  31. Fallout 1 Super Mutants: We work for the Master and will eradicate or change all life on the surface

    This game's Super Mutants: Me have 1 intelligence. Me pet animals. You no ask. Me need to Pee pee

  32. >making this the lone fallout game with multiplayer

  33. All this video just did is convince me that metal music should be in all boss fights

  34. Would be better if it was like Resident Evil camera…. (no many choices, but fun… mean like the new type of shooter).

  35. i love this game me and my brother used to play it on Xbox back in the day and it was so fun

  36. Ok yeah, so I fully laughed at the mutant taking an explosive piss and screaming over it. Nice to know my humor has some range… Even if that range stretches backwards.

  37. This video was my first exposure to Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.

  38. Say what you want about 76, but you can never convince me that Brotherhood of Steel is better than 76!

  39. This was the first fallout game that I ever played. Maybe that's why I enjoyed it.

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