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  1. Call If Duty and refreshingly original don't go very good together tbh

  2. Ever since watching this video back in 2017, it has helped me make a more definitive opinion and growth towards what I like/dislike in games. It's matured my thinking on not just "WOW THING GO BOOM, TAKE MY MONEY" no, now it's more about "Ok what does this game feature for gameplay loops, how long is the story/campaign, where can I go in this world, how are the graphics, can I pet the doggy, is there artificial or skill-based difficulty and if so, how big is the learning curve, is it unfair, did it launch in Cyberpunk 2077 states of broken/hype, etc."

    If I hadn't watched this video, I probably wouldn't own Valheim, or Raft, or MGSV: TPP, Shadow Warrior 2, Metro 2033/Last Light Redux & Exodus, Alien Isolation, Slay the Spire, Destiny 2, and so much more….and that's just PC.

    The big thing to take away from this video is simple: be your own videogame critic; make up your own mind but be receptive to others' perspectives (take that one to the bank kiddos). It's ok to align with some other like-minded reviewers, but at the end of the day, don't just be a moth to the flame with everyone else: be unique! Ensure that your thoughts and hypothesis aligns accurately and isn't just some hate/love-train that EVERYONE is on because it's popular, or because the whole:
    "Nope! You are nitpicking and biased. I win you lose, bye bye!"

    So thanks dunkey. I like to come back to this vid (among others on your channel) to remind me that sometimes, you just gotta think hard on things, research, and eventually make up your own damn mind on things!

    Cheers everyone.

  3. I have to say, I Dunkey really does not know what he's talking about here.

    9.3/10 It has a little something for everyone.

  4. Holocaust 2, Racial Equality Edition. Kill anyone and everyone.
    "It's got a little something for everyone"

  5. This is exactly why I stopped following mainstream critics. Inconsistency and out of touch people who brings in politics to gaming

  6. Disconcerting and disconcerning are two different things, one is a word, one isn’t 0:22
    Other than that, good video

  7. This video sucks, all your opinions are wrong and you suck at video games.

    9.3 has a little something for everyone

  8. I was hoping he was reviewing darkest dungeon until he sayd turnbased games are boring

  9. Yknow, it has a little something for everyone.

  10. I will never forgive the mainstream critics for overselling cyberpunk. They were definitely payed off. Forget the bugs the game is pathetic.

  11. "It has a little something for everyone."
    Man, I love this comment.

  12. Rumor has it that Dunkey is still trapped in the gombo dimension.

  13. dunkey not liking rpgs is a problem
    ESPECIALLY him not liking FFIV cut me to the Crisis Core(heh? heeeh?)
    i dont think i can continue without seeing my boy @videogamedunkey doing a review of the beautiful remake of FFIV on psp that included BOTH the sequel/spinoffs

    Balls in your court, your honor.

  14. You’re 100% right dunkey I spent 80% of my time in the crash remakes on that bridge level 😂😭 fuck that shit

  15. Other Good game:(end that make you feel wholesome, good motorcycle system, good gun system)
    Tlou2:(shitty storyline, shitty characters)
    IGN: may god review good game, cause I won't (give tlou2 10/10 and give days gone 6.5/10)

  16. I agree I stopped buying vidoe games becuse they were so bad.. but you gotta understand it's about making money which ruined the games .. it's like the auto industry the car companies winning awards are the ones who paid the award company becuse if you look at the award company that reviews the autos you realize that they are not reviews they are marketing companies lol .. they get paid to market your car. And people think the wards mean anything

  17. I kind of like turn based combat, but I can understand why it would turn people away

  18. Biomutant just released and this is relevant again

  19. That Jay z cut sums it up, you cannot digest and form a serious opinion on art in a single day

  20. yeah i fuckin hate how people are like "it's not a 7 or above so that means the reviewer thinks its literally the worst media of all time"

  21. The game makes you really feel like Mario. It has a little something for everyone.

  22. Lololol, they’re getting mad again Dunkey. Trying to blame others for their problems saying you cause death threats and anxiety. Maybe do ur job first of all

  23. Yeah, I stopped listening to Dunkey when he said Bookworm Adventures Deluxe was bad

  24. That one clip about donkey kong made me wanna play it

  25. dunkey roasting Man of Steel and Suicide Squad just made my day

  26. Just find the right balance “this game fucking sucks ass but since I want devs to send me early copies it’s a 9.5/10” then you get early copies and they still sell to the people dumb enough to buy a game based off an arbitrary number they googled without looking at anything else. Easy.

  27. 5:48 “This will challenge even the most seasoned platforming veterans.”
    I beat this game when I was 6 years old. And keep in mind, this was my 2nd Mario game, so during this time, I had little to no knowledge of video games.

  28. Yeah I stopped listening to this guy after he said Bubsy sucked

  29. I strive to be as ignorant and in bliss as ign reviewers are someday

  30. Feeling like batman in a game where you play as batman does not make the game good. it means the developers can do the bare minimum in a batman game of making you feel like your playing a batman game. of which there are many

  31. Lel reason they rate C.O.D so highly because there getting paid to criticize it possibly.

  32. Who else came here after Hard Drive dissed every game journalist?

  33. I fucking hate IGN they piss on sonic for no reason THEY EVEN SAID TOO MUCH WATER FOR ASSASSINS CREED

  34. I finally understand why yahtzee from zero punctuation is my favorite critic.

  35. Every time I see Crash, it makes me want to buy it, since it's visually so captivating. Then I remember I am absolutely wretched at platforming games and would not enjoy playing it one bit.

  36. IGN: super mario odyssey "well the game is so hard I hate it so much I couldn't even complete the third kingdom this game sucks" 9/10 it does a little something for everyone

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