Game of Thrones: The Game - Video Review -

Game of Thrones: The Game – Video Review

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Does Game of Thrones the game impress as much as the television series?

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  1. They should make a GOT strategy/RPG like game that leaves you with a lower house and banner like in the series and you gotta make decisions to influenece how your house grows to power or fails. You should be able to make your house better or worse through politics, marrying off bloodlines to other houses and waging wars, taxing citizens certain amounts and so on. All the elements involved can impact how your citizens percieve your house and what becomes of it. Make it like the witcher in the exploring aspect, maybe not as advanced, but also add a big strategy part to the gameplay. That being said companies like bethesda, naughty dog, or even cd projekt red seem like the best suited to make such a game

  2. I'd love a good Game of Thrones game. Such an amazing world could be just incredible to play through. If done right that is.

  3. I wish Bethesda would scrap anything related to Tamriel and build an open world of Westeros – at least like the North.

  4. I played through this for free after renting it from the library. I liked it and am considering buying it.

  5. we need a real total war game of thrones

  6. This is such a massive shame. An actually good story in a great universe just wasted.

  7. There should be a skyrim like rpg with large scale battles and takes place 100 year after the events of the show and book. As you explore westeros you hear legends about the dragon queen an the bastatd king in the north. Maybe you even find a huge hibernating drogon in the ruins of valeria.

  8. Why don't they make an RTS based on the show, you create your own army fighting four a house, the prize is the iron throne train units coustomise armies that would be nice,

  9. Thank you for informing me of this games low quality before I wasted money on it.

  10. I love the books and the show…the gameplay looks like something they took from Dragon Age….

  11. Why does this look worse than the 2003 Return of the King EA game?

  12. Better off playing Dragon Age and Elder Scrolls instead. And that is truly better off playing them. Since they are better games with great gameplay & story. Did I mention better?

  13. I remember buying this from gamestop by a mistake thinking it was the telltale game i returned it the next day now I'm thinking of picking it up on pc and give it a chance

  14. Bought this game 3 years ago. It was so aweful that I’ve never got past the first 2 hours. Lemme retry this dinosaur

  15. Those graphics were horrendous for 2012 standards!!!

  16. The game isn't that bad to give it a 4.0 but you know how IGN is…

  17. I enjoyed this game overall. With better graphics, sound, and more open world game play, in other words a larger budget, it could have been an absolute RPG masterpiece.

  18. Its funny that a ck2 mod is much better than this heap of dung crap

  19. I've never seen a game review that doesn't mention who made the game and what system the game is on.

  20. They should make a game where you can be ser dunkin the tall

  21. imagine playing as the kingslayer and the ending would be killing the mad king

  22. I dont know why we cannot respec in this game

  23. Total War: Westeros

    That's all I'm saying

  24. They should make game of thrones like Skyrim or Oblivion

  25. just got this game, sad that before i even play it I watch a bad review on it by IGN.
    BTW, The Walking Dead season 1 was awesome!! I got everyone except ducks father to help me in the end.

  26. Mors Wesford is the most badass character ever in the books or show, Mors single handedly kills hundreds and hundreds of enemies sometimes simultaneously. Jaime, Arthur Dayne, Robert, The Mountain, Jon Snow, Night King or Azor Ahai have no shot against Mors.

  27. When I want a game that is GOT I play Skyrim. It is so close imo!

  28. in my opinion weak voice acting ruins the story altogether

  29. this look PS2
    they dun have budget for a better version of 3D Studio Max or something?

  30. In reality, Playing Warrior themed Video Games makes us weak.

  31. How does a game from 2012 look that bad visually?

  32. me playing for honor yeah this is more like game of thrones.

  33. "much better TV show"

    Oh sweet summer child…

  34. I don't want an open world Game of Thrones game.

    I want an open world Song of Ice and Fire game.

  35. The Walking Dead game wasn't an adaption and it was in the comic universe

  36. Game of thrones at its peak shoulda gotten a huge skyrim/witcher3 level rpg, now the hype is gone and the game prolly won't sell well. Sad

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