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Foxxy Reviews: Deadliest Warrior The Game

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Today we take a look at Deadliest Warrior the Video game.
For those that maybe dont know, the show was all about putting 2 different warriors against each other to find out which one is deadliest.

Reviewers notes
1. as stated in the beginning of the video, i had my original video removed because Viacom did not like the fact i used footage from the TV show. Oh well, wasn’t worth fighting so i replaced the footage.

2. Also due to the viacom thing, reviewing the TV show is never gunna happen. I’m not risking losing my channel over some stupid bullshit copyright attack. Are you a small channel looking to be partnered?

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  1. Man this is just one of those dumb games that you pick up just for the fuck of it but it gave me and my friends hours of fun man the nostalgia

  2. I actually want to play this, thanks for all the info! Well done on the review.

  3. Deadliest Warrior seems like a cool idea, but it was mostly squandered by a varying number of historical (not to mention, _weapon_) inaccuracies.

    The game does look interesting, however.

  4. This game is good only thing wrong is the difficulty is it hard enough or it would be perfect

  5. For me, it's not great, but it's FAR from bad. The show was basically historical deathbattle, and both the show and the game always kept me and my freinds entertained

  6. Mate, a good point to this game was to read some truth in the description of the weapons, I seem to recall reading "a halberd is very slow but it made up in lethality and reach what it lacked in protection" or something like that; consider doing a video depicting ALL the weapons please, it would be very nice.

  7. The game accurately represents what would happen if the warriors battled in real life. Real-life battles happen very fast and contrary to games beliefs they don't go on for fucking 15 minutes lmao one good slash and your ded.

  8. I like this game i just wish they added more warriors, longer fights, more arenas and a possible story mode

  9. How do you perform the special attacks on Xbox

  10. just start the fight and after 0.000000000000001 nano-seconds one of they are dead

  11. I loved this game damn it was so much fun to play

  12. This game was made for co-op. Two best tactics I found were ninja=poison dart and run. Viking=knockdown and javelin(if you time it right it's a headshot and instant win)

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