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Freddy & Jason (Commodore 64) – Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

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This is episode 199 of the Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN), a review of the Commodore 64 horror games. Freddy and Jason are back with a review of Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th on Commodore 64!! But before that, the Nerd is covering other horror games for the C64 from Psycho, to Gremlins, to Evil Dead, and a few non-licensed games. This is technically part 2 of the Commodore 64 system review from a few weeks back and get ready for AVGN Episode 200 coming next month!

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  1. No matter how many years has been gone on that and that episode by the Nerd, James is still producing a golden Nerd material. Just keep it up James, you have a Nerdy gift! xD

  2. Am I the only one who wants James to review for 200th episode some of the classic Newgrounds games?

  3. The look on your face when old McDonald started. Priceless

  4. An avgn episode costarring your daughter could be fun

  5. Bullets Taken makes me think of the Halo announcer. Now I just wanna hear Jeff Steitzer say Bullets Taken!

  6. Jason Voorhees had a farm is fuNNy AF!!!¿¿¿ HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  7. I'm surprised they haven't made a Poltergeist game.

  8. That Friday the 13th game was made by Domark Ltd, the same company that went onto become Square Enix!

  9. Did you notice that the Rocky Horror game identifies itself as a “T.V. game”?

    Chiller looks like it was trying to be the music video to “Thriller” since it starts out in the woods and then goes to a theater where the characters in the film are audience members.

  10. Conglaturation Cinemassacre for the whole serie. 🙂

  11. Wait was there actually 5 LOL dolls hidden in the episode?

  12. Please do the dnintendo 64 expansion oak for the switch

  13. 10:29 On my childhood C64 game experience. This game is so weird and scary. I like it.

  14. Well…at least we have dope OG videos like the original NES Friday the 13th video. That was amazing.

  15. hey James keep it up. Love your work. Keep it up Nerd.

  16. Nightmare on Elm street game looks well made an very creepy, pretty amazing for such an old C64 game

  17. Ah C-64, no other machine back then had crazy games like it.

  18. I love your adaptation of "Old MacDonald". 🙂

  19. The infamous figures get the privilege to stand on the nerd's video game room glorious floor tile. 🙂 23:22

  20. When he genuinely smiled about hiding lol dolls i knew he did it in this episode so i went back and found them all lol

  21. You should check out Fright Night on the Amiga

  22. I love the speed reviews. Very oldschool Nerd.

  23. Nerd there is a Atari console that came out this year, I know its not old but, you can play the old games from the 70s, and the 80s its called the Atari VCS.

  24. can I ask if you've ever been to see rocky horror properly? and if so, did you go in costume cuz I think we need a photo of that

  25. I feel like that hat James is wearing in the beginning could be a teaser for a Scott cameo in episode 200!

  26. Amanda Krueger? Looks like Freddy’s ready with that mom’s spaghetti!

  27. Those Friday the 13th–A Nightmare on Elm Street episodes were my introduction to James, so this was a real deep throwback.

  28. Is that your daughters toy on the commodore 🙂 and love the video!

  29. No c64 nightmare on elm street? I bought a 100$ speed load cart to play it. It was great

  30. That overhead view of the houses reminds me of the old D&D game Hillsfar for MS-DOS.

  31. I could have sworn that there was a plot twist where you actually play as Jason for the Friday the 13th game.

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