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FIFA 22 Review

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FIFA 22 excels on the pitch with a patient and more methodical style, but additions elsewhere are only incremental and microtransactions still leave a bad taste. FIFA 22 is out on October 1st for PC, PS4, PS5, XB1, XBS X/S, and Switch.

Richard played FIFA 22 for 25 hours, splitting his time amongst each of its game modes. Review code was provided by the publisher.

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  1. 10/10
    Makes you feel like that your playing football irl

  2. Looks like I'm going to be getting Fifa 22 at around Christmas time this year for Xbox. For me Fifa isn't worth pre ordering and/or paying full price for unless you play Ultimate Team passionately. Would love to play this on Xbox Series X but they're quite hard to get and my financial situation isn't the best to be honest. 👍🏻

  3. Will never ever ever ever buy another Fifa. I only come to watch these once a year to feel justified.

  4. Never buy pre order or full price not worth it

  5. I didn't played any single fifa games but I watched gameplay videos, BTW which one fifa is the best one to play after 2010?

  6. Fifa 21 was the worst fifa ever… not eny more. Welcome the new king of minimal innovation and lack of understanding of what the general population wants…

  7. Seriously, they should stop trying to make women's football a thing and focus on making the game better for a change.

  8. It's basically the same game with last year. 8/10

  9. They’ve re-released FIFA 20 with a new cutscene, brilliant stuff!

  10. Same shit. Can’t wait for 50% off to grab this game.

  11. Ngl, this one actually plays different from last year, and in a good way! Goalkeepers are much better. Also, when you start a carreer with a club, you can costumise the stadium, like seat colour, field colour, stadium colour etc etc
    But most likely, i will skip next year’s FIFA, like i always do

  12. Terrible game. Its like kicking a medicine ball around the pitch

  13. A fucking 8? You kidding me? What a joke.

  14. Lol, you're only giving it an 8 because you played on next gen console….

  15. People complain about the same shit every year smh How about you guys download and play the game for a few hours before saying that it’s the same game from last year

  16. My man just said its as realistic as the game we see on TV.

    Jesus christ EA came out with the big money buy offs this year

  17. Do not waste your money on this game. The defense has been made so hard that it’s unplayable. As soon as you get the ball you have no time to maneuver you will lose the ball guaranteed. It will take you forever to build up skills. So overall this has been the shittiest crappy version of FIFA. Do not and I say again do not waste your money on this game.

  18. I had the game for couple hours and after playing it for a couple hours and seeing it has so many glitches and so many problems I went ahead and returned it. I feel so good about this refund.

  19. What we need is a version with 1930-50 teams in boots, long shorts and woolen socks, wooden stands and thick muddy pitches.Real footy.

  20. Congratulations on taking the few remotely enjoyable aspects of FIFA 21 and making them exponentially worse. The players are even less responsive and seem to have had a lobotomy. Also, try as you might to play the ball onto a player in space and getting in behind the back 4 the game decided to pass the ball to a player in the opposite direction behind you. Also, It is like you are playing underwater.

  21. I'm not buying fifa 2022 but I don't understand the downvotes on this video. What am I missing?

  22. It's shit! I have just stopped playing to watch some reviews….Could not disagree more! As always It Is slow and heavy, the movement Is robotic! It Is a joke because this Is now next gen, next level gaming 😳

  23. Cashcow game
    and youtube covered in bug-eyed FUT milkboys all hyping it off

  24. Nice I'll buy it when ita heavily on sale 👌

  25. EA is such a monster blood sucking company. Same game with minor tweaks, no options as if I have to have the whole modes, super high prices in developing countries… Hope Konami or any other (hopefully an independent) will kick them out

  26. To any developers out there – make a fast paced football game NO MICRO-TRANSACTIONS- doesn’t even need to have recognised teams to start with – focus on gameplay and you will take over this market

  27. Got fifa for ps5 yesterday. Things I hate about it. Graphics are good but wouldn't say amazing, the annoying tuffs of turf on the pitch after only 5 minutes of a match makes the grass look like a Sunday league pitch, the AI is terrible as are the goalkeepers, there is no build up play and the opposition just cut through the midfield at will. Other than that it is a quiet a solid effort for the next gen but when will EA sort out these constant bugs and listen to what the people who buy the game have to say about the game.

  28. Nice review. How much did EA pay you guys for this shit…

  29. Think this will be the first season in years where I don't play a new console football game. Konami ruined E-football and the animations and gameplay of Fifa are terrible and I've seen nothing new from the footage that's been released so far.

  30. This is the copy of the copy's copy that was already a copy

  31. Do they still have gambling-like microtransactions in FIFA 2022?

  32. You gave Mafia 1 remake 6/10 for being repetitive and just like the original game but you give a "game" that is the same every year 8/10? you should delete your chanel trust me, nobody will care.

  33. Is that camera angle a default angle for Fifa? It looks horrendous.

  34. I am only buying this game for $30. $30 is the price PES charges to update the new squads so that is how much I and you guys should buy FIFA

  35. dislikers loved robotic and arcadey style of previous fifas..when the gameplay started be more like pes they hated it

  36. Fifa is no longer fun, i
    Playing online is more stressful than fun.

  37. They should call it "Fifa Aquatic edition" since it feels like you are playing underwater it is so slow and infuriatingly cumbersome.

  38. I mean just look at the player reactions, just sitting there staring while the opposition player is in your danger zone, look at the clip at 1:35 and the brain dead defenders clumping up next to each other while leaving the space for the opposition forward to do what they like(al be it very clumsily)

  39. Doom Eternal and Dark Souls 3 has the same score lmao

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